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Monday, June 23, 2008

A Small Measure of Accomplishment

Here is a link to your photo book in the Shutterfly Gallery:

:::::::::::::::::::::Summer Expressions::::
I was playing around with a couple of my favorite photos and came up with these:

My dd, Eve, on a trip to Oregon's Ona Beach.

Brand new today EXPRESSIONS "SUMMER" {Wordart}
background paper from Dawn's New Beginnings kit

Treasures to Scrap:


::::::::::::::College For Kids:::::::::::

starts for Rachel, today. She attends the writing camp for a week every Summer. Michael enjoys the chance to hang out with her for the ride home after work. Today Michael is giving platelets, so Rachel will tag along and see what daddy does every few weeks.


Noah's tooth finally came out. Michael made Rice Krispie treats and the minute Noah bit into his treat the tooth popped out. Noah informed me that he would be asking the Tooth Fairy for 2 dollars. I explained that the Tooth Fairy didn't have that kind of money. He was curious how I had such inside information since I, nor, his father was the Tooth Fairy. This morning he was pleased with his 1 dollar bill and thought it was funny that the Tooth Fairy forgot to retrieve the tooth in the handy dandy ziplock baggy. What a silly Tooth Fairy!

I also got to walk about 4 miles with Michael in the evening. Their were sprinkles of rain, but nothing stayed and we had a delightfully cool walk.

I had my first official day in the nursery at Church as one of the leaders. I even got a set of keys to the coveted toy closet. The other leader, Kim, and I took the kids for a brief walk around the building. The day was gorgeous and a breath of fresh air is a good thing.

On Saturday we learned of the passing of a wonderful friend of ours, Cathy. My mom wrote a beautiful blog post about Cathy's last visit.

Grampa Jim
about his day of cleaning and prepping a ceiling fan with Princess Eve that is a hoot. Eve loves to do Fix It stuff with Grampa, she also does so with her own flair.

Here are a couple of pages from the FINISHED Shutterfly album:

Off to deliver the author to camp! Take care! :)


Jen Ulasiewicz said...

Wonderful layouts! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

AfriDigiDiva said...

Beautiful layouts! You're so incredibly talented.

Shayenne27 said...

wow absolut stunning lay outs

movefearlessly said...

those are beautiful layouts!

MerCas Designs said...

oh wow great LO's!

Carol said...

Oh my! That "I could use some help here!" comment has just sent me into a fit of giggles. Love it.

My condolences on the loss of your friend. Shall go off and read your mum's blog. And off to check out your Shutterfly book too.

Dawn said...

stunning pages hun - your work is beautiful

20Birds said...

so much inspiration for scrapping and i need some right now... and i will be going to look at the shutterfly album complete, tomorrow is our last day of school, so i am lining up our activities... you know victoria if i lived close to you i think i would be a stalker :)i really like your family