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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

What's the DIF?

No fireworks, or potato salad for our 4th of July holiday. I spent my celebration of freedom peeling wallpaper from some stubborn walls at my parent's house. It is a funny thing that I, mostly, enjoyed the experience. I had several opportunities to talk with my mom and step dad, Jim, while we scraped away...well it was really banter. Silly jokes and going over old memories in a confined space isn't so bad when there is free ice cream in the pantry fridge. I would take a break and read my book about the Epidemic Investigative Service, so when I went back to scraping the wallpaper (just 2 layers worth) I created a story that I was releasing some toxic spores from the 70's. Depending on the validity of that story and differing periods of incubation I might be looking for a doctor and attorney in about 5 days to 10 years...

My parents have been taking care of the neighbor's house while her father is in hospice. They have been paying Aaron to cut her grass to earn money for Philmont this month. They also paid Aaron and his friend Alex to paint her shutters, front door and garage door. My mom has to break the news that termites are eating the wood on either side of her garage door. Mom and Jim would fix that too if they could. They are great examples of good neighbors.

While I was stripping the wallpaper Noah ran by to ask my mom for something out of the pantry. So I asked him what he was foraging for (he loves to eat junk)in the pantry. He said: "Rachel wants some Pops."

Me: "What, are her legs broken?"

Noah: "No. Why am I getting them. She threatened to lick me, or she said she would give me a lickin'. There isn't much difference."

Noah is our germaphobe, so Rachel's threat to lick him was tantamount to a beat down. help Michael fix some sheetrock at our house.