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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brave Sir Spencer:

Best Medicine daily dose kit, Stitches 101, and brush frame from the Gratitude kit by Jen Wilson, Scibbly Alpha by Sandra Boddington, Bent Frame by Katie Pertiet, Hand Drawn Arrow by VHF, Paint Strokes from Gypsy Rose Kit by Michelle Coleman, Font: Tall Paul/Pea Jenny Script

Text: As most everyone knows Spencer had his first Surgery last Tuesday. This one was to close his lip and form his nostril. Laura and I were both quite anxious about the surgery, and were somewhat unprepared for how dramatic the change was in our boy. The physical change might have been easier to handle if he hadn't come out of surgery in a completely altered state. This was due to the combination of anesthesia, pain, and the medicine to treat the pain. His voice (for lack of a better word) was completely changed, and in obvious distress.
Spencer healed quite quickly, he was off the narcotic pain killers by Saturday, and his personality had begun to return. Friday he had started smiling again, resembling the face everyone had already grown to love. As of Sunday, I think both Laura and I had gotten used to the change in his face. He is now almost completely off of the pain killers, and doing well.
by Marcus J. Taylor

:::::::::::::::::::Watching for This:::::::::

SanDisk SDMX3-2048 Sansa M250 2 GB MP3 Player (Black)
This is my attempt to have something to listen to when I go a crowd. Michael supports my efforts for sanity, so he will kick me out of the house for a daily walk to, around and back home from the park.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cold Hands...

Warm Hearts:

Rachel & Rebecca had a great time playing with the small amount of snow thafell during our camping trip to Cloudland Canyon in Georgia. The girls would take off their gloves so they could scoop the sno off of the tops of the tents. They would come over with beaming faces and bright red hands to show off their creations. Then they would stand by the campfire to warm up their cold hands. I love to see the cousins having fun together, no matter the weather!
I wonder how many of those minute snowflakes it took to make a single snowball???

Journaling Bits by Catrine
Arrow from Point It Out By Natalie Braxton
Heart Doodle by Kate Hadfield
Asterick from Doodle Alpha by Kate Hadfield
Doodle frame by Holly McCaig from her blog
Get Reel Frame by Manda Bean
Background paper from Jackie Eckles Monochramatic Challenge
Snowflake from Sweet Evangeline by Michelle Coleman
Cardboard Overlay by Linda Gil Bildal
Yuki Furu brush by Omni
Fonts: Susie's Hand, Trashed, Texas Hero, Pea XOXO Karen/Pea Lacy Chunky

::::::::::::Beautiful Weather Means:::::::::

off to the park! Aaron rode to the park on his scooter and met us at the pond (detention pond...but who's quibbling?!). We took several pieces of bread to feed the ducks and geese, which the kids really enjoyed doing. Then, they went and played on the playground equipment.

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Little Bit of This and That:

Posy Papers, Letter Pins, Sequins, Paint stroke from the Florist kit and Scribbly Alpha by Sandra Boddington, Bird and frame gift from Holly McCaig, Cardboard flip and tear overlay by Linda Gil Bildal, Inked paper from Saying It by Dani Mogstad, Inked edge by Nancy Rowe Janitz, Stitched Flowers by Natalie Braxton, Font: Ash94

Holly McCaig's Pop-Bytes Contest Kit, available on her blog:
Font: Pea Haylie/Trashed
1. You take the time to tell me you love me and worry that you don't show it and say it enough.
2. You still dance with me, even though I try to lead.
3. You put up with my singing in the car.
4. You tell me when I'm wrong and accept when I do the same for you.
5. You clip my toenails...You are a brave, brave man!
6. You discuss with me your struggles and questions about life.
7.You let me "run off" to get a break when my day with the kids has been too much!
8.When you get free tickets to a hockey game, baseball game or a play the first person you call is me.
9.You help me clean the house when I get scattered, smothered and covered in stuff.
10. You fully intend to spend forever with me!

::::::::::::A couple of movies:::::::
we watched for home school:

They had some good materials for Black History Month, so we used this video as a supplement:

I thought the information in this movie was compelling. I would like to see the evidence from all the sources, but we humans are quit destructive. I read, today, that scientist have discovered several new species in the melting ice shelf. NPR had a radio program about folks who are excited about the ice melting in the area of the North West Passage. They realize that the area will be in demand as a major shipping lane when the ice is gone and should little to no concern that other places in the world would flood as a consequence. They were looking at in a purely economic sense. I suppose that is at the root of most of our problems in getting anything accomplished.

