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Friday, June 29, 2007

There's Nobody Here But Us Chickens!

Chickens by Studio Sausan at Scrapbookgraphics, Bubbles from Comic Book Junkie by Jan Crowley, Font: DB Michael

Atc people and Television by Janna Billman, "wallpaper" from Dorothy's Kitchen Three by Mo Jackson

One of my cute and silly nieces, Dakotta Rose.
This is a kit that will be coming out soon in Studio Sandra Boddington at Scrapbookgraphics.

Quirky stuff I Like:

Mental Floss magazine is one I look for every time I go to the library. It is a mixture of science, history and popular cultural presented in a fun and quirky way. The most recent edition is full of interesting Top 10 lists.
Here is a list, from their website, of what is in this edition:

IssueThe Annual 10 Issue
All the world's most important information presented in convenient list form.

• 10 Songs that Changed the World
• 10 Greatest Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns of All-time
• 10 Massive Screw-ups in Paleontology
• 10 Places to see Before They Die
• 10 Landmark Moments in Animation History
And feel smart about:
• 10 Cats Who Changed Civilization
• 10 Nicknames for Natives
• 10 Not-So-Bright Ideas in Science
• 10 Trailblazing Scientists About to Change Your Future

+ a "Squeaky Clean" scatterbrained, a Know-It-All's look at the letter O, a 25-question quiz to end all quizzes, and more!

This magazine is informative and a fun diversion from say...laundry!

::::::::::::::::Strong Bad:::::::::::

This is probably only funny to Americans...well funny to only a few Americans, but our family happens to consist of 6 folks who find this zany humor funny. Strong Bad has a unique way of answering emails about his life and when the segment is over you can usually hover your mouse over some portion of the image to get an additional joke. The other thing I find hilarious is that when you put the address for the site in your computer the window will list it as "Denny's Menu". Denny's is a family eating place in the U.S. The kids love to eat there when we go on rode trips because they can have breakfast any time of the day. The guys who work on this site are in Dunwoody, Georgia, not too far away from where we live. Here is the entry from wikipedia.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Vacation Update::::::::::::

Michael made reservations for a campsite for two days in the Shenandoahs. We have never camped there before, so it should be an adventure. Then, it is off to Colonial Williamsburg. Stop in Amish country at the Shady Maple, then on to Philadelphia for a couple of days. Then up to Hoboken, New Jersey so we can be across from NYC without driving into the city. Site see for a couple of days, then drive to Niagara Falls.

I have finished packing, except for the last minute odds and ends. I have my medicine box filled with bandaids, ointment, stomach relief stuff, swimmer's ear drops, headache medicine...and that reminds me...I need to get another box of junior chewable tablets for Rachel.

Michael returned a slew of library books for me in the last two days and the rest we extended our holds. The family reading book we borrowed is due back the Monday after we get back and I couldn't extend the hold, but it works out. The kids groan every time I end a chapter because they want to know what happens next. I do too, but I have to get to bed so that I can drift in and out of a fitful slumber.


Peachy Keen Kit by Rhonna Farrer, Font: DJB MICHELLED

Text: Rachel, as I watch you interact with the world I see your sensitive nature. Your loyalty to family and friends is strong. The reality of death causes you much heartache and tears. Anyone who makes in impression on your life can be assured for an eternal place in your memories and your emotions. I hope that you are able to keep these memories dear, but that you never stop seeking and finding happiness in something everyday.

::::::::::::::::::Carol is a Card:::::::::::

Carol's newest layout for things that didn't really happen is a all of her stuff. I get the best laughs! She is so clever!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kick Me!

I figure if you kick me hard enough I'll forget about the pain in my ear!...Well, that is unless you kick me in the ear, which would entirely defeat the purpose of the whole endeavor!

Horse by Kay Miller, Medicine Bottle by Jen Wilson

I'm taking Augmentin 825 mg tablets twice a day. I thought I wasn't going to get the thumb-sized tablet down my throat...sheesh! Being dead from choking on one of those things would certainly put my ear problems in a different light! I actually made Michael hang out this morning just to make sure I didn't choke as I took my prescription. I was amazed when it went down effortlessly. So, yeah for that. Don't have to go another round until 6:30p.m.

::::::::::::::::::::::Court of Honor::::::::::

Aaron did a CPR demonstration for the Court of Honor for scouts last night. He spoke clearly and did a great job. He only got goofy when Michael wanted him to use the large stuffed animal dog we brought to demonstrate the compressions and breathing. He got a bit flustered, but did it anyway.

Aaron received 4 badges: Climbing, Rifle, Communications, and Indian Lore.

I created a 12 minute slideshow of the current Eagle Scout project and Scout camp. For music I used: "My Own Two Hands" by Jack Johnson and Ben Harper, "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" off the Parallel Universe cd of Janice Kapp Perry songs, "Never Give Up" by Ryan Shupe and The Rubberband, and "Wild Boys" by Duran Duran.


My mom is coming over to take the kids to her house so I can get the packing done. She has taken pity on my condition. She has to drop Denny man (my big brother) off to school, then go to work for a bit. After getting some work done she will come get her tribe of loyal followers. I mean that...they are her fan club!

Later, gators!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Deep Thoughts by..., not Jack Handy, Noah. Michael blogged about Noah's newest question, so I decided to create a layout about it:

Background paper from Oilpaint 2 by Gina Miller, Comic Junkie kit by Jan Crowley, Backward Staples by Jenn Patrick, Stitched Alpha, Pipe Cleaner Stars, Doodle Journal boxes, Journal Scribbles, New House Doodles, Space Doodles by Kate Hadfield, Alpha Blocks and Boy Buttons by Natalie Braxton, Summer Collab kit by the Lilypad, Sun felt by Tiff Brady, Teeny Tiny Alpha by Jessica Bolton, Font: DB Michael by Darcy, Another Typewriter

::::::::::::::::New Family Reading Book::::::::

The Sisters Grimm: The Problem Child

The first chapter was a continuation of a perilous situation for Sabrina and Puck, the Trickster King. The kids were sad when I didn't keep reading, but it was late and my ear hurt.

