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Thursday, June 12, 2008


Credits: Anna Benjamin's Madame Butterfly Singles and Swarms coming soon to Scrapbookgraphics
Anna Benjamin's Quite Contrary
Sausan's Needful Things Book
Christina Renee's Authentic Artistry freebies at DST
Font: Jane Austen

Credits: Karen Lewis' Snickle Wickle kit
Darcy Baldwin's DJB TeenyBopper font

:::::::::::::::I was Tagged by Janna:::::::::

The Rules:
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~Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
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My Quirks:

1. I write notes on scraps of paper like old bills, envelops that the old bills came in, flyers, pamphlets, the kids school papers that don't have to be returned.

2. I prefer to have the window down in the car, as opposed to turning on the air conditioner. The cold air blowing on me gives me a headache.

3. I like to go to the hardware store and walk all of the different aisles, but I'm like a moth when it comes to the lighting aisle. Shiny, bright cool!

4. I like to watch forensic shows, but would probably pass out at a real crime scene.

5. I hate the sound of people trimming their finger nails, or toe nails...especially in public. GET A ROOM PEOPLE!

6. I know most of the lines to the movie "Murder By Death" and I enjoy listening to it when I'm scrapbooking. I have the movie playing downstairs and I've watched it so many times I know what is going on in the scene.

I'm tagging:

Grampa Jim
Julie P.

::::::::::::::::Tennis, Anyone?::::::

The free movie was a bust because the rooms were full, so we stopped off at Play It Again Sports to get Rachel a racket for her beginners tennis class next week. The guy didn't have her size so he suggested Target. We left that store and walked down to Books For Less and bought a couple of drawing books. One was how to draw monsters and the other one was how to draw animals. Rachel chose an American Girl Book about Addy. She also got a book called Ghost Writer.
We finally loaded up and went to Target and picked up a racket for Rachel and her siblings. Eve said she wanted to learn tennis, too. Noah said he just wanted to play for fun with his sisters. I called the Community School when I got home and they had an opening in Eve's age group, so I signed her up. She will taking on the same day as Rachel, but a half an hour after Rachel's class is over.

I backed cookies when we got home from the store. I bagged up a dozen and went visiting teaching with Eve. She wanted to tag along.

Not much else, but trying to stay cool.

Take Care! :)


Jen said...

Wow, love that butterfly LO. :)

20Birds said...

both layouts are amazing... but i have learned something from your 2nd one, something i want to try with a multiphoto layout, what kind of cookies did you bake? and the toenail trimming thing, i am so with you on that one!!!! too bad DH does not read your blog!

Andrea said...

Oooo pretty nature LO's! I'm with you on the scrap paper, also. I'm known to gather up things with blank backs and cut them down into 1/4 page size, then bind them together with a binder clip and magnet it to the fridge. Reuse!

Janna said...

I agree with the fingernail clipping.
Someone in our ward always clips their fingernails during sacrament....

Carol said...

You are indeed quirky and I totally agree with you about the nail clipping, ick!