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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh, The Things I Do To Keep This House Clean!

...Oh, no. I'm not talking about me.

Noah was shocked to find out, on Sunday, that he indeed was added to the Jasper cage cleaning rotation. When Michael reminded him he responded, "I thought dad was joking!" No joke, dude! Noah has since done a pretty good cage cleaning job.

There was yet another breakthrough, of sorts, with our germaphobic 8 year old. Michael had the kids clean their bathroom. Noah got the highly favored job of toilet scrubber. His face looked like he had sucked the juice of the sourest lemon, but he did a job Mr. Clean would be proud. He was so tired after his intense scrubbing that he went to lie down. Aaron came laughing into our bedroom to inform us of the current Noahism, "Oh, the things I do to keep this house clean!" I thought we would all lose bladder control after that statement.
Shortly after this Noah said, "I was pushed to my limits!"

:::::::::::::::::My Funny Nieces::::::::

Credits: kit by Cinnamon Designs and JanaM

I saw this at digishoptalk and I was highly amused:

::::::::::::::::::Kindergarten Kamp::::::::
Eve attended the 3 day camp this week and had a really rough time. She cried at every drop off and pick up. The teacher said she was fun in the middle. She has been real clingy at church on Sundays and she has psychosomatic throat problems every Sunday for 2 hours and they magically came back every morning for camp. She is going through a strange transition and I feel so sorry for her. She doesn't throw a tantrum, but quietly turns bright pink and tears roll down her face. She told me she was nervous the first day at drop off. Luckily, her friend Jayla was put in her group and they got to hug every day.

::::::::::::::::::Life Scout:::::::::

Aaron was presented his rank advancement to Life Scout, tonight. He can start working on an Eagle Scout project. I received a lovely "Mom's Pin", too. I helped Michael by putting together a slideshow presentation of the Troop and I got some video and photos from our ward's Venture crew. I gave each group about 10 minutes and everybody seemed to like the outcome. I used some pretty eclectic songs. Here is my playlist:

The Hollow of Your Hand by The Sugarland Run
Dream Big by Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband
Choctaw Hayride by Alison Krauss and Union Station
Never Give UP by Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband
Country Boy by Johnny Cash
The Distance by Cake
Head Over Heels by The Gogos

Michael and I laughed because one of our friends that we asked for music suggestions said anything, but The Gogos. The song worked perfectly with the water skiing photos so we felt, artisticly, compelled to go with the song.


I have been experimenting with double insoles, just the arch support insoles and no arch support insole. My conclusion, I need the double insole that includes the arch support eventhough it makes my right foot roll too much. I have to consciously step differently to keep my foot from rolling to the side. The tendinitis wasn't as bad when I wore the arch support, so good thing. The weather has been hot and humid and I have walked in the heat of the day due to family activites early and late. The nice thing is the lack of foot traffic and I have enjoyed seeing some interesting water bird and a swimming turtle. I have varied my path for a 1/2 mile section that puts me going up a hill twice. Good for the cardio, but my butt has yet to shrink in any noticeable size. I keep feeling like I'll get a call from Sir Mix A Lot saying I'm still in the club. Oh, well. I feel the desire to walk everyday even if my foot aches. A good habit...methinks!

Later, gators! :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Walk Down Memory Lane...

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Book Review:::::::::::

The new installment of the Sisters Grimm stories was a crowd pleaser at our house. We finished reading the last two chapters last night and the kids were cheering and asking questions, eager to find out what happened next. The kids loved having Robin Hood and his Merry Men in this one with their fun lines and action scenes. The two characters that got the biggest laughs were Puck and The Mad Hatter. I thought the kids were going to lose muscle control during the court scenes with The Mad Hatter as the judge. Puck's choice for the body guard contingent to the Grimms is pretty hilarious, too!
If you have young children they would probably be rather frightened by some of the imagery and action in the book. I often was creeped out by the Grimm Fairy tales as a kid, so I find the twisted humor in this series cathartic. Noah noticed one inconsistency in the book that regarded a spell placed around Little Red Riding Hood. I told him that he should work as an editor, which led to...

Noah: What is an editor?

Victoria: Someone who looks for consistency in a book?

Noah: What is consistency?

Rachel, Aaron, Michael: "READ THE BOOK!"

We are so excited that Michael Buckley plans to write another story in the series! WOOT WOOT! I give Tales From The Hood 3 Fairy Godmothers out of 3!