:::::::::::Ear Update::::::::::::::

Well, the doctor said I have a cloudy eardrum. Since I could pressurize my ears, had no fever or dizziness he guessed it was swimmer's ear, but that it appeared to be progressing towards infection (acute otitis media). He prescribed some drops that would act as an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory.
The doctor asked me the steps I had already taken to help my ear. When I told him all I had attempted he laughed and said I had covered everything.
Currently I have no fever, but I probably got two hours of sleep. My jaw is sore next to the tragus (that triangular flap). The membrane is so swollen that I can't hear on the right. I also have a prescription that I can fill by Friday for Augmentin if things get worse. I did some reading about using antibotics and the report said that around 81% of cases resolve themselves within 7 days. So, I'm not sure what I'll do. I'll probably end up filling the prescription as back up.

:::::::::::::::::::Train Wreck on the Couch:::

I would have taken a photo, but Rachel's undies would have shown...modesty prevailed. She and Aaron where all arms and legs twisted on the couch downstairs. They decided to stay up and read and play computer. When I came down at 6:15am. Aaron's legs where over Rachel's face and his head was hanging off the side. They looked so bizarre!


Michael has made the reservations for all the different hotels. We will be stopping in Colonial Williamsburg,VA., Philadelphia,PA., Hoboken, N.J.(right outside of NYC), Niagara Falls (N.Y. side...not as pretty, but cheaper). We will also be camping on the first and second days out, but I can't remember where he said. We will be stopping by Monticello during those two days.
I'm taking care of getting the bills in order before we go, so I hope I don't forget anything. My mom is going to ferret sit. She is okay with Jasper, her "grandferret" as she calls him.

Smiles...(albeit painfully)!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Review Day:

Greyfriar's Bobby

The movie "Greyfriar's Bobby" is not one I remembered from childhood, but it looked interesting. I grabbed it off the shelf at the library and put it with my other selections. I thought the movie had dog appeal, so the kids would want to watch it...I was wrong. The kids were entirely disinterested the two times I suggested watching the film. Yesterday, they were playing on the computer, so I decided to pop in the movie and watch it. The story was given at a slow pace, but was such an endearing story of loyalty and community that is was well worth the time. I love how this little skye terrier was able to soften the hearts of all around him as he showed unswerving loyalty to his deceased master. A few tears were shed in this little gem, so be warned to have a hanky available...or long sleeves! I recommend this for all ages!

:::::::::::::::::::::::Tree Castle Island::::::::

We finished this family reading book last night. I would describe this book as teenage version of Survivor Man in the Okefenokee Swamp. The main character Jack Hawkins paddles and poles through the Okefenokee Swamp in his hand made canoe called L'il Possum. Jack is helped through several situations by using his handy Leatherman. Rachel was put off by some of the book because of the creatures Jack kills and eats to survive his trip. She decided to continue listening to the book. There is a surprise for Jack on one of the islands in the form of a person he meets.
I thought the description of the swamp features was well done and the different ways Jack was able to survive was interesting. The story line of Jack and the person he meets on one of the islands is okay, but the way the story ties up the loose end was pretty lame.
So, the book gets high marks for the description of the landscape along with its flora and fauna. The low marks come in the way the author decided to the trite way Jack's story was tied up.

:::::::::::::::::::Ear Update::::

I have an appointment for 11:40a.m., today. I told the advice nurse at the facility that I didn't care if the primary care physician was available. I just need someone to stick an otoscope in my ear and tell me what to do to make it better. I told the nurse I wasn't dizzy (so far) and that I wasn't running a fever. The pain is around the tragus (that little triangular flap) and feels inflammed. Hopefully I'm not harboring any small farm animals in there. This reminds me of the show Rachel and I watched on satellite t.v. called "Eaten Alive". This show was all about parasites that get into the human body. The squirm factor was high! Rachel was surprised to find out that when I was about 12 I had an experience with microoganisms multiplying in my ear canal after a swim in a lake during girl's camp. After getting home from camp I remember waking up with a fever and it seemed as though you could draw an imaginary line down the center of my face. Anything on right side was excrutiatingly painful. I just cried. It must have been on the weekend when my mom took me to the doctor because it was a Doc-in-a-box type place. The doctor diagnosed an infection and gave some antibiotic drops. Three days later there was no relief, so we went back to the doctor. He irrigated my ear, which felt something like a bullet heating my ear. With the ear cleaned out the drops were able to work.
The world is an interesting place, indeed!


I'll let ya know how things go!


Monday, June 25, 2007

Life's an Adventure With You

Life's an Adventure With You

Text: Eve you make me laugh when you choose to eat regular sized carrots that you call "Mommy Carrots", so you can have a treat. You love to pretend you are a horse, a lion or a house cat. You love to get your photo taken. You could play at the park all day, but if you are told you have to walk somewhere you protest. In the morning you call my name and when I go to check on you you are hiding under the covers. You giggle as I "look" for you and give me a big hug when I find you.

::::::::::::::::::::Mad Libs:::::::::::

As a kid I always looked forward to book fair time. My parents didn't have a lot of money, but I would be able to at least get one book and a Mad Lib. I would have hours of fun with my family and friends asking them to come up with adjectives, nouns, names of body parts, verbs, colors and names of places. So, it was funny for me when we went for lunch at Arby's and the kid's meals came with a Mad Lib booklet and one Mad Lib printed on the bag. Invariably, the word "butt" is used as a body part and the kids snicker and giggle.
Aaron and Rachel stayed up last night laughing over the Mad Libs they were coming up with using the little booklet. I suppose I will need to make a run to a book store and grab a couple of these for the trip.

Mad Libs as described by Wikipedia.

Here is an on-line version that is similar: Wacky Web Tales

Here is another site:

Here is another Mad Lib generator from a teaching site.

My ear still hurts and I think it is getting worse. I suppose I'll call for a doctor's appointment if it doesn't improve by tonight. JOY!

:::::::::::::::::::::Carol has done it again!::::::::

For a side-splitting laugh...this really is a good thing...think of all of the endorphins and life extending qualities of a good laugh!...check out her newest layout of things that never really happened: Carol's Blog

Have a great day! Smiles!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

"Mom Doesn't Know Anything About...

rock!" ...Noah

I recieved this chastisement for switching the radio off of the channel they wanted to listen.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Shopping for the Trip:::::::

Noah had an invitation to a Build-A-Bear party at the Mall of Georgia, so we took the opportunity to pick up last minute items close by at R.E.I. Noah, Eve and Rachel got their own camelbacks
and the girls got Tevas. Here's Eve's version:
Rachel's version:

I found Rachel her favorite Wild Berry flavored Powerbars, which she started eating right away.

