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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

80's Style

This was a fun layout I did for an 80's Challenge at The Digishoppe. My friend Beth always found really fun clothes at second hand shoppes. I had fun doing this layout remember her driving us around in her little Dodge Colt listening to a mixture of R.E.M. and the Ramones. Too much fun!

Cranberry Spray paper by Jen Wilson, Paper Rose by Shabby Princess, beads by Jen Wilson and Laura Bratcher, flowers from Big Blossom 4 by Janel Kretchman,Chip Board alpha by Gina Miller, Pewter flower alpha by Auntie Pea, Traci Murphy Paper tear, overlay from the Zoey Kit by Clara Wallace, Doodle by Holly McCaig, and Meredit Fenwick floral frame. Font: Beyond Wonderland/Mufferaw/Barbara Hand

Aaron and the Grand Canyon 2003

We didn't get to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon until dusk, but Aaron was happy that we stopped and got this cool necklace at one of the Indian Reservation stops along the way. When we got finished looking at the Canyon and were driving home I made Michael stop so I could take a photo of the "Got Turquoise?" sign.

Tags from Dreams For You element Pack and Papers from Jen Wilson's Illumination-Enlighten Paper Pack, Fringe from Jen Wilson's Dried Leaves, beads from her Ordinary Everyday Element Pack, Polaroid frame, cardboard and pin from BYOBB KIT add on by Gina Miller, Inked edge by Nancy Rowe Janitz.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Wedding Layout

Shabby Princess Kits "Splendid, and "Dinner Party" with Sara Carling, Paper Tear by Steph and Faux Jewels and Photo frame by Shabby Princess

Dreamy Purple papers by Jen Wilson, paper tear by Steph, faux jewels and metal prongs by Shabby Princess.

Feeling Kinda Corny?

True North Kit and Craft Flowers by Paper Moons (Annaben), Newspaper flower from BYOBB Kit by Gina Miller, Hang Tag from Scrap Artist Kit "Summer Whimsy", Overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz
Fonts Used: Pea Nancy

She Blinded Me With:

papers by Summer Simmons, staple by Shabby Princess, and stitches by Jen Wilson and Font: Pea Lis

Emory University has a Child Development Research Lab and they have called Eve in a couple of times. They gave me a copy of her brain wave patterns, as she responded to certain word and picture stimuli. She was apprehensive, but didn't cry.

Early Anticipating:

a couple of "children's" books for our family reading time. The first book I am looking forward to is Peter and the Shadow Thieves by Dave Barry, et al. The book reviewer on Amazon states that the book is written, as well as, Peter and the Starcatchers, which was a captivating read from the first page. The second book I'm look forward to is Book the Thirteenth by Lemony Snicket. This macabre and witty series has kept up our curiosity about VFD for quite some time. As I write this it comes to my mind that most of the books that we read are about kids with dead parents, which my husband points out (ad nauseum), so to appease this very apparent truth I have remembered that there is yet another book coming out that will appease: Junie B. First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha by Barbara Park. Junie B. Jones is a character that makes me laugh so hard whilst reading out loud that I often have to read it two to three times so that the children can follow the story line. A common thread in these books is that they are verbal gardens of Eden. These books expand your vocabulary, as well as, your children from that of the mundane to extraordinary. As the ever wise Sam I Am advised: "Try them and you may I say".


Memorial Day Weekend activities:

We drove up to Rocktown, which is in LaFayette, Georgia to check on a campsite for the Boy Scouts to use next week. We had planned to camp, but Aaron's hiking book delaminated. These are boots that are well made, but haven't been used in about 3 years, so Aaron was left without foot wear. Since their is too much broken glass in the campsite areas Michael didn't feel it safe for him to wonder around bare foot, so he axed the camping plans. We did get 1 geocache in before the shoe incident. Rachel and Michael actually found a 2nd geocache on the same path up further, while I took the other 3 back to the car. We picked up a "travel bug" that Michael plans to place somewhere this week. We drove to the top of the mountain and located a third geocache. I found clusters of ripening wild blueberries that I thought were beautiful. We listed all of the fun things the kids saw: 2 wild turkeys, a magnificently colored bluebird (I believe it was a Mountain Bluebird), Cotton-tailed rabbits, Brown Bat, salamanders, and a score of different butterflies (the smallest were periwinkle colored). Before leaving the mountian Michael took the kids to the mouth of Pettijohn's Cave. Rachel went in, but it was muddy so he didn't take the youngest two in and Aaron didn't have proper shoes. One of the brown bats landed on Michael's head for just a second before flying off.