Michael put some new podcasts in the mp3 player for me, yesterday. On my walk, I listened to Astronomy Cast's show on Galaxies.
I also listened to Wait Wait's show from 7/20 that featured John Waters as a guest.


Rachel is going to the dentist to have her teeth cleaned. Yesterday, the orthodontist said she was looking good and that we didn't need to return until December. He tightened her appliance, we made a schedule, then went to do a little school shopping.

We stopped by Old Navy and Rachel found a cute skort, some cropped shorts with a tailored edge, and a couple of shirts.

Take care!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Are Your Powers For Good...

or for AWESOME?!

This family has such heart and are amazing in so many ways:

Sungha Jung is a music prodigy from Korea. I spent an hour with Michael watching Sungha's music on youtube. Here is one of my jaw dropping, favorites:


Little things mean a lot...

Talking to a couple of parents let me know that these boys and assistant leader were nervous about the exposure going up to this climbing area. They all worked through their fears and climbed each route. These small moments that test us, refine us and I'm glad Michael is a part of that.


Rachel is home from a 2 night sleeper from Chez Sabrina. She was able to go sailing with Sabrina's family a couple of times. She was so tired when we got home, but was able to catch up on 3 chapters she was behind from our family reading book, then we read another chapter. We are off to the orthodontist for a check up on Rachel's progress.

Peace out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

YEP! It's Tuesday, Again.

::::::::::::::::::::A Fun Noah Layout:::::::::::

Here are just a few things that make my son, Noah, go, "ARGH!"
1. Being asked the same question repeatedly.
2. Not being able to find any socks.
3. Mom telling me to go to timeout.
4. My brother won't let me use his Legos.
· Date: Tue July 22, 2008 · Views: 6 ·
Additional Info
Credits: Lil Mister Pirate by Karen Lewis, Pixel Mischief by Tia Bennett
Program Used: photoshop 6.0
Fonts: DJB Mess in My Head, DJB Sissy by Darcy Baldwin @ Sweet Shoppe Designs, also Piracy
Link to Kit::

:::::::::::::My Mom Sent Me This::::::::
and I wanted to pass it on.
One of Life's Lessons; it's not what you's how you say it.

This is a brilliant, beautiful video. (Count your blessings!)
For those who do not read Spanish, the sign reads:

"Have compassion. I am blind."

Click here: The Story


:::::::::::::::Rock Climbing:::::::::::::

Michael blogged about taking Aaron and a few of the scouts rock climbing. They did a great job and all of them made it to the top of each route.


in the dictionary you might not see this definition for the word: Disarray, but it is the state of Rachel and Eve's room. I have it torn up, so that I can organize it and get ready for school to start. I have been cleaning, purging and creating donation bags. I'm so happy that I haven't found any old candy. I did find a library book that is due today that had fallen behind Rachel's bed. We told Rachel that reading will corrupt her mind, so she smiles and piles books on her bed to read, as many as possible.

Wishing You a happy day!

Blog Award

I received this award from my cyber pal, JulieP.

The rules of the award are:

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs you've nominated.

So, here are my nominations:

1. Jim's blog. For good or crazy he posts about my kids and the different perspective is great to see.

2. Michael's blog. It is nice to break below the surface and he does.

3. Rachel's blog It is nice to get a kid's perspective.

4. Heather's blog. She has the best use of exclamation points and her enthusiasm is infectious.

5. Marcus' Photography blog. They say a picture is worth a thousand words...yep, I would guess that is about right.

6. Melissa's blog. Her kids are a riot.

7. Donna's blog. She, Ed and sweet William are so fun.

I know I'm not the only one who forgets why I'm in a certain room, then stare around in a fog trying to figure it out.

:::::::::::::::::::Conversations with Noah:::::::::

Last week, Noah explained the about Star Scream from the show Transformers. His telling of the story was quite thorough and serious. My attention was drawn near the end of his tale when he stated that Star Scream was hit my the All Spark, which allowed his to be immortal. He used bits of the All Spark to create clones of himself.

"The first clone was a liar, just like Star Scream. The second was a Suck Up.

Me: The second one was what?

Noah: A suck know.

Me: Yes, I know what a suck up is, but I wondered where you got the phrase.

Noah: He made tons of clones and one of them was a girl.

Me: Really?!

Noah: Yeah, but on the show when he asked the girl clone why she came out a girl she said, "You don't wanta know!"