While Noah and I were at the birthday party Michael took the others over to Dick's Sporting Goods where Rachel and Aaron climbed the indoor wall, which is about 50 feet tall. They worked their way to the top and got to push a buzzer to give a loud signal that they had made it.


I thought this menu generator was pretty cool:

:::::::::::::::Amazing Artist::::::::
Kevin Henkes is an author that I am just beginning to read with my kids. It all started with this book:

I love the story lines and putting my finger on what I love about his artwork has to be the water color look to the inks. I'm sure there is something I should say that better describes what I feel when I see the paintings, but I don't know enough about art to give the correct explanations. I simply know I love the way he uses pen and ink.

This book is one Noah had on his reading list for Second grade:

I liked that he pulled no punches with how jealous older siblings can be of new babies. I also like how he resolved the conflict in the end. I look forward to reading more of his books.

Keep on Keepin' on!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Burning the Midnight Oil:

...which makes me think of the group...Midnight Oil. I really loved to crank up the radio and with the window down and sing along (here are the lyrics):

Out where the river broke
The bloodwood and the desert oak
Holden wrecks and boiling diesels
Steam in forty five degrees

The time has come
To say fairs fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share
The time has come
A facts a fact
It belongs to them
Lets give it back

How can we dance when our earth is turning
How do we sleep when our beds are burning

Four wheels scare the cockatoos
From kintore east to yuendemu
The western desert lives and breathes
In forty five degrees

(live - on scream in blue
The time has come
A facts a fact
It belongs to us all
Lets give it back) I recall, MTV used to play music videos and I would also dance around the house or work out on the stationary bike when no one was at home. Fun stuff!

ANYWAY... I'm up looking up vacation information. I love the extra info on Williamsburg Monet was able to provide in the comments. I think they will have fun. I'm also checking into the Apprentice program for kids. They would learn about 3 trades and then pick what they would want to learn. We will see if that fits in with all of the plans.

I have been rather spoiled with the camping opportunites going our usual Western route, so I am having to make a mental and financial adjustment for going North. It should be quite hot, so being in a hotel room should make things more comfortable all round. One of the concerns I have about doing too much reserving for rooms and tickets ahead of time is possible illness with all the driving and activities. Aaron is our historic puker, Rachel is bathroom girl, Eve doesn't want to walk anywhere and you have to keep Noah from urinating on National Monument signs. I can hear it now... "Young man did you know it is disrespectful to urinate on monument signs?"
Noah would respond..."But, I had to go...How about a HUG!?!"

...This leads me to a Noah story for the day...

We dropped the kids off at my parents' house for Friday night sleepover where upon my mother cooked shells and cheese for Aaron and grits for the other three. She was back and forth getting them drinks and qualling arguments and then she would attempt to sit down, which set off some silent alarm. Then, there would be a piercing voice from the bedroom..."GRANNY!"

Finally, my mom was able to sit down for a moment and Noah popped into the living room and gave me a big hug. He said he had finished three servings of grits and would like some ice cream for dessert. Then, in his Noah way said, "Mom, you can sit. I'll get granny to do it!" Mom and I just laughed! What a silly twit that kid is sometimes. I told granny to remain seated and that I would handle the current ice cream request.


Noah, also, accompanied me to the credit union today to deposit a couple of checks and I had fun listening to him explain the Fantastic Four and the motivations of the Silver Surfer...again. He was so eloquent and loquacious and I just enjoyed listening. After about fifteen minutes he wraps up by telling me that the destroyer from the Fantastic Four movie was dark matter from the Big Bang he looked at me and sincerely asked, "So, tell me about Nancy Drew."

I was kind of surprised that he was even curious and I couldn't come up with the same enthusiasm to explain all of the characters and plot. He seemed fine with what little information I gave him. Once we pulled up to the credit union his main concern was asking the teller for 4 lollipops so that his siblings weren't left out and turning old before he could roll up his window. He voiced his desire, again, that I get a car with electric windows.

:::::::::::::::::::Gil Mayo Mysteries::::::

We watched two episodes of Gil Mayo Mysteries at my mom's house. I thought the show was interesting. I, especially, liked his habit of correcting grammar and then explaining the rule. This show looks worth the time.

:::::::::::::::Off to::::::::

sleep, perchance, to dream.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Vacation Planning...

We have made reservations for Colonial Williamsburg as part of our week and a half vacation coming up. We will be there from July 2-5. The vacation package we chose was the Revolutionary City Adventure. We thought it would be fun to be in Philadelphia, PA on the 4th of July, but the places we wanted to stay were booked up. No big deal, though. It will be fun to see what happens in the reenactments at Williamsburg. Since Eve is 4 she doesn't have to have a ticket for anything here, which is nice. There is a costume rental for period era clothes. Depending on the cost Michael was considering renting outfits for the kids one of the days.

We are used to camping when we go on vacation, so staying at hotels cuts deeply into the vacation budget. Michael was checking hotels and motels around Niagara Falls for that leg of the adventure, and when he looked at the most recent comment about the hotel he found it said the place was in a bad neighborhood next to a crack house. NICE.....! NOT! I'll be checking more places for that later.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Noah's World:

Torn and Ripped #2 by Jen Caputo, Crayon Alpha and Doodle by Ida, Music doodles and Space Doodles, and Door doodle by Kate Hadfield, Dear Diary by Erica Hite, Font: Chalkdust, Easter Stickers by Sausan, pastic letters by Nancy Comelab, Gltter frame (modified) by Traci Reed

The kids are back in the hiz'ouse! The noise has returned to push away the serenity, but it's nice to get the hugs. There were a few Noah stories from Granny Alice which I thought it would be fun to relate.