:::::::::::::::Health Class::::::

Aaron read couple of books written by a group called Junior Drug Awareness. One book talked about LSD, PCP, and other Hallucinogens. I asked Aaron what he thought of about Timothy Leary. Aaron's response, "That guy is whacked!" I thought that was a pretty good summation.

::::::::::::::When Kids Finally Get You:::::::

I dropped by the grocery store to grab a few items because Michael was going to be late getting home because of his apheresis appointment, and I didn't want to worry about dinner. Aaron came up to me after having gone to browse around and said, "You are probably going to say no, but ...I'm just going to go ahead and ask anyway!" Before he could ask for the specific item I gave him a big hug, which he accepted with a smile and I said, "You get me so well!"

::::::::::Newest Family Reading Time Book:::::::

Card catalog description
Having run away with her younger brother to live in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, twelve-year-old Claudia strives to keep things in order in their new home and to become a changed person and a heroine to herself.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spamalot.....T'was Such A...


A big shout out to my sister-in-law, Missy, for getting me tickets to Spamalot. My mother and Jim were super fabulous for watching the kids for us. Grandpa Jim even took Noah to the pool party for one of his classmates. Since there was a Perfect Storm of activites brewing in downtown Atlanta Michael and I took MARTA to the North Avenue station, which drops you very close to the Fox Theatre where the performance was showing. The wind whipped through the buildings and I was sporting a mild sinus headache, but by the time we took our seats the Aleve Michael gave me had kicked in and I felt great. Michael and I were joking that the crowd drawn to Spamalot would be equally comfortable at DragonCon, which draws all the sci-fi geeks. We are happy in or geekdom, and the crowd was fun.

Weird and Wonderful by Maya, Background paper from Janel Kretshman's Alexander Kit, Doodle Border by Sande Krieger

The Lady of the Lake really stole the show with some hilarious songs and her great delivery. There was enough new material that you didn't know everything that was coming, which was great. The Black Knight scene where he gets his arms and legs cut off is great, and I laughed the hardest at the section with Herbert's father telling the guards to keep Herbert in his room and for the orchestra to stop playing.

The pace of the play was bright and quick with a 15 minute intermission between the acts. The play lasted about 2 hours, which was perfect. They also involved an audience member by hiding "The Grail" under her chair. The play was fantastic and a great day out with my sweetheart!

Stitches from Joined at the Hip by Tia Bennett, Doodle Arrows, Doodle Hardware, Doodle Alpha, Doodle flowers and Doodle Frames by Kate Hadfield, Cardboard Overlay by Linda Gil Bildal, Doodle Border by Sande Krieger, background paper from Alexander kit by Janel Kretshman,Frame by Rhonna Farrer, Font: Pea Stacy Doodle Script, Marcelle Script, door keeper 41
Text: Evey got very chilly on our campout at Cloudland Canyon. She spent her time eating Nilla Wafers, sitting in mom's lap and pretending to be a scary animal that growls a lot. Luckily, she kept her hat on during the day and night to help keep in her body heat.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blowing Kisses

Text: Rachel loves to blow kisses. She has her little brother and sister following suit Every morning as Rachel leaves for school she will blow me a kiss. The other day she had her dad laughing when she happily said, "Heads up! This one is a pop fly!"

Collage Wings by Hope Wallace
Background paper and glitter swirl from Birthday Kit by Michelle Coleman,
Glitter Kiss: MCO
Hand Stamped Alpha: MCO
Photo border by Rhonna Farrer
Inked Edge: Scrap Artist Carefree Kit
Fonts: Jane Austen/Pea Johanna Script/Artistamp Medium

::::::::::::::::Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!::::::::
Today is SPAMALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, I'm not EXCITED!!!!!!!! I don't think Michael and I will appear too foolish because the crowd will be mostly Monty Python fanatics who get the jokes and sing along. I will give you my review tomorrow!

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Guiness Book of World Records Called:

and they wanted to feature my dear Mum for their 2007 addition. What exciting category you may ask? Well, it is: "Woman turns 29, AGAIN...and AGAIN, at every birthday!" I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure when my mom finds out about this person from Guiness calling she might get mad at me. "Crazy!" You may shout. But, really she seems to think I make up these things just to tease her about her age. This is a categorical lie (because I don't need an excuse to tease her about her age...I just enjoy it for the pure fun and hilarious peels of laughter!) I will have to mention that the best revenge she can have is to leave me at home with my 4 children after feeding them sugar on Saturdays! I suppose she could call that..."Granny's SWEET REVENGE!"

Seriously and happily...I Love you, Mommy! Happy Birthday!