::::::::::::::::::::::::Brotherly Love::::::::::::

On Sunday Eve was brought to the nursery. I am one of the nursery leaders at church. Her teacher was concerned because she was crying and said her throat hurt. He asked if she was allergic to anything and was extra concerned because she doesn't cry. I thanked him for bringing her to me and assured him it was just a plain sore throat from looking checking her out. Michael popped in to see me in between classes and checked Evey out too. Since we had 13 children in nursery he offered to take Evey home.
After church was over Aaron needed to stay after to have a meeting with the bishropic since he is the president of the Deacon's quorum. Rachel, Noah and I were standing in the hall when Bro. Beach grabbed me to do a Board of Review for one of our scouts working on his First Class. It only took a few minutes to go over the basics, then we asked some questions and gave some suggestions for further advancement. Afterwards I decided to wait around for Aaron's meeting to finish. When he walked out of the Bishop's office I said, "We decided to wait around because you are so important."

Noah piped up to say, "No we don't. I just stayed around because I didn't want to walk home!"

Rachel responded, "That's so nice, Noah!"

Aaron didn't get offended. He just laughed knowing Noah says what he thinks.

::::::::::::::::Postponed Walk:::::::::

No walkies. Since Rachel and Aaron are out with friends I didn't get to walk yesterday and will have to wait until tonight to go with Michael. I feel like a slacker. I think I'll go rearrange Rachel's room in the interim.

Peace out!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ramens Will Burn if...

you forget to add water.

Though the acrid smoke has past the smell lingers. Think...burnt popcorn smell. My dear oldest, son, Aaron, is sustained by Ramen noodles. I think he would wither and die were it not for these little wavy dried bits of carbohydrates. Oh, and let us not forgot the load of sodium. His current favorites are Chili, Chicken and Roast Chicken. When he is feeling a bit wild he mixes them together. Yes, he can take a walk on the wild side. So, why you may or may not ask, did he burn said wavy treasure? I'm sure it had nothing to do with staying up until the wee hours of the morning to play the computer and watch Dr. Who. He was a bit distracted getting ready to go mow the neighbor's grass. He wanted to grab a quick small meal, so he grabbed the Ramens like he does most every day, placed them in a bowl and popped them in the microwave. He ran to the bathroom. I had my back turned trying to put 2 boxes of frozen pizza into our freezor. After a few seconds I jokingly called out, "Aaron what are you burning?" The smell was getting worse by the second. I turned to look at the microwave and saw billowing smoke. I grabbed the door and looked at the smoldering ramen noodles sans water. I grabbed the bowl and stuck it in the sink and turned on the water. AHHH! More smoke!

I sit here with the windows open, the air conditioner off, and the door open praying the mosquitos are too confused by the burnt carbon to find my legs and arms.

Aaron opted for a bowl of Breyer's chocolate ice cream with Hershey's syrup to hold him over while he mows the grass. One must always have back up plans if you should, per chance, burn your first choice.

::::::::::::::A Just For Fun Layout::::::::

Just having some fun with the love birds.

Credits: Kate Hadfield: Love Birds, Diner Doodles, Vehicle Doodles
Jacque Larsen/Kate Hadfield Cleaning Doodles, Tea Party, Celebrate, Tooth Fairy Doodles
Jenna Desai: Doodled Border
Alpha: Darcy Baldwin's Spotty Alpha
Catrine's Chalked Alpha and Explore Solids
Font: Cheapskate Outline, Calvin and Hobbes

:::::::::::::Family Swim:::::::::::

We finally got to go to family swim time at our local pool. The kids tired themselves out and drank abit of chlorine. Rachel would like to warn against embibing chlorine. She said it made her stomach hurt.

During our last 20 minutes at the pool I was playing with Eve in a smaller circular pool inside the lazy river set up. I was on the other side of the circle and she said, "Come and get me!" So, I went underwater to grab her and she surprised me by swimming past me to the other side. She and I found this to be quite a fun game. She got so much more confidence to use her swimming skills and stick her face in and swim across. She was so proud to play and be able to swim. I am so proud of her, too!


I did my 5 mile walk and it was another situation where it took 2 miles for my foot to feel okay. Surprisingly, my foot hasn't hurt as much after the fact as it has in the past couple of weeks. Maybe my foot is getting better, or I have permanent nerve damage? Hmmm? I'm going to check the store for those Ace Bandage thingies and look for one for arch support.

There are a couple of new regular walkers at the park that smile when I pass. I call them "The Double Mint Twins". They appear to be in their early twenties, shaved heads and about 6 feet tall.