Story #1:

The kids had just had a fun couple of hours at a bounce house where they got to jump on inflated toys, so Granny Alice took them for lunch at a local diner called Truetts. For some reason Eve decided to lick the ketchup on the bottle and set it back on the table...YUCK! Noah, my germ-a-phobe, was mortified. He had fries with no ketchup and he wasn't about to use the pre-licked bottled version. When the waitress came by to see if they needed anything Noah told her about his sister's licking incident. Mind you, this is serious business to Noah and their table was situated in the center of the restaurant, making them quite literally, the center of attention. The waitress returned quickly with a new bottle that she assured him had never been licked. Noah set immediately to slathering ketchup onto his plate.

What we learn from this: Don't use the ketchup after Eve Taylor has sat at the table.

Story #2:

Noah decided to take a bath in Granny Alice's garden tub. He threw off his clothes to the floor where they got damp, so Granny Alice picked them up and threw them into the washing machine with the rest of the load. When Noah got out he was howling about not having any underwear. Granny told them they were wet and in the wash. He couldn't find any other underwear and was complaining that someone must have taken them. Granny offered him underwear from everyone else in the house, which he soundly refused. He complained bitterly that his clothes had been just fine and he couldn't see why she had put them in the wash. This little unclad boy sat on the floor lamenting, loudly, his situation. By 9:15pm Granny Alice could take it no more and ran to Walmart just in time to grab a couple of pairs of Transformer underwear. When she got to the house and handed the underwear to Noah. He instantly brightened up and said, "You bought new underwear for me?! I'll wear this one and leave one for here." Then, in his most Noah way, opened his arms wide and said, "How about a hug!" I suppose this is some innate force in Noah to keep him alive after some of the silly sheninagins he pulls.

What we learn from this: If you act like a fool for over an hour be willing to smile and offer a hug to the person you have made miserable.

Story #3

Actually, technically...occurred on Friday before Noah went visit Granny Alice's house. Noah was at the Friday sleepover at Granny Sue Towhey's house and he told her lovingly, "Your my favorite granny!" Then, he looked rather pensive and said, "Well, that other granny, Alice, I love her just as much, too!" Granny Sue just had to laugh.

What we learn from this: Keep all your bases covered!

Just passing on some silly stories and wisdom!


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who Loves Ya Baby?!:

I used to watch a lot of television as a kid and the ones that drew me in the most were the detective shows. My kids think I'm weird because if we are watching t.v. at my mom's house (satellite dish) I choose shows like Forensic Files, Mystery Diagnosis, Investigative Reports or Cold Case Files. Since the new version of Nancy Drew was out I started thinking about what guy detective shows I liked growing up. Here are a few:

I love the way Columbo would fluster people as he asked them questions. I wanted a huge car like Cannon. I always thought Kojak was ultra cool because of the lollipop.

Raymond Burr was always sharply dressed and spoke directly and to the point. Barbara Hale as his girl Friday added sharp wit, intelligence, and loyalty.

The good guys were always fun to watch, too. I really loved Barnaby Jones and I wanted to be Lee Meriwether. Barnaby was always seemed like the nicest guy. The Hardy Boys was another fav. I was enamored with Parker Stevenson. I thought Shaun Cassiday was cute, but that his adam's apple needed its own zip code. One day when Michael and I were driving somewhere I asked him if he knew who had the biggest adam's apple in the entire world and he answered immediately...Shaun Cassiday. I was in awe of his quick response and like thinking. It is weird to say that somehow I knew this guy could think like me with my quirky sense of humor. We have been married for almost 18 years and he tells people he can speak "Wife". He says that he speaks the "Victoria" dialect of "Wife", so it doesn't apply to all women...just to me. He can try to translate what other women are really saying, but he tells people it won't be as accurate. So, when I think of the Shaun Cassiday's adam's apple story I just laugh a goofy laugh and think of my wonderful husband's quick wit.

I almost forgot one of my favorites and that is James Garner as Jim Rockford in The Rockford Files. He has a mix of intelligence, charisma and downright good looks. He is still quite handsome in his old age.

Borderline Frames by Sande Krieger at TwoPeas, Arrow by Holly McCaig, Doodle Circle by Erica Hite

Have a great day! Smiles!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Your Smile

Eve before her tooth was pulled...OBVIOUSLY...I just didn't want anyone to think she already had her permanent tooth come in.

My daughter loves flowers and to smile, which brighten my day, too!

Cottage Dream kit by Studio Sandra at Scrapbookgraphics,
Ornate Alpha by Studio Sandra at Scrapbookgraphics,
Curled Paper Edges 2 by Jen Caputo,
Backward Staples by Jenn Patrick,

:::::::::::::::::::::::::KIDS AWAY::::::

the parents will play! Michael and I went on a date to Sangria's, a local Mexican restaurant we like. Since there were no first run movies out we were interested in seeing we went by Blockbuster and selected "Stranger Than Fiction" and "The Devil Wears Prada". We also picked up some Milk Duds and Whoppers at the grocery store to help the movie ambience.

We both watched and enjoyed "Stranger Than Fiction". Will Ferrell's character was easy to like and Emma Thompson's eccentric writer persona was quirky and enjoyable. Dustin Hoffman as an English Professor/University Lifeguard was fun a bizarre. The scene where he asks Will Ferrell several questions to ascertain what type of book he is in made me laugh so hard. Very interesting film and worth the time.

..........This morning I watched "The Devil Wears Prada". I was expecting a film about an industry that relies the superficial desires of human beings to fund their billion dollar industry, and Meryl Streep's character to be dragon lady. But after watching the movie for an hour I could not get over the fact that Anne Hathaway's character as a writer want-a-be working as a second assistant to Streep's character was a jerk. There was no real rising above any hard ships in this movie. The great life lesson learned by the main character was as meagre as the food portions eaten by a skeletal supermodel. The last quip in the film was that Hathaway's character had gone from a size 6 to a size 4...hmmmm me thinks a few fingers went down some throats after this movie for a couple of different reasons. If I wasn't clear on any of my points...I do NOT recommend this film.

::::::::::::Phone Calls::::::::

I have had 3 phone calls today because the kids just want to tell me about their day and that they love me! Do you feel the warm fuzzies... I sure do!


Monday, June 18, 2007

Weekend Events

It was a sleuthing weekend. Friday night on a classic movie channel they showed the original Nancy Drew movies from 1938-1939 with Bonita Granville. I was able to watch the first two, but Michael had to work the next morning so we went home. Rachel watched the remaining two movies and especially liked the final film called "The Hidden Staircase".