Frames and doodles by Kate Hadfield

Pineapple Upside Down Cake:

frame by Nancy Comelab, paper from Crimson Christmas by Susan Long, Cardboard tears by Linda GilBildal, Date stamp by Katie Pertiet, Font: Pea Stacy Doodle script, hubumhub

I spent some of the day putting primer on the wood for the front porch railing and cleaning the wicker furniture for a new coat of Satin White.

My mom and Jim took us all out for Mexican food for Michael's birthday. Fun AND tasty!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Born Day:

Birthday Boy kit and Doodle Arrows by Kate Hadfield, background paper by ClikChic Design Team, blue birds by Holly McCaig and Karla's Doodles

::::::::::::::::Girls' Night Out::::::::::::
Michael freed me from the children for the evening, so I called up my mother and she agreed to accompany me to a dinner and a movie. We did a quick stop at Moe's, a psuedo Mexican fast food place, and grabbed some dinner. Then, we went to see Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. I love to be in the theatre in time to watch the previews for up coming movies and this is one I am really looking forward to seeing: Amazing Grace's movie site. The movie is about the British slave trade and the background to the song Amazing Grace. The cast and film look amazing! I plan to take Aaron and Rachel to see the film, too. Another intriguing preview was for the movie Fracture with Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling. Back to Music and Lyrics...

from the start of the film my mother and I were laughing. There is a wonderful and absurd 80's pop style video with Hugh Grant and 4 other guys as the band "POP". The clothes were hilarious and the acting was, appropriately, cheesy! Hugh Grant's quick quips and one liners just flow throughout the film. So, here are a few criteria you may want to use if you wonder about plunking down money for this flick:

1. Did you love MTV when they actually played Music Videos? (that would be in the late 80's)
2. You enjoy quick humor, a.k.a. one-liners
3. You love it when Drew Barrymore combines flaky character traits with brillance and sincerity
4. Ultimate death of plants by drowning doesn't turn you off.
5. You have a protective streak for musical instruments.
6. You need to laugh.

::::::::::::::::Surgery Day:::::::::::::

Spencer, my sweet nephew, is having his first surgery to repair is cleft lip, today. He will have an overnight stay at the hospital. I hope all goes well! It is nerve racking to have the surgery team come get your child. I remember it vividly from when Noah had to have surgery to repair his hydrocele.

Noun: 1. Identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.

This morning as I was frantically getting Noah ready for school because he wanted to make sure the bathroom was clean (he had cleaned it very nicely before going to bed)and I broke my thumb nail. His shoes are a pain to wiggle on to his heal and the thumb nail sheered at a funky angle. I said, "Ouch! I broke my nail!" Noah replied, "I know how it is to break a nail. I have broken a nail before." It sounded so mature and I felt, momentarily, like I was in the presence of some self-help guru.

:::::::::::::::Camping Trip:::::::::::::::
Michael has the photos on his laptop, so as soon as he puts them on my computer I will show some photos of our frigid camping experience. Luckily, Michael made some awesome Dutch oven meals. He made chicken chili, Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and Silver turtles, which had hamburger, onions, potatoes and carrots.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Let a Sleeping Dog Lie?

Naaa! I was playing around with some photos of the kids that I have already used in layouts. Here are a few:

Kits and elements used were from Janel Kretshman, Kate Hadfield, Jackie Eckles, Steph Krush, Nancy Comelab, Sande Krieger, Michelle Coleman, Christine Smith and Jen Wilson

:::::::::::::Camping for Michael's Birthday:::::::

We will be off camping to celebrate with my dear hubby. The kids want to eat ramen noodles and more ramen noodles. Hey, cheap and easy...but in a good way!

Noah should be happy because I'm getting s'more fixins! It may get a bit of snow where we are going, so I'm washing the kids clothes and jackets up tonight.

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Shadow Box by Lynnie Smith, Be Mine kit by Jen Wilson, Collaged Letter "L" from Luna's blog, Font: Bathing Cap/Artistamp Medium

::::::::::::Calling Heaven...770-::::::::::
Rachel volunteered to do the family prayer before she and Noah left for school. She was in a Valentine's induced psychosis when she began the prayer, "770...Wait! I mean..." She stopped and looked at us and repeated our phone number and smiled, "Just Checking! That was a test!" I was rollin'!