:::::::::::::Family Reading:::::

The kids and I got a kick out of last night's chapter of Tales From the Hood. Puck has an allergy that is so too funny. The Ferryport Landing librarian is great and the razzing Puck gives him is hilarious, too!


I'm taking Aaron to the store to spend a few of his hard earned dollars, I have a Yearbook meeting and the guys are leaving for a rock climbing trip/camp out.

Take care! I hope y'all have a great weekend!

It's All Relative...

::::::::::::::::::::Book Review::::::::::::
We just finished listening to this book on c.d.:

We loved it! Michael Reisman, the author, was inspired by the author Douglas Adams and the same cheeky fun mixed with science shines throughout this book. There is also a fair amount of menacing situations for the 3 young children in the book, too. The narrator, Nicholas Hormann, has a captivating voice and I enjoyed his portrayal of each of the characters. Noah exclaimed that this was his favorite book that he has heard on c.d. He has heard several. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the book, too. We will be reading the book as a family when we finish our Sisters Grimm selection (we are enjoying that one, as well). My advice is grab a towel when you read this book because you are going on a great trip!

I'm going to throw these Flair buttons in because Einstein's Theory of General Relativity is part of the story, too:

::::::::::::::::::A Sweet Surpise::::::::

is a new kit from Karen Lewis

I went for my walk yesterday, but I only did 3 miles so we wouldn't be late to my nephew, Tyler's birthday party. My right foot only hurt the first 2 miles :). Michael is going read up about how to tape my foot properly. Maybe that will help because staying off it isn't the greatest option.

:::::::::::::::::::::Speaking of Tyler::::::::::

He was KING of the day, yesterday. The fire station down on Ebenezer Rd, in Sharpsburg did a fabulous job showing the party kids their equipment. The "rookie" put on his turn out gear for us and let the kids get a photograph. The kids all got to play with the fire hose on the pumper truck and sit in it. The truck was brand new and had that "New Fire Truck Smell"! The EMTs showed us the ambulance and let Tyler get hooked up to the monitor and get a print out of his heart beat. They also let us tour their kitchen, sleeping quarters, and rec room. It was a really cool experience.

Afterwards, we went to Tracy and Joe's for some cake and juice. Evey picked out a snake Webkinz for Tyler and gave him a stuffed Gorilla. I'll post some photos when I locate where I put my uplink cable.

::::::::::::::::::::Iron Eyes Cody:::::::::
On Michael's blog he responded to a question about what he considered the most effective commercial. Here is mine:

Give a Hoot...Don't Pollute! Take care! :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Life is Random...

:::::::::::::::New Layouts From the Botanical Garden:::::

My dd, Rachel, was in awe of the gorgeous flowers at the botanical gardens.

Brand new Blossoms by Dawn Inskip
Treasures to Scrap:
also by Dawn: Frame from New Beginnings kit, flowers and dragonfly from Evitangel Collab, Embossed Alpha set 2, word art from Life's Expressions
ScarletHeels Media: Doodle Teeny Alpha
Font: DJB Sissy by Darcy Baldwin @

Spring Collection by Natalie Braxton and Kate Hadfield from TLP, Background paper by Jacque Larsen


I listened to Astronomy Cast episodes about what it would take to create a colony on Mars. I didn't realize that Mars' pressure was only 1% of ours. You also get the recommended minimum of safe radiation exposure in 1 week. We would have to live underground, so the dirt could act as a radiation shield. If there were any solar flares you would be a crispy critter. I'm thinking if there is a manned Mars mission I won't be yelling, "Pick Me!".

Michael went for his apheresis appointment, then came home and took us out for Mexican food. The boys misbehaved, so Michael told them the next time we go out they can pay.


is voting day for some local leadership. Once the kids wake up and I get breakfast for them I'll go over and vote.

The tendonitis in my right foot makes me feel old. The tendon stretches out pretty quickly, but each time I initially stand up it hurts a lot.

:::::::::::::::::::Michael's Album:::::::::
This is the title page for my husband's album when he went to Japan for his mission.

Credits: Geisha Template by Kirsty Wiseman at (I modified the kimono to be straight at the bottom).

I used the burn tool on the papers and hair for definition.
Background paper: Explore Solids by Catrine

Kimono: Jen Wilson's Yori papers

Geisha's Hair: Birgit's Retro papers

Doodle Border by Jenna Desai

Cherry Blossom branch (modified) by J.McCarthy

Font: CAC Shishoni Brush

Later gators! :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Really Nice...

when others who love to do what you do say that something you created stands out. I got a sweet message from Lauren Pieters that my layout of Eve made it to her blog called "Gallery Standouts".