Emma Roberts did a great job as the new Nancy Drew. The story line could have been better, but it was a good start. Maybe they will do more. I really wanted her to solve a mystery along side her chums George and Bess. I'm glad they made sure she had a cool!

My mom took Noah and Evey to see the new Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. She reported that they were very chatty during the movie, but that they enjoyed the film. Noah was very animated while trying to explain the story line, which always makes me laugh.
:::::::::::::::::Father's Day::::::::::

I made Michael a slideshow of photos from 2006-2007 of him doing things with the kids. We went to hear Reuben speak in sacrament meeting, then we were invited over to Stephen and Shelene's house for lunch. The Stephenites know how to feed a crowd. There were pancakes, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and omelets to order. The kids loved playing with their cousins.

I called my dad to wish him a happy Father's Day and my stepmother, Alice, invited the kids to stay a couple of days. We went by our house and grabbed some clothes for the kids, then stopped by mom and Jim's to give him his shutterfly book. His eyes are coming along great.

Then, to my dad's. My niece and nephew were happy to see their cousins, too. Tyler ended up wanting to go home with his mom, so Tracy took Haley, Tyler, Rachel and Eve to her house, while Noah and Aaron stayed with Paw Paw and Granny. They hope to go to a bounce house today.

Michael and I came home to a quiet and messy house, so I guess I will take this break from the kids being home to clean up after them.

I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Look Into My Eyes!

***Edited to add...I won the contest at Jen Caputo's site! I am so excited she liked my layout! What a nice way to start the day! Thanks, Jen!

Text: My husband always throws a crazy-eyed look on his face when anyone takes his picture. The kids think it's hilarious, so they have started doing the same thing. Noah is now a "Duffuss Apprentice", but Michael is the "Duffuss Master"!

Background paper from Oil Paints by Gina Miller, Stitched Alpha Doodle and Doodle Alpha by Kate Hadfield, Circle Borderlines from Borderlines 4 by Sande Krieger, Backward Staples by Jenn Patrick, Notebook Alpha by Ashley Olson, Punch Label by Christina Renee, Google Eyes by Katie Pertiet, Waxy Doodles by Lauren Reid, Cardboard overlay by Linda Gil Bildal, Grunge Alpha by Birgit, Font: DB Michael by Darcy

...My mom figures that our ancestors will think Michael had some congenital eye problem due to all the goofy eyed photos everyone has snapped of him. Now with the children pulling the same faces it will be added evidence to think just that! Well, I suppose I'm culpable too, because I create layouts of their zany faces!


I've already started to look through curriculum ideas for next year for Aaron. I am looking for a Logic and Rhetoric course manual. It should be a rather pertinent course considering the election debates are heating up all over. It will make a very glaring case for the amount of illogical discussions that exist in politics. I will be including lessons on the law and using the government website to update on the politicians and bills.

I will, also, include merit badge focused lessons that interest Aaron. There are so many different areas that are covered by the BSA merit badges.

As far as, languages Aaron expressed interest in learning German, which is completely out of my depth. I only can recognize the word for I and tell someone gesundheit (sp?) when they sneeze. Michael speaks Japanese and I have taken enough Spanish and French to muddle through those languages. We will still be working with Latin, but the declensions are a bit confusing. Michael's brother Marcus speaks German, but he lives to far away to be of much help with the teaching part of things. So I'm not sure what to do. There are some great language cds from Pimsleur at the library, so I'll probably grab those for study.

:::::::::::::::::::::Sunburn Update:::::::::

Everyone is peeling and the kids all report feeling just fine. I can, now, raise my arms above my head without wincing in extreme pain. YEAH! Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I hope y'all have a happy and productive...or laid back...weekend!



Thursday, June 14, 2007

Text: Eve and Noah are like most siblings. They love each other one minute and then they're fighting the next. When asked what she likes about Noah Eve answered, "He's so funny!"
When I asked Noah what he liked about Eve he replied, "Because she is part of my family and she's cutsey wootsey!"

Background paper from Soda Popp by Meredith Fenwick, Photo negative brush from Simple Expressions by Jen Wilson, Font: Typical Writer, Brushes from Retro Vintage by Little Dreamer Designs, Heart frame by Vera Lim, Teeny Tiny Alpha by Jessica Bolton, Date Stamp by Amber Clegg


If you like true story drama and suspense this book is for you! The heroism of the submariners aboard the S Five is amazing. I think we have all had a moment in our lives that we knew exactly what to do, were capable of doing it and got distracted and bloughed it! The combination of a poorly engineered valve that closed the main induction valve and human distraction due to multi-tasking caused a test crash dive to send 37 men to the bottom of the ocean. The story of how everyone worked together in the sub and those who worked to get them out on the outside is riveting. The author interweaves explanations of submarine history and personal histories superbly. I highly recommend this book.

:::::::::::::::::::::Current Read::::::::::::::

The author of this book worked on the film that was released earlier in the year titled "Amazing Grace". William Wilberforce became an advocate to end slavery. He had a conversion to Christianity and thought he should leave politics because he felt he would be unable to combine the two parts of his life. John Newton who pinned the words to the song "Amazing Grace" encouraged Wilberforce to remain in politics to be able to change the world for the better.

In this book, which has been edited with modern words and phrases, is William Wilberforce's call to people to live Christianity as the Bible teaches and live as the Savior taught. He disdains the idea of cultural Christianity where people just say they are Christian without doing anything about it.

I will do a review of the book when I've finished reading it.

:::::::::::::::::::::::A Cut Above The Rest:::::::

Grandpa Jim got his eyes carved on today. He had an PRK procedure done.
He says he feels okay, so far.

I would like to get some form of corrective surgery on my eyes some day, too. My FIL used to always ask me what I was smokin' when he would see me because my pupils are always very dilated. This makes me wonder if I would be a good candidate for surgery.

:::::::::::::::::::Rachel's Story::::::::::

Day 4 is completed and Rachel has a cool story about wasps to rewrite for Friday. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with for her final draft.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Farewell, Mr. Wizard!

I'm Not Such A Bad Egg!

I dislike deviled eggs, but Rachel loves to make them and eat them. Granny Sue is more than willing to boil some red potatoes and eggs for Rachel to get her fix.