:::::::Parent-Teacher Conference:::::::::
Today we meet with Rachel's teacher, so it should be interesting to see the teacher's perspective on her progress.

on the 12th we had a conference with Noah's teacher. She was pleased that we didn't think Noah was ready for Sainthood, which creates on realistic expectations. We joked with her about Noah's needing to have the last word and policing the other childrens' behavior. She said that Noah was delightful and very smart. His test scores were all in the Exceeds Expectation levels and he graduated from the Reading Recovery Program. His actual reading out loud is choppy as he sounds out most of the words. His teacher was pleased with his comprehension of the stories they read. She said she wouldn't be surprised if they test him for the Gifted Program they call FOCUS in our school system. She laughed and told us that we could retire and Noah would be able to take care of us in our old age. She said that he is working on social situations that include sharing and that he hates when people touch his desk, but he shows genuine concern and caring for others. What complex psyches in a small package!
That night I took him for a hair cut and then Michael took all the kids out for Mexican food at Sangrias. The other kids like Mexican food, but Noah settled for his favorite chicken tenders and fries.

:::::::::::::::Happy Valentine's Day, again!::::::::::

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Universal Khaki with a side of Antique White:

BTW, our lawn is centipede grass, so right now it is still brown.

Frames by Rhonna Farrer

What Lola Wants...

Lola gets! Is that a familiar song to anyone? I remember hearing it every once in awhile. It is the very seductive and sultry song from "Damn Yankees". Here is the synopsis on Wikipedia: .
My mother was generous enough to invite me to attend the play along with her neighbor, Melinda, and some friends from work, the Burns and the Coopers, and two other friends, Suzanne and Stephanie. We went during dinner theatre and enjoyed eating spaghetti and chatting.
The cast and crew that preformed this most recent rendition of this play are from Holy Cross Catholic Church in Tucker, Georgia. This amateur group of thespians is professional in every way! Their director does an amazing job with every show. They call their group "Miracle Productions" and their goal is to raise many for Friends of Saint Martin de Porres. The money raised goes to feeding the poor.


in the afternoon I was surprised to see my childhood friend Althea's car in my parents' driveway. She was returning the trailer she had borrowed from Jim. Happily, she stayed for a few more hours and we caught up on her most recent flight to Rome, Italy. Her next possible flight would be to South Africa. She really enjoys her job with Delta. We discussed old friends and new things going on in her life. We also discussed home renovations. She has been working on her home for a few years and we discussed Hardiplank as an option for the siding she wants to replace. She laughed when I told her we used Universal Khaki for the exterior because that is a color she picked for her interior hall. If you ever have Althea as your flight attendant you will feel very safe, because she is efficent, caring, and doesn't let anyone mess with her, or anyone else.

::::::::::::Benefits of Service::::::

Sister Patterson, one of our ward missionaries, called with a request at the first part of the week. One of the ladies in our ward was unable to pick up her children from pre school due to her husband's car breaking down. At first I hesitated because Aaron gets off track with his assignments when I have to run an errand, so I keep those to a minimum. Aaron was listening to the conversation and was quick to insist I go and help her and he would watch Eve. I agreed to go get this sister. Eve wanted to go, but I needed her car seat to help carry the children.
A few moments after I pulled up in front of the apartment this sister came out bringing car seats for the different children. I got out of the car and told her she could use mine and avoid having to take an additional seat. Her youngest daughter came out and stood in front of me and smiled. I put my arms out in an effort to see if she would come to me. She immediately put her arms in reciprocation and came right into my arms. If you have had a hug like this you know it is so sincere, trusting and moves you to the soul in its sweetness. We were instant pals. Her mother was very appreciative for the ride and we had a wonderful conversation on the way to the pre school, then she went in to pick up her children and their little cousin. When they came out her daughter remembered me from primary and realized I was Evey's mommy. She spoke to me as she got in the car and when we unloaded at her house. The most heart warming part of this to me was Janis speaking to me like someone she knew and liked. I have been trying to get Janis to talk to me since she and Eve were in the Nursery together 2 years ago. I smiled all the way home realizing she knew I really liked her and we were friends. Her mom is a sweet heart, too!

:::::::::Going off to photograph the house......

Friday, February 09, 2007


Sequins: TandikaSunshine Felt: Tiff BradyRibbon: Natalie BraxtonPaper Doodle Arrows: Kate HadfieldDate Stamp: Amber CleggPaper Flower Doodles: Kate HadfieldReal Buttons: Lisa WhitneyPaper Doodle Frames: Kate HadfieldStaple: KSharonK (Wishing You kit)Paper Doodle Alpha: Kate Hadfield Say It journal pieces: Dani MogstadFont: Rockwell, Artistamp MediumDesigner Doodad Labels One: Mo JacksonBackground Paper: ClikChic Design Team
::::::::::::The Painters are almost done!::::::::
The outside of the face is looking cohesive now. The body paint colors is called: Universal Khaki and the trim is: Antique White. We still haven't decided on an accent color. I went by Lowe's and picked up some architectural pickets to rebuild the front porch. The are black and have a really beautiful bend.
::::::::::::Next week's Schedule::::::::::::::::
Next week is conference week with Noah and Rachel's teachers. Eve also has her follow up study at the Autism Research Center. They will track what her eyes look at during a series of photos. She loves doing studies, so she should be happy.
::::::::::::Girl Scout Cookie Sells::::::::::::::
are over! Noah was upset when he pointed to the box of Samoas and said, "I want those!" that they didn't automatically appear. I had to explain that you have to WAIT when you order Girl Scout cookies.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Text: Noah gets ready to come in as back up encase Eve is unable to fulfill her duties as birthday girl, such as, blowing out all the candles with one breath. Eve loved all the horses on her chocolate chip cookie cake.

