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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Holly Hot Potato

That is a game based on the classic Hot Potato game. With Holly Hot Potato you just need to find a cute, newborn baby named Holly.


Then, you bring her parents some dinner so they will hand her over for a wee bit of snuggling and OOOOOING and AHHHHING!


Then, pass her around to each of your own children. If you have a Noah in your family be prepared for the transfer very quickly. Noahs take Holly Hot Potato rather literally and with a quick pat and kiss she is on to the next participant.


Always have parent supervision!


Leave before you wear out your welcome and once you have the baby fully awake and a wee bit annoyed.


Laura with sweet, baby, Holly.

Noah with a quick hug and kiss for the baby.
Eve and Holly.
Laura with the Holly Hot Potato transfer to Aaron.
Aaron agrees that Holly is a super cutie!
Holly then gets to Michael and is pretty annoyed at all this Hot Potato business.

Now we have her riled up and thoroughly annoyed it was time to end the game with a final pass to Laura. Welcome, Holly.

::::::::::::Summer Vacation Layout from last year's trip:::::

credits: Lil' Miss Mermaid

Remember When Date Stamp Brush Pack @

Font: DJB Tweenybopper by Darcy Baldwin @ the

:::::::::::::::::::Scout Camp Photos:::::

Here a few of Aaron at Scout Camp last week:

::::::::Tomorrow is...

the start of a 3 day beginners tennis class for Rachel and Eve, So I hope to get some photos of my own Serena and Venus Williams wanna bes.

Later, gators! :)


Tiffany Williams said...

That "Hot Potato Holly" game looks pretty fun! ;) She really us a cutie! What a handsome little man at Scout Camp. And good luck on the tennis lessons!

20Birds said...

i love that photo of aaron and holly... we are getting ready to play our own version today with our baby leila , i hope the kids are good, this poor baby born into a family with 6 sibs, and the ebst friends ahve even mobre kids... eeeks! and to tennis camp i say bring on the layouts!
and victoria-- thanks for your comments on my blog yesterday, you get it... that friendship i am to lucky to be apart of, you understand

Julie P. aka babyofmine said...

cute game! :D
great pics of Aaron. Michael follows instructions well. ;)

truthfully, the pic of the boys and me took about 10 tries. I had to set the timer, place it "just so", and squish the boys in. LOL

Sue H. said...

Great Photos and layouts.
Aaron is so photogenic.
Holly is a baby dolly.

Carol said...

Oh Holly is absolutely precious. I've never thought of it as a hot potato game but must admit, I do tend to hand over just before the crying is about to start! LOL

Great pics of Aaron, he looks so proud in his uniform.