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Monday, June 09, 2008

Brave, but Anxious

:::::::::::::::::::::::More Fillings:::::

Eve was more anxious this morning for her appointment, but she still did what she was told. She reached for her tooth once and I had to grab her hand. She cried a lot more. I was at a vantage point where I could watch the novocaine shots and the drilling. It was interesting to see what the dentist has to do. I felt so bad for Evey because I know about the pain she was experiencing. As a kid, I had my two upper canines impacted in the bone, so I had two surgeries to remove the correct amount. The novocaine wore off the first time and I felt the stitching. All I could do was cry. The next surgery I was over medicated and it was hard for my mom to get me out of the recovery room. I have had different procedures that have been painful, but I keep in mind that if I'm still enough it will be done faster. Three of my kids can handle their anxiety similarly. I told Michael that Aaron took the new pack of floss to camp I picked up for Eve, but as long as he uses it for his teeth I was happy about that. I just need to run to the store for some more, today.

::::::::::::::::::::::::Welcome, Holly:::::

I hope to have some photos of my new niece, Holly, soon. I took the girls with me to meet her. She is soooooo cute! She was making the cutest baby sounds and the important ones like burping. She was swaddled and sleeping for our entire visit. The girls were under 12, so they were not allowed to hold her, but they did get to play with Holly's big brother, Spencer. He is a cutie, too!

::::::::::::::::::::::::Noah's Baptism Album::::

Credits: Catrine's Explore Solids, Ida's Weathered Journaling, Dawn Inskip's Cartoon Capers, Kate Hadfield's Doodled Hardware, Natali's Stitches, Something Blue's Teeny Tiny Alpha, Font: DJB DAWN by Darcy Baldwin at, A Series of Unfortunate Events

::::::::::::::::::::Book Reviews::::::::

This book was very interesting with the author using his characters' Western ideas meeting those of the mysticism found in Shangri-La. The story begins in a desperate escape from war ravaged Baskul on a plane that flys in the wrong direction. The occupants learn that the unfamiliar pilot is armed and refuses to tell them where they are headed. When the plane crashes, the story begins. Conway is the main character. He is rather laid back and is able to keep his wits about him in the bizarre circumstances of being stranded in an unfamiliar place. Soon an emissary for the lamasery comes along and leads them to safety. The frustrations and the rarefied air provide a steady level of tension for the other three occupants of the plane. I enjoyed the conversations between the High Lama and Conway.

Two of my favorite quotes from the book:

"...then he stealed himself by reflecting that people who hero-worship must be prepared for disillusionments". pp. 168-169

"I suppose the truth is that when it comes to believing things without actual evidence, we all incline to what we find most attractive." p.222

This book by Stephanie Meyer, though a bit long, is a quick read. The dialogue and characters are not very convoluted, so you don't have to ponder any of the concepts. Meyer is compared to J.K. Rowling from the little of have read about her. I enjoyed the characters of the book and her writing style, but I find Rowling much more adept at fleshing out characters and using imagery to set a scene. I can see why this is a best seller on the tween scene, though. The scenes between Edward and Bella are electric and sensual without being skanky. The authors explanation of the attractive, floral smell that Bella gives off provides the primal sensations, and the gentle touching provides the tension and adoration for the romantics.

Overall, I could live without the amount of swooning dialogue, and giving the female lead a bit more backbone. I have yet to meet a vampire...I maybe if I had I might cut Bella more slack. I've requested the next in the series, so I'll let you know about that one when I get my hands on it.

::::::::::::::::::::Boy Scout Camp::::::::

Michael emailed and called to let me know some of the goings on at camp. He said the adirondacks have been rebuilt and hardiplanked, which is a big improvement. They are also next to the archery range in a more central location for moving to different venues. The boys are full of testosterone and the heat is oppressive. He has and probably will continue breaking up and mediating squabbles. There are some cases of homesickness.

Aaron is the Senior Patrol Leader and has gone to a couple of meetings already. The camp directors have made it clear to the adults that this camp is run by the boys through their Senior Patrol Leaders. They said the adults were able to sit in the meeting, but not participate. Michael said Aaron hasn't got the respect for his position, yet, but is working on it.

Michael said the boys want to be told, repetitedly, their schedules even though they have pen and paper to write it down. He is sure by tomorrow they will have it figured out.

He thanked me from the boys for the lunch meat I chose from the store. They had expected bland packaged meats, but I got deli slices. It was funny to hear they were so excited.


Highs of 95. There will be a lot of perspiration, today! Oh, wait! I'm from the South. There will be a lot of "Glistening", today!

Take care! :)


Creative Junkie said...

I've read the Twilight series and though I enjoyed them ... I just can't seem to like Bella very much. I just don't see what Edwards sees in her? Or Jacob? I must be weird, because I don't know anybody else that feels this way!

My heart goes out to your daughter dealing with the tooth issues - poor thing!

Gina said...

I think it really only works well if you can put yourself in Bella's place. If you don't identify with her, you've got to search elsewhere in the stories for a "hook." For me, it was the twist on werewolf and vampire lore. I'm always interested in reading a new "theory" about the supernatural.

Michael Taylor said...

Noah's baptism picture is just too funny. It kinda reminds me of the facsimilie number 1 in the book of Abraham.

Kitty said...

Wow... I really loooveeeee the album!

LuAnn said...

I'm always looking for new authors to read. may have to check out what you're reading. love the layout with the drawing on it!

Carol said...

Miss Eve, you are just so brave. Next time I go to the dentist and get a bit nervous, I'm going to think of how brave you are. Is that okay? It will make me feel brave too.

As for Noah's book, this is going to be just the best ever.

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

I also just read Twilight, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having said that, I'm happy to borrow the books and I don't think I will be buying them anytime soon. I also started thinking Bella needs more backbone... but then I remembered a (seemingly) life-altering CRUSH I had when I was 16. That crush lasted for several years. So it's easier for me to identify with Bella, when I picture my old crush as Edward. :/