On the way home we played a word game of our own design based on neologisms. As defined on wikipedia "A neologism is a word, term, or phrase which has been recently created ("coined") — often to apply to new concepts, or to reshape older terms in newer language form. Neologisms are especially useful in identifying inventions, new phenomena, or old ideas which have taken on a new cultural context." We took words from signs and made up new definitions. For example,

Galleria: When you get diarrhea while touring a museum. (Rachel)
Publix: What happens when the drunk person next to you gives your arm a lick. (Victoria)
There were several more since the drive is about 2 hours to get back home. I'll have to pick Michael's brain to remember some of the clever ones he came up with during the trip.


When we got home we "camped" in the living room, which was basically throwing down our sleeping bags and turning off the lights, but to add some excitement I popped the cd of Orson Welles original broadcast of War of the Worlds from 1939. The kids made it about 10 minutes into the hour long broadcast, so in the morning I played it all over again. Rachel was the most interested.

We went over to my parent's house to hang out. Then, Michael, Aaron and I went to see the new X-Men flick. It was good, but not as stellar as 1 and 2. I find I really like Ian McKellan's acting in the films I have seen him.


Off to maintain "dis"order and do some digital layouts:)

Monday, May 29, 2006

Mount Rushmore

Celebrate kit from Shabby Princess, Stitches One by Mo Jackson, paper slip is BYOBB Kit Add On by Gina Miller, tag by Holly McCaig's Senior Prom Kit. Font: Thomas Jefferson and Perpetua

Friday, May 26, 2006

2nd Part of the Tree Climber Layout

Laura's Shabby Arrows a blog freebie and Inked Edge Pack

Schools Out For Summer and...

Milk Carton from, Brain from Maya's "Weird is Wonderful", bandana by Beth McBride, Alpha from Rikki's blog, receipt paper from Gina Miller's BYOBB Kit, the rest from Mo Jackson's Aunt Laura, Dorothy's Kitchen 3, Primitive Art and font: Times New Roman, Arial MT, Chicken Farm, Barbara Hand, and Georgia.

Text: Woman found babbling incoherently one day after her 4 children got out of school for summer break. Her husband stated that she lost her mind before.

Serving Size: 4 Children
Servings Per Pack: 1


Calories: 4ooo (from eating what the kids refuse to eat after you spent time cooking).

Total Fat: Way to much! What a cheeky question!

Sodium: Rather low, actually.
Total Carbohydrates: Yep, I eat all of them!

Sugars: A few grams a day.

Protein: Chicken is my favorite, but I'm game for 93% lean ground beef.
*Percent Daily Value (DV)
based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

S'more Overlay Blog Gift (Freebie):

Since summer is here and folks are going camping I thought it would be fun to share and overlay I put together for an HP digital class last year:

S'more Overlay

I hope y'all find it useful in your S'more makin layouts!

*I layered a white background into the example so you can see the words, but the background is transparent.

Time in a Bottle

I used butterfly wings, Doo Dad Labels, Crepe Paper Flowers and Dorothy's Kitchen 3 from Mo Jackson, Clock faces from Robyn England, Bug Jar by MargeW, Music Lyrics "Time in a Bottle" by Jim Croce

This is a photo of my husband and me when we were dating.

Aaron's Take on How Yellowstone Smelled:

Background paper from Sara Carling's "Authentic", Postcard elements by Kristy Ann Nerness, Pencil by Gynette, and Bandaid by MW, Font: ASH94

Text: Dear Granny and Grandpa,

This place STINKS!
I mean it smells bad,
like rotten eggs, YUCK!
There is steaming gas in the air coming from the ground. I think this place is really neat, but we we've had to walk a lot and I got a big splinter in my finger, OUCH!