My daughter, Rachel, loves to make Deviled Eggs with her Granny Sue Towhey.

Little Day kit by Studio Sausan,
Flower from Collectibles 1 by Studio Sausan,
Easter Sticker by Studio Sausan,
Altered Artistry Frame by Studio Sausan,
Ripped and Torn Template by Jen Caputo,
Cluster Frames by Nancy Comelab,
Label it Alpha by the Powers Sisters
Really Big Bow by Natalie Braxton,
Felt Devil Horn's from Hollie Hats by Tiff Brady,
Doodle Alpha by Kate Hadfield,
Point it Out Ribbon by Natalie Braxton,
Extra Stitches by Studio Sandra Boddington at Scrapbookgraphics,
Fancy Alpha by Michelle Underwood,
Torn old frames by Linda Gil Bildal,
Font: DJB Michelled, Susie's Hand
Joined at the Hip Stitches by Tia Bennett,
Date Stamp by Amber Clegg

My daughter, Rachel, loves to make Deviled Eggs with her Granny Sue Towhey. They both look forward to creating this together whenever they get the chance!

Little Day kit by Studio Sausan,
Ripped and Torn Template by Jen Caputo,
Cluster Frames by Nancy Comelab,
beauty mark blog freebie by the Powers Sisters,
Font: DJB Michelled

:::::::::::::::::::::::Under Pressure::::::::::

is the story I'm reading now. It is a quick read, so far. The story flows really well interwoven with the history of submarine development. I find it fascinating.

Under Pressure

::::::::::::::::::Just Got Back::::::::

from dropping Rachel off for day 3 of class. The car started acting up. I think the transmission is going wonky. Michael met me in the parking lot and we drove back to his office. The car didn't have a problem for him. He is going to keep it to pick up Rachel and see what happens.

Later, gators!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Elvis is Dead, but I Saw Him Once:

While taking Rachel to her College for Kids class today we were listening to the radio and the I started to think about some of the concerts I attended. There aren't that many because I'm annoyed by how rude people act in a crowd situation, but here are the concerts I recall:

1977 Elvis (I'm not dead, yet...sat in the very back and hated every second of it!)
1985 Amy Grant
1988 INXS (Front row, but they refused to do an encore because the fire marshal made them mad)
1988 Air Supply (free tickets...I tickets)
1988 Al Jarreau (Fun concert, but he refused to sing any of his old stuff)
1989 Peter, Paul and Mary (All their stuff is old stuff and fun to sing along)
1990 Crosby, Stills and Nash (Really cool effects on screen for Wooden Ships)
1991 Peter, Paul and Mary
1991 Sting (Michael and I got to usher at the Fox Theatre for free tickets, but had to babysit pot smokers through most of the concert)
1997 Chrissy Hind and the Pretenders/ B52s (Great concert, but sat near silly, balding, drunk guy that kept dancing into Michael)

:::::::::::::::::::College For Kids::::::::

Rachel is through with her second day of her author class. She has made a friend named Kendal. This year we have a parents' response section, so we have homework along with Rachel. YEAH...? Grandpa picked her up for day 1 and Michael gets the honor to hang out with Rachel for the rest of the week.

:::::::::::::::Raingutter Regatta::::::::::
I finally got around to this layout...only 8 months later:

Text: Noah lost all of his heats during his first Raingutter Regatta. He thought that if he blew harder that his boat would go faster, but it forced the sail sideways and thus got no air and it ran into the side of the gutter. Aaron and Michael tried to show him how to angle the straw and blow softer, but he was to excited to listen.

Background paper from Oil Paint by Gina Miller, Pipecleaner Arrows, Vehicles 2 doodles by Kate Hadfield, Cluster Frames (modified) by Nancy Comelab, White edge overlay by Meredith Fenwick, Scribbly Doodle Alpha by Sandra Boddington, Teeny Tiny Tags by Jessica Bolton, Small Alpha by Traci Reed, Say It journal blocks by Dani Mogstad, Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman, Label it Alpha by the Powers Sisters, Mo's Medley Two by Mo Jackson, Fonts: Mistral, DJB Michelled, DB Michael, DJB Jen2, Ash94, Backwards staples by Jenn Patrick, Grunge Alpha by Birgit, Date Tag by Taran Conyers, Ribbon by Natalie Braxton

:::::::::::::::::::::Finished My Current Book:::::::::

Theories For Everything

This was a fascinating read.
Here are the subjects by chapter: Introduction - Bruce Stutz
The Heavens - Andrea Gianopoulos
The Human Body - John Langone
Matter and Energy - Bruce Stutz
Life Itself - Bruce Stutz
Earth and Moon - Andrea Gianopoulos
Mind and Behaviour - John Langone
Here is the book description from Book Description
"Theories for Everything highlights the rich, compelling stories behind science's greatest discoveries and the minds and methods that made them possible. Authoritative, entertaining, and easy to follow, it provides indispensable information on our current theories about the natural and physical world as well as a concise overview of how those ideas evolved.

Filled with illustrations, topical essays, and sidebars, these fascinating pages cover every major topic imaginable—astronomy, the human body and its inner workings, the nature of matter and energy, genetics and evolution, and the complex relationship between mind and behavior. Broken down by subject, the book provides readers with a thorough examination of each set of related theories as they are tested and refined and introduces all the major figures in the history of science, including Aristotle, Archimedes, Copernicus, Galileo, Descartes, Pascal, Newton, Edison, Pasteur, Darwin, Pavlov, Curie, Einstein, Freud, Feynman, and Hawking. The lives of more than 45 scientists are captured in special time lines that add depth and detail to the running narrative.

Each discovery is presented as a detective story: the narrative focuses on how inquisitive investigators posit, revise, and improve upon their descriptions of nature. And like any first-rate mystery, it entices its readers, inviting them to match wits with the scientific sleuths whose theories for everything have unraveled nature's riddles and reshaped how we see our world."

It is sad that those who truly follow the scientfic method throughout history have been considered as subversive as opposed to beings trying to understand their place in this world and how it works. I, also, found it interesting that there have been so many instantances in time where scientists were jailed, called heretics, killed and driven mad and then years later to have their work taken as common knowledge. I don't know if any of them would say they had the right answers, but they would say this is what I have observed consistently. I'm glad there are people out there striving to learn how this world works and how are bodies work, too.

