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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Life is Kinda Funny Sometimes

I took Noah and Eveybug to Fernbank Natural History Museum, yesterday. We walked through the new dinosaur exhibit and went to see the Imax film "Dinosaurs Alive" The film took us to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and discussed the finds from the past and what the palentologists are still discovering. The film was well done. After the film, we got to have a creature encounter on the third floor. We got to learn about a tiger salamander, and touch a bearded lizard and a boa constrictor specie that was native to madagascar. Since the curator's hands were, literally, full I volunteered to squirt Purell onto everyone's hands after they finished petting the boa constrictor.

Our kids love the permanent exhibit on the senses. The best section is creating giant bubbles, so Noah played there for a while. Eve galavanted around playing with the plasma dome, the green screen and some of the other exhibits about the eyes.

On the way home we stopped for ice cream at Bruster's. I ordered a regular sized chocolate malt. Another man asked me what the difference between a malt and a milkshake. I explained it was somewhat like eating a Whopper candy in powdered form. He thanked me for getting him hooked on, yet another, form of ice cream treat. Eve decided she wanted to try my malt too. Now, Eve is a fan of chocolate malts. I was lucky she was strapped in the middle seat on the way home, or I might not have been able to drink most of my stuff. She did get her own ice cream. She had a chocolate scoop on a cake cone with candy eyes, while Noah had a Dirt Sundae.

Dinosaurs are in your Legos:

I thought is was kinda funny when I picked up this book and found that the idea started when the author was in a sandstorm in the Gobi Desert. She was writing about a dinosaur expedition. I love funny connections. So far, the book is really a fun to read. Thinking about what actually makes up the dust is almost bewildering. I would like to state that I'm glad that ant legs and spider eyes are big enough to become trapped in my nose hair. It is unfortunate about the industrial pollutants that can scoot past, though.

Book Reviews::::::

Chasing Vermeer was a book that centered around this painting "The Lady Writing":

The main characters, Calder Pillay and Petra Andalee, are 11 year-olds who discover many fascinating coincidences on their way to finding the stolen painting. Their are clues with frogs, pentominos, and the number twelve. Rachel was the most interested in this book. It didn't grab the interest of the rest of the kids too much. The art history was fun to learn. There are a couple of more books in the series, but we are jumping right into the latest Sisters Grimm book next.

Our family has really enjoyed the Sisters Grimm series. It was funny to see the kids laying down on their bed, while they prop them self on their elbows eager to hear what is happening. Everyone gets a great belly laugh from Puck's antics.

::::::::::Father's Day Prep:::::::

Michael and I took Aaron and Rachel to the mall to pick out a chocolate chip cookie cake. While we waited for the lady to decorate the cake the kids did the trampoline jump. Rachel's harness was not adjusted well, so she had a hard time. Aaron's was just right. He even was able to throw in a double backflip. He was a bit dizzy after that.
Rachel bought another Fablehaven book and Michael grabbed a tube of chocolate covered sunflower seeds. He loves those. He calls them crack.

The cake has been cut and eaten. Michael and Grampa Jim are taking a snooze on separate couches.

::::::::::Possible Beach Weekend:::::

Next month we think we will get to head to Gulf Shores for a 3 or 4 day weekend. We have never visited that locale, so if you have some great spots to visit there, please let me know. Aaron is going there with his Venture Crew. They are scheduled to see the U.S.S. Alabama and go deep sea fishing. Teenage boys with sharp fish hooks on the ocean make me nervous.

Well, I hope y'all have a great weekend!

Friday, June 05, 2009

Rachel Was "Out of This World"

Rachel's group went first with their skit. The idea was funny and Rachel got a couple of big laughs. She annunciated and projected. I was so proud. Here are some photos. I still have to upload the video I made of her performance.
The Rachel Taylor fan section:

Kinda of a rough crowd, apparently:

Rachel gets the giggles after she makes a gaffe during the dance number:

Stage makeup that she really wanted to get off:

This face is one any alien would be proud of:

Rachel talks to one of her elementary school teachers:

Here is Rachel with two of her camp counselors:

(I think if I keep taking her photo she will get a cramp in her tongue and her eyes will stay permanently crossed...that would please her).
After the performance Rachel requested a stop at Arby's for a roastbeef sandwich and curly fries and we complied. This looks like something we will be doing every year (this was her 2nd drama camp). She wants to join the Drama Club at our local high school, and I hope she will take part in middle school when the opportunity comes up. Crazy, but fun times.
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::Cub Scout Camp::::::::
Noah finished up his Twilight Camp experience. He was able to work on several things at camp that they will award at the next Pack Meeting. The evening was the best time to hold a summer camp. He also got to perform a skit with his "patrol" and he is good at projecting, so I was proud of him too. I remembered to bring our canned food donations, finally. Noah's group won for bringing the most food. YEAH! He got a little toy surprise that he gave to Evey.
::::::::::::::::::::::::::Scout Camp:::::::::::::::
Michael and I will be driving to pick up Aaron and one other guy in his troop on Saturday morning. I bet he grew taller on me.
Take care! :)

Meeooowww! WOOOFFF!