Brand new today Blossoms by Dawn Inskip
Treasures to Scrap:
also caterpillar and butterfly from Fresh kit, painted circle from Balance is Beautiful, filmstrip from A Little Sunshine, Embossed Alpha set 1, flower from Evitangel Collab

Block template by Emily Merritt
Font: CK Cursive

::::::::::::::::::Poor Little Creatures::::::

It must have been a rough night near the park on Sunday. I went for my 5 mile walk to the park and back and there was a dead snake and a dead chipmunk. The skate park was covered in fresh graffiti. It was a bit of a downer. I didn't see any of the park regulars that are particularly smiley. I don't talk to them much, but they usually have a sincere smile to offer. I have names for them in my mind, so here are the names of my park pals:

1. Smiley, sweaty red-head lady
2. guy who leans right when he runs
3. Sweaty smiley guy
4. Samuel L. Jackson (no, it isn't really the actor...but he sure looks like him!)
5. Fishing hat guys (2 older guys who always walk together)
6. Hoss jogging chick (she laps me constantly)
7. Pretty pony tail, jogger girl
8. Cranky guy with the dog (He hasn't smiled...yet)
9. Roller Reed (I actually know him through church members, but he is to busy flying by on his roller blades to do much, but wave and smile

Now I suppose I would be: Sweaty lady with mp3 and a ball cap.

Well, I'm showered now and I need to organize my utensil drawer...Will the excitement ever end??????

Take care!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

By The Pricking of My Thumb...Saturday This Way Comes!

I went walking twice Yesterday. I got a chance to walk around the block with my mom and give a shout out to our good friends, Suzanne, Jason, and Samuel. Another friend, Stephanie was at Suzanne's so a wave to her, too. It was nice to talk with my mom. I went in to so goodbye to the boys. They were not in the best of mood, but my mom said she wanted them to stay and they wanted to stay. (Pray for my mom! Yeah...for my great escape!)

I went for my 5 mile walk at the park. I listened to Astronomy Cast's show on Saturn's Moons that Michael reloaded for me and Wait Wait's show from 7/06. The heavy rains brought about a nice new flurry of insect activity. So, instead of me collecting bugs they collected me. I swatted, flicked, blew, smacked and twitched through the park. The best part is when they get trapped in the sweat on your neck. Woo hoo!

Michael went and practiced guitar with our friend Eric. He practiced "Collide" by Howie Day and "Rosemary and Thyme" by Simon and Garfunkel. He is really enjoying learning a bunch of different songs and chords.


I saw the flair buttons on Facebook and thought several were a hoot. Here are a few that seem to work for my kids. I've got to do a page for me, too.

Credits: Dear Diary by Erica Hite, Buttons from Facebook, doodles by Jenna Desai and Jason Gaylor, Robots by Karen Lewis, Tape by Kate Hadfield. Fonts: DJB RACHELZ, DJB ALL GIRL, DJB SEBASTIAN, DJB KYLE Second Grade by Darcy Baldwin at

:::::::::Pictures from Noah's Baptism Album:::

Credits: Sunny Day by Edeline Marta, Stamp frame by Meredith Fenwick, Food Doodles by Kate Hadfield and Jacque Larsen.

Edeline Marta's Sunny DayCinnamon Design's Evitangel freebie kitMossa's orange dotsWeeds and Wildflowers doodle frame freebie, Word Art and kite.Font: DJB NICOLE by Darcy Baldwin @

:::::::::::::Book Review:::::::::

I just finished reading The Girl Who Owned A City by O.T. Nelson with the kids for our family reading book. The older three were very thoughtful to the concepts in the book that dealt with survival of children were a plague has wiped out all humans older than 13. The strong female character is one I always appreciate in any genre. The message of the book boils down to use your mind. Don't relie on others for your survival. You can use your mind to plan and then put those plans into action. Fear is what causes people to lose confidence in their abilities, then they become bullies who steal from those who were smart enough to think ahead and then work for what they have. Lisa, the main character, never wants to be a hero, instead she wants to encourage others to think and put their own plans into action.

While I was reading one evening Noah built a fortress from blankets, clothes and pillows. Aaron promptly tore it down. This moment of angst demonstrated the amount of chaos my kids would create if left to their own devices. Interesting evening!