:::::::::::::::::::::Two New Books On the Agenda:::::::::

I have one I found at the library about the submarine accident of the S-class sub 5 in 1920 off the Atlantic. The second book is the one my mother gave me for my birthday by William Wilberforce.

:::::::::::::::::::::My Skin Hurts:::::::::


Smiles! (Atleast my lips aren't sunburned!)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Nancy Drew...Take Notes!

Just kidding! I know Nancy Drew has me scattered, smothered and covered when it comes to detective work, but I had a question from Monet in my comments section that needed a bit of research. She wanted to know where to find "Bee Good Designs". I checked my files and found there were no T.O.U.s, so I checked at Digishoptalk and found that the designer's name is Bethany Mott and her work can be found here: Digiscrapshak . The files I have were freebies, so maybe if you email her she will let you know how to get them.

B.T.W. I really enjoyed reading my mom's 1955 versions of Nancy Drew when I was growing up and I desperately wanted a car with a rumble seat. I plan to take Rachel and Aaron to see the new Nancy Drew movie starring Emma Roberts this weekend.


There's Even More Where That Came From:

Surprised that I had yet another bunch of climbing layouts? I think I'm done now.

Even though Noah was nervous he roped up for his second climb of the year on this same wall. Michael belayed and gave encouragement. Noah was able to get higher than he had before.

Naked Stamps by Meredith Fenwick, Boy Buttons by Natalie Braxton, Font: DB Michael, Tasty Tattoo used as an overlay, background paper from Chalked Full of Fun by Lisa Whitney, "U Shine" doodle by Bee Good Designs, doodle arrow by Kate Hadfield, backward staples by Jenn Patrick

Text: Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it."
---- Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)

Background papers from Chalked Full of Fun by Lisa Whitney, Grunge Alpha by Birgit, black bunch Alpha by The Powers Sisters, Naked Stamp Sheet by Meredith Fenwick, Boy Buttons by Natalie Braxton, Font: DB Michael,Dalyhand, Cold Coffee, Ripped and Torn template by Jen Caputo, Tasty Tattoo used as the two corner overlays, date stamps by Amber Clegg, backward staples by Jenn Patrick

Tree Castle Island is our current family reading book. The story takes place in the Okefenokee Swamp. The kids like the different terms they are learning about in the story. For example, there are islands called "blow ups" that are made of peat moss which appear like a normal island, but when you step on them you sink. Another term is "hammock" which, in this context, means an area in the swamp with hardwoods like oak and sweet gum. We have only completed 3 chapters, so I will give my review when we complete the book.

:::::::::::::::::::::It's Midnight::::::::

and Rachel is creating collage faces using my digital scrapbooking magazine. The faces are very quirky and she's having fun. What a great combination!

::::::::::::::::More Lidocaine, Please!::::::

The family has been applying periodic doses of lidocaine to our red skin. Hopefully we will be better in a couple of days.

::::::::::::::::College for Kids::::::::

Today Rachel begins her third Summer in the College for Kids program. She is involved in their future authors class. She loves creative writing and the program is to help expand her ideas for writing. The school has a vanity press, so all of the participating students will have their finished writing piece printed. Grandpa plans to pick Rachel up tomorrow, so they can talk about her first day. Michael will then pick her up the rest of the week. Michael can't go Monday because he has his regularly scheduled apheresis appointment at the Red Cross.

:::::::::::::::Discover Magazine::::::::

has an article on Autism in their April 2007 issue. "Autism: It's Just Not In Your Head"

::::::::::::::::Fuzzy Math:::::::::

Discover Magazine had an interesting math question, which I posed to Michael and he answered it immediately, then went on to explain how he came by that answer. Here is the question from the magazine: Heavy Eggs.

What interested me more about this question happened at our family swimming over at Stephen's house. I had Michael ask two of his brother's the question and they thought about it and gave their answers. They were close. Noah, in a very brief stint out of the pool, came up and began explaining how to get the answer. Michael and I listened as he explained the process correctly using his hands to mimic how to go about weighing the eggs. He didn't mimic the words Michael had used, but used his own ideas. We didn't realize he had been paying attention. What a funny dude!

Here is another funny Noah story on Grandpa Jim's blog.

:::::::::::::::::Christmas 1974

My mom found these photos and I remembered having such a blast for years with these toys:

Text: I'm not sure if there was anything left on the shelves for other kids in 1974. Some of my presents included a doctor's kit, playdoh, View Master, a make-up and hairstyling set, Barbie's Jet, Barbie clothes, new pajamas and a Baby of Mine. I went to get the kids who were spending the night with my mom and on the floor was the red leather Barbie jacket which is the one in the photo.

Background paper from by Kay Miller, Beauty Mark blog freebie by the Powers Sisters, Handpainted Alpha and Holiday Label by Michelle Coleman, Really Big Ribbons by Natalie Braxton, Vintage frames by Nancy Comelab, Font: Dalyhand/Jane Austen

Smiles...and OUCH! to apply lidocaine!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Shearing Time:

Having some more fun with these un-Historical layouts:

Gracie Belle's face was full of enthusiasm as she entered the room, but the sad fact soon came out that it was shearing time again and the coat she had worked on all winter would be gone!

Vintage Floral by Shabby Princess,
Shear from internet,
Font: Another Typewriter,
Ripped and Torn by Jen Caputo,
Say It journaling block by Dani Mogstad,
photo from art-e-zine

And...check out Carol's newest post: Poor Julie!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::SPF 50:::::::

has little great effect on my melanily challenged skin tone. I am a bit crispy after yesterdays swim. We also stayed out in the pool for about 4 hours. The water was cool and salty and the kids were like a little school of fish. There were aunts, uncles and cousins, oh my! The kids barely ever got out of the water. Noah is so close to being able to make it across the length of the pool. Rachel was bravely scooting around in all directions and Aaron showed off what he had time to learn in his swimming class. They all need to learn technique, so I will need to sign them up for that type of class. Eve took a couple of dunks under when she fell off her noodle, but she desperately wanted, "to be like everybody else". She wanted to take off her floaty suit and be a big kid.