Mama Doris

I used Paper Moons kit by Anna Benjamin called "Cuppy's Room" and Gina Miller's BYOBB Kit Add On Kit. Font used: Mama Script

Text: What I see know when I look at this photograph is that
Mama Doris Harris came to visit us at our little apartment off Shallowford Road in Decatur. Mama Doris always used this same color of red to dye her hair for as long as she lived.
My brother, Denny, who was diagnosed with autism at the age of four used to smile for the camera. He would smile until right about the time he reached puberty, then he only smiled a forced smile when instructed to do so. Before I came along he kept his room very neat and clean. One day when I was playing when I was very young he gripped the top of my head tightly and told me to "Go Away.' I feel bad for messing up the world he needed to keep in an organized way.
My mom says my birth helped her keep things in perspective and that it was nice to be able to talk to someone.
I would spend summers with Mama Doris and Daddy Bill in Phenix City Alabama, where she would ply me with all sorts of treats: Pringles, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, Reese Cups, vanilla ice cream, Coca Cola, Loorna Doones and Sugar Wafers.
From Mama Doris I learned sarcasm could be honed to a fine art, one my husband doesn't particularly want me to use. She also kept her home immaculate and always presented herself in an elegant manner whenever she left her home.
Single photos can illicit so many memories....

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

More Recipe Cards ...

made for Lettitia and Justin's wedding:

I used Mo Jackson's Dorothy's Kitchen 3 and the crockpot photo is from the internet

I used Ali Folendore's "Geisha" Girl Papers, chopsticks and rice bowl from

The Last Day of School

My public school kids have left for a day of controlled chaos. It is the last day of school in our county. My homeschooler has chosen to spend the day finishing up the biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Benedict Arnold. I let Aaron keep the public school schedule, because he doesn't want to be caught learning outside of a specified time. I'm not sure if he has caught on that he learns all day long. He decided to keep attending the Homeschool Bowling League during the summer. I think he will sign up for Homeschool Run Club for the fall and they will be adding biking into the mix. In the fall I may add rhetoric to the list of activities. Here is a great resource American I'm going to ask Michael to work on him with debating, so he can logically back up his arguments. Aaron really seems to enjoy history. We just finished a lot of reading and supplementary videos on World War II and the Civil Rights Movement. He is beginning to form his world view. It is really fascinating to be apart of the learning process with him.

We started a new book for family reading time, The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis. I pulled a parental faux pas by starting to read the book Wicked without reading a review first. I didn't get to far when the story became inappropriate for children. I spent about 5 minutes explaining that I picked the wrong "family" book to read. You know what happens when you assume, which I did because I figured a prequel of a children's book would remain in the same vain. Well as the Prince lyric goes, "My face is red, I stand corrected" (speaking of things not little kid appropriate).

I have a couple of additional layouts from the wedding that I'm working on today. I hope to post them soon.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Layouts from Lettitia and Justin's Wedding

Wood overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz, Laura's Shabby Arrows from her blog,Mo Jackson's Bark alpha (modified), fonts used: Wishes, CAC Shishoni Brush, Boopee, Henry Morgan Hand, Barbara Hand

Back ground paper from Lovely in Lilac: The Digi Chicks (Laura Alpuche), blanket stitching by Jen Wilson's 101 stitches, White Vignette from Edge Pack on internet, Fonts: SK Doodle by Taran Conyers and Amienne

The Digi Chick kit "Lovely in Lilac: Background by Laura Alpuche and Amber Clegg, White Grungy border by Edges Pack Sampler from internet, Fonts: Chalk Dust and Hello Sark

font used: TKDoodle by Taran Conyers and Pumpkinseed Medium
This picture made me think of an album cover because Aaron is looking off the frame to the right so seriously and Eve is oblivious to the camera as she fixes her shoe, while Noah and Rachel appear to be ready to yell "Boo" at an unexpecting Aaron. The Album cover idea I used was a combination of Joshua Tree and Unforgettable Fire by U2.

Paper by Iron Orchid Designs "Little Mai Papers", Kodak film photo from internet, stitches by Michelle Coleman

Noah looked sharp in his sunglasses at the wedding:

The Cinderella Breakfast

Rachel and Eve really had a great time attending this breakfast at Walt Disney World. The food was yummy, the waitress pleasant, and the Princesses were gracious. Eve was thrilled when Belle came to our table to say hi! I was surprised to see Mary Poppins, but if you have ever read the book A Little Princess by Francis Hodgson Burnett, you will realize that all girls are princesses! The girls, to my surprise, polished off their breakfast of fruit, french toast and sausage. We went to breakfast with some of their cousins, their Aunt and Uncle and their Granny Sydney.