I found a book and its cd counterpart at the library that I thought Noah might like called:
The Gravity Keeper. We listened to the first cd on the way to drop Rachel and Eve off at my stepmother's house. The main character is 11 year-old Simon Bloom. His favorite book is Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to The Galaxy. I liked the character from that moment. Nicholas Hormann does the narration for Listening Library and he is FABULOUS! I look forward to reading the book outloud to the kids when we are finished with our current book that we are enjoying. From the positive start on this first cd I'm predicting a great review.

:::::::::::::::::::Current Family Reading Book:::::::::

We started Tales From The Hood by Michael Buckley. It is the latest in the Sisters Grimm series that we all love. The first chapter had all of us laughing! There was potty humor...quite was about the toilet. Hilarious stuff! We aren't high brow here...No...NO...NO!

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend...squabble free...! :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Front Porch Conversation...

::::::::::::Another Page for Noah's Baptism Album:::::

::::::::::::Wednesday Happenings::::::::
1. Made breakfast for the kids.

2. I walked 5 miles and listened to Astronomy Cast's info on Uranus, Neptune and Pluto/Kuiper Belt Objects (there was an error in the download for Saturn's moon, so Michael is going to fix it for me soon).

3. Broke up a gazillion squabbles with the kids.

4. Rachel slept until 1:00p.m., got up and 30 minutes later got a call from a friend for a sleepover. She left at about 2:00pm.

5. Aaron went and played at his friend's house up the street. He said he would rather play with his friend than see the laser show. It poured down rain, so he and Ethan jumped in the torrents of water...with delight.

6. Played Mille Bornes with Noah and Aaron. Noah toned down his trash talking. I won game one by 25 miles. Aaron won game two. Noah is seeking a rematch!

Nothing to pithy to say, so I'm off to other endeavors! Take care! :)

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

In Your Face!

Apparently that is the phrase you hear when playing a "friendly" game of cards with my children. Noah found my travel version of Mille Bornes when I cleaned out my desk. My parents have the 1971 version that I loved to play when I was a teenager. So, when Noah asked to play I said sure. Rachel was game too. So, I shuffled the cards like my grandfather taught me when he was trying to teach me Poker and Blackjack. (I wasn't a good student of those games because he always let me win. By the end of the Summer I would often have some serious spending money...$13.00).

I explained the rules to the kids. The trash talking from the kids began immediately. Noah and Rachel were exceptionally aggressive with handing out stop cards of different kinds. Another favorite thing for the kids was having the card the other player needed to proceed and with a coy look they would put the card in the discard pile and say, "Oh, did you need that?" I won the first game, then let the two play together now they knew the rules. I was worried that their loud calls of "IN YOUR FACE!" would coming flying around the corner and knock me down. They would alternate their hurt feelings with, "Why did you give me that card?" as if they hadn't deserved it or been playing like a mercenary the entire game.

When Michael got home Noah and I had just finished a game and roped him into play with us. Noah was his more, toned down, trash talking self. Noah couldn't believe Michael won the game. Noah had given Michael a flat tire card right after Michael had put down his green light card to be able to begin putting down mileage on his next turn. Noah's face of disbelief was a riot.

::::::::::::::::::::::Cool Email:::::::::::

I recieved a message from Shutterfly: "Your photo book, ‘2007 Summer Family Vacation’, is so special that I have decided to feature it in our Shutterfly Gallery home page, Digital Scrapbooking, and Travel U.S. categories."

What a neat surprise!

::::::::::::::::::::::A couple of Layouts:::::::::::


Balance is Beautiful by dawn inskip - this weeks featured designer on evitangels blog

this kit is only available by this link at TTS

Fonts: DJB Sissy by Darcy Baldwin at

Krafty Alpha by Edeline Marta

:::::::::::::::::Boy Scouts:::::::::::

Aaron joined my stepfather's Scout Troop last night, so now he is in two troops. Michael is Scoutmaster to one and will be doing something else in the new troop, but I don't know what. He and Aaron are helping Edmund, a young man in the troop, on his Eagle Scout Project. This is the second time, I think, that Aaron has helped Edmund with the project. Hopefully, this will give Aaron several more opportunites to learn things and go to some new places. There was a Scout representative talking about the World Jamboree that is to be held in Sweden and Aaron really wants to go. I can't fathom the number of lawns that would take to earn the money.

I'm off to walk! I'm looking forward to the Astronomy Cast about Saturn's Moons! :)