On the way home we stopped for ice cream. Eve looked like she was attacked by a chocolate ice cream monster, since that substance covered her in spots from nose to toe.

The kids were invited to spend the night with my parents, so after a bath for the whole tribe we loaded up for the short drive. My mother made the kids some grits for dinner. All of them, save Aaron, will eat grits any time of the day if granny makes it.
Jim was able to acquire a target, arrows and bows for the kids to practice archery which is going to be such fun.
Michael and I stayed to watch "The African Queen" with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. Jim said he saw that it was on and set it on the channel for our arrival. How sweet! I am so impressed by the acting of those two characters. They are brave, stubborn, inventive and loving. The leech scene gets me everytime! If you haven't seen this film I highly recommend it!

I'm off to apply more aloe with lidocaine...or is that lidocaine with aloe?


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Oh No, Godzilla!

Here are a couple of layouts with some fine dinosaur doodles:

This is Michael on his mission in Sapporo. As he stated, "When I was thin and had hair!" (He is still a HOTTIE!)

Chalk Full of Fun by Lisa Whitney,
City Doodle by Andrea Burns,
Dinosaur Doodle, Vehicles 1 & 2 Doodles by Kate Hadfield,
Torn and Ripped Template by Jen Caputo,
Alpha Label by The Powers Sisters,
Frame by (modified) by Nancy Comelab,
Backward Staples by Jenn Patrick,
Grunge Alpha by Birgit,
Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman
Font: DB Michael, Texas Hero

The kids and I enjoyed the dinosaur exhibits. There were a few hands on displays. The main exhibit was about chocolate, which was pretty neat. After we walked through that exhibit the kids and I got to touch an African Millipede. The exhibit on the senses is amazing, too. The giant bubble making is always a hit!

Dinosaur Doodles, Birthday Boy Doodle and Alpha Doodles by Kate Hadfield,
Ripped and Torn by Jen Caputo,
Chalked Full of Fun by Lisa Whitney,
date stamp by Amber Clegg,
Mardi Gras frame by Summer Simmons


is recovering from his dehydration, but the shoes have yet to be fixed.


We are supposed to meet at Stephen's house for Family Home Evening, and swim. He has a salt water pool, which is so wonderful. The kids feel so much better after swimming in that solution as opposed to chlorine.

::::::::::::::Just Hung Out::::::

last night with the family eating Chinese food and watching "The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again". Eve really loved picking all the bamboo shoots out of the take out box and she cleaned her plate of chicken fried rice. Rachel picked all the shrimp from the Happy Family. Noah just picked at his food, while Aaron made a mild ham and swiss sandwich.

::::::::::::::A Real Frog-Strangler:::::

last night when I went to pick up the Chinese food. We have needed rain desperatley. Yeah for rain. I don't know if the percipitation has made its way to the Okefenokee area, but I hope so!

We just were eating breakfast and Aaron was pouting, so Michael told him to knock it off or he would get permanent frown lines in his forehead. Noah piped up and said, "Yeah! You'll end up looking like Squidword and dad!" We all busted out laughing, except for Aaron who kept pouting. Squidword is the clarinet playing, cashier octopus from Sponge Bob Square Pants.
Later gators! Smiles!

Friday, June 08, 2007

They're Back!

Created using the Einstein generator

Michael and Aaron came home around 2 pm., yesterday. The original plan had been for Michael to come home late Thursday night and Aaron on Saturday morning. However, Aaron ended up getting dehydrated and ill because he was extremely reluctant to use the foul smelling facilities. Michael had taken him into town to hang out in some air conditioning that had clean bathrooms, while sipping on a beverage. Aaron picked some red Gatorade (atleast, I think that is what Michael said). I talked to them both while they were at the store and Noah and Eve got to tell Aaron they loved him, too. When I got the phone back Aaron said, "Here's dad. I've got to go!" Michael said he would call me later with an update. Instead, two hours later they walked through the door. Aaron was wearing one of Michael's work shirts over his own shorts and he was bare foot. He immediately went up stairs and got in the tub. Michael came in to inform me that Aaron had thrown up the moment he got in the truck. He was able to cover himself, Michael and the dashboard. JOY!
I went up to double check on Aaron who lay miserably floating in the tub of tepid water. Then, I went out to see what I could do to help clean up. Michael gave me the trash bag full of fouled clothing which I put in a hot water and detergent soak. Unfortunately, I have a pair of really nice suede sneakers that I don't know how to remove vomit from the surface. I suppose I'll look up Hints from Heloise? Michael said he would tackle the truck clean up on his own and with the help of Febreeze after the disinfecting was completed.
Aaron immediately laid down after getting washed and dressed. He napped for hours while Michael relaxed in front of the last few episodes of "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan. Aaron ended up coming upstairs around 10:15pm. and listened to the last chapters of the family book reading.
This morning around 4 am. I heard, "MOM!" and Aaron was in the bathroom. This occured two more times. At 7:30 am Aaron plopped himself beside me in my room and pronounced himself well again. I said, "Good deal!"


The guys at Michael's office are having fun with this game Aaron showed Michael that allows you to create your own super heros. The joke in the office is that Michael is a tree hugger, so Michael's friend, Ed, created a super hero called Sargeant Nature using Hero Machine:

I thought it was hilarious, so I decided to play along with some of my digital supplies and this is what I came up with:
Rachel came up with her own moniker!

Mo Jackson's Pixie Coutour One and Two, Man outline by Robyn England, Font: DB Michael

:::::::::::::::::::::::::The Sisters Grimm: The Unusual Suspects

As Daphne repeats a few time in the book, "That's so punk rock!" The book was a fast paced fight to the finish to stop the evil Rumpelstiltskein and his minions. The underlying theme of this, second, installment of the Sisters Grimm was the horrible toll prejudice and hate can take on the person who is letting those emotions fester. I thought the deeper meaning was excellent and put forth very creatively. The books, again, are not for the young, or who tend to have nightmares. Scary things happen in this series and folks don't always come out alive. The characters aren't one note characters, which always helps a plot. Snow White adds a little bit of Feminism and action hero bits to liven up the story line. She is definitely no "Woe is me!" shrinking violet type. She holds her own against several of Ferryport Landings ne'er do well Everafters. This book leaves with a very interesting psychological cliff hanger. Off to put in a request for book 3.