Tis raining felines and canines outside.

::::::::::Pages for Noah's Book::::

We had a successful jaunt to the library anyway and picked Noah up from a fun day at Twilight Camp.

:::::::Drama Camp Performance::::::

Rachel's Drama Camp performs the skits and dance numbers they have been working on in the afternoon on Friday. She and her friends are pretty excited and a bit tired out.

:::::Nice to Hear:::::::

I have been e-mailing with a gentleman to set up a time to meet at the library for him to buy one of the remaining yearbooks from the elementary school. He said he and his wife could meet me at 7:30pm, so Michael and I loaded Rachel and Eve in the car and I grabbed the 5 books I had left. I saw a nicely dressed woman walk in with one of the first graders from out school. I didn't say anything because I know that little girl had purchased a yearbook (I retain a lot of superflous information in my noggin). The librarian, Sheelagh, went to speak with her and see if she needed any help (Sheelagh is just a cool person). The lady said she was supposed to meet a lady about a yearbook, but didn't have a name. I piped up and said, "That would be me. I'm the Yearbook Lady." We had a delightful conversation and I found out she was buying a second yearbook for the other grandmother. She asked if I brought along anymore yearbooks because she found out that a neighbor was unable to afford one for her fifth grader. I told I had brought them all along just in case. So, she ended up buying two books from me. She thanked me for the work put into the book and said she was pleased that I signed up for next year. She is already planning to buy two books in the fall. All in all, it was great to meet such a wonderful lady. I think I talked her in to getting involved in reading to her granddaughter's class this year, too.

:::::::::::Just Cause:::::

I am Animal-level excited that Archway cookies are back on the shelves. I picked up some oatmeal cookies and some Iced Oatmeal cookies. Simple pleasures,people! YEEEEAAAA!


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Brave Little Girl...

Eve can now fit two straws between her teeth. She was really scared to have Michael pull the tooth, but realized that the tooth was really bugging her. He gave her two choices, either he could pull it, or she could wait to see if it would fall out. He also told her he wouldn't lie to her and that it would hurt, but the pain would go away quickly. She thought about it with teary eyes, then flung her head back and put her hand out for me to hold. Rachel held her other hand and we both caressed her hands and encouraged her. She was very excited to show her tooth to Noah who was in the tub during the tooth pulling.

Eve licking the fudge popsicle Rachel brought to her, which Rachel thought was quite odd. I think Eve looked a bit geckoish doing that:

I took Eve's tooth and was talking like I was the tooth. I said, "Thank you for using me to eat carrots. I love carrots! I had fun helping you eat." Eve thought that was a riot and wants to keep the tooth that like eating carrots.

::::::::::::Cub Scout Twilight Camp:::::::

I got to hang out with Noah's group tonight. They had water day with squirt guns and a homemade slip and slide. The boys got wet and dirty. They loved it. They also got to meet a police officer and see his car and swat vest. The boys got finger printed and a dna kit to have for emergency information. Then, they had a game where they tossed tennis balls, baseballs and foam frisbees at some pvc cut and set up like the milk bottle carnival game. Noah did pretty well. The day ended with some blue jello, popsicles and popcorn.

Later, gators!

Monday, June 01, 2009

So, It Begins...

::::::::::::Summer Camp Time:::::

Rachel started Drama Camp today. She has a few friends that signed up, as well. Our neighbor's daughter is one of them, so this morning they took her to camp.

Yesterday, Michael and I went to the parent orientation for the Cub Scout Twilight Camp that Noah will be attending this week. The theme is "Under the Sea". One of the days the camp director will dress up like Davy Jones and explain the rules.
The program director and camp director have put a lot of preparation into this camp and it sounds like the boys are going to have a blast.

::::::::::::Nap Olympics::::::

I think I have been in training for the Nap Olympics. It has been a few years (maybe it has been never) since I've gotten 2 hours of uninterrupted nap time. I had a pleasant one yesterday. I also went for an evening walk at the park and saw church friends, elementary school teachers, and extended family. The day was really hot but the light breeze and the cooling temperature in the evening made it a wonderful time to walk. I did my usual route, which ends up being around 6.86 miles by the pedometer. I followed that with my usual reward of a blueberry/banana smoothie chaser. I also had a headache trying to make me uncomfortable, but not enough of one to get any ibuprophen or acetaminophen. As I type the headache has all but disappeared.

Noah and Eve are sleeping on the couch and chair downstairs. They were very excited to get to stay up and watch the movie "Ant Bully" and get to sleep outside of their bedrooms.

:::::::::::::Scout Camp:::::::

Aaron left for Scout Camp on Sunday and isn't scheduled to return until Saturday. He drove up with another boy in his troop with the other boy's dad driving. He and this other boy went to the Special Olympics at Emory University on Saturday as helpers. Aaron said they had a good time helping.

::::::::::Aaron Enjoys Cooking, See::::

:::::::::Photos from Noah's Birthday:::::::

...I think I'm going to read for a bit. Smiles!