Items by Kate Hadfield: Arrows and Doodle Alpha Freebie, Birthday Girl, Birthday Boy, Doodle Paper Frames, Doodle Paper Vehicles
Background paper: Birthday Girl by KSharonK

Font: Comic Sans/Downcome

Monday, February 05, 2007

Mom's Being Pulled Over!

Text: The once boisterous children murmured these words as the park policeman with flashing lights turned around and pulled me over. We had just driven in the park entrance for Carlsbad Caverns and had not been in the park for more than 2 minutes. I wondered what the speed limit was for the park because I hadn’t paid any attention to it when we drove in just moments ago. The kids were worried that I was to be carted off momentarily to the local jail. Michael and I hushed them that all would be okay. I readied my driver’s license and proof of insurance. A park officer with a very stern and grumpy demeanor came to the passenger side of the car because there was no really place to pull over to get out of the flow of traffic. He asked me,” Do you know how fast you were going?” That wasn’t a trap I was going to fall for, so I replied, “No.” He stated that I was driving at 50 miles an hour, which is 20 miles over the posted limit. He asked me if I had an excuse for driving so fast in the park. I replied enthusiastically, “This place is so COOL! I was just enjoying looking around. It looks like Dr. Seuss designed it!” He kind of scowled and said he would be back in a moment. He went to run my information through the database. The kids were still nervous. I knew I had a clean record and up to date insurance, so I hoped for leniency. After 5 minutes he came back and said I was lucky because he didn’t have time to write up a warning and didn’t want to bother with the paper work. He had to rush to the park’s visitors’ center for a different problem. The kids were elated and I was happily surprised. We followed continued up to the Visitors’ Center ourselvesgoing the speed limit, of course! Later that day during the evening bat flight the same officer was there giving the crowd a stern warning about “No Flash Photography!” It was then we gave him the moniker”The Enforcer”.

Credits: Hippity Hoppy Contest

Kate Hadfield's Arrows and Hardware Freebie, Pipe Cleaner Arrows, Doodled Paper Vehicles,
Date Stamp: Mindy Wade
Gina Miller's Funky Basic Black Alpha, Note This kit
Felt Sunshine: Tiff Brady
background paper from Strawberry kit by Sandra Boddington
Font: Punch Label, Farrah,
Exclamation: Sara Carling's Amelie

:::::::::::::::::Grandpa's Pancakes::::::::::::

Rachel was cooking up a storm at my parents' house on Saturday. Check out this cool blog about the day: Click ME!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Rachel and the Third Grade Hoedown:

Rachel was so excited for us to come watch her square dance with her third grade class on Friday. She was concentrating so hard. Michael got to dance with her at the end. Aaron wanted to dance with her too, but time ran out. Her favorite dance was Girls in the Middle.

Giddy Up kit by Mary Fran, Cluster photo frames by Nancy Comelab, Font: Cowboy Rhumbaa, Weather SF, Farrah

:::::::::::::::::::::::Granny's and Grandpa's house::::::::::

The kids wrecked their usual havoc at their grandparent's house this weekend. My mom received several items from a friend at work. We are now proud owners of some cool science experiment kits and crayons. Noah's favorite thing is an item that allows him to build a motorized robot thing...hmmmm...not quite sure on how to explain that. He likes to make it into a robot hand.

:::::::Product Placement:::::::::::

I ordered some really cool booklets from called The Anti-Coloring Books. One of the prompts was a "Wanted" poster. You were supposed to draw your own mug shot and make up an alias. Also, draw your own fingerprints and make up your dastardly deed. No drew a photo of him with his robot arm and wrote: Wanted: For stealing robot parts. His alias was Crusher. I'll try and scan the page and put it up her tomorrow.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Lovely Flowers:

I took these photos at Animal Kingdom at Disney World last February. I put some frames created by Sande Krieger around them.

I'm having an exceptionally hard week of home school with Aaron, so I thought the flowers would be a good idea.

Have a lovely weekend all!