Background paper by Clara Wallace "Girlish Figure" and the marbles from her Zoey Kit, the wand is Eve's, the sparkle brush from the web.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Noah!

Kits used: Mo Jackson's Birthday Candles and Construction, Picture stand from

Kit used: Country Chintz by Shabby Princess

(no commercial or profit site links please)
: Gina Miller's Bella papers and Note This paper, Jen Wilson's stapled journal strips, Steph's paper tear, and Ronnie McCray's Belted Ribbon.
Font: Ash94

My daughter, Rachel, from age 6 months to 8 years old, with her mouth wide open being silly.
I used Gina Miller's springthaw minikit paper4 for the "wallpaper" behind the cork board, finger paintin free alpha for the Monogram on the "wall", the byobb kit and the Note This Kit. I used the fonts Floralia and Hibiscus to look like girlie page dootles on the notes.
The fonts used: Sketchy, Journaling Hand/Floralia/Hibiscus

The text says: Dear Rachel,

I am sending you these pictures. I hope you will enjoy them, as much as, I have!
I have labeled them for you. I hope you always go through life with the wonder and excitement that you show in these pictures. You were a cute baby, a funny toddler, an imaginative young girl, and I have enjoyed being there with you along the way!

Hugs and kisses,

Granny Sue

The Note paper says: The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Friday, May 19, 2006

{Some Recent Layouts}

Window and collage birds by Katie Pertiet, Paper from Ali Folindore's Granny Smith Papers, glittery swirl and paper from Seasonal Scraps by Jen Wilson, tree art from Tia Bennett's New Growth Kit

This is one of Evey's favorite songs, so I thought it appropriate to scrap it with her face.


Kit by Mindy Terasawa "Sonoran Sunrise", Background paper by Holly McCaig "Spring is Coming" and inked overlay (modified) by Clara Wallace. Font: Susie's Hand and A Yummy Apology"

Text:"I absolutely love to stare into those beautiful, big blue eyes. I remember that those big round eyes were the first things I noticed about you when you were born. You are a voracious reader and an extremely creative writer. The characters you have created based on the grandparents who you adore, "Strong Grandpa and Lovely Granny" were so hilarious. You made us all proud. I truly believe you have so much to offer the world!"

Text: Kendall and Eve are the Yin and Yang cousins. Kendall is the brunette with beautiful brown eyes and Eve is the Blonde with Blue eyes. Their personalites compliment each other (usually). They are 5 months apart in age with Eve being the younger cousin. The girls enjoy getting together at family events. Eve often asks when she will get to see, "My Kendall". It is nice to live close enough so the cousins can form a, hopefully, lasting friendship!
Kits: Gina Cabrera's Quirky_Q and A November Background paper, twill tape and tab. Swirl black and white frames from Aqua Dreams Kit. Curved template from Gina Miller
Program Used:
: Photoshop 6.0
Fonts Used
: TeacherKim
: Gina Cabrera's pear freebie


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy Birthday Alice!

Kits used from Mo Jackson were Hot Candy, Birthday Candles, and Crepe Paper Alpha, the collage banner by Hope Wallace, the chickens from,the glitter hat (I can't remember, but if anyone recognizes it I will credit the right person).

A Little Bit of This and That:

Senior Prom Mini-Kit by Holly McCaig, velveteen flowers by Paper Moons (Annaben)

It is one of those little things in life that coincide nicely, My sister, Tracy, had a baby daughter a couple of months after I did. The little girls are growing up before our eyes soooo quickly. It makes me happy that they get along so well with each other. The minute they get together the giggling and squealing begin. They run off and talk in hushed tones and start in their world of "Let's pretend...". Like all little girls they often like to play exclusively with each other, which drives Rachel's siblings into a tizzy.


These are just silly collages I had fun putting together:

background photo by me, Peanut Cartoon drawing by Charles Shultz, The Thinker by Auguste Rodin (photo from internet), bird collage by Hope Wallace.

background from Jen Wilson's "Nostalgic Sepia", Einstein, jester hats and doll head by Maya, postcard by Kristy Ann Nerness


My husband is the BEST WIFE I've ever had:

He highlights my hair ever 2 months or so, with this stuff:

He actually loves the chemistry involved and the art. He looks at the results every time and critiques his efforts. He also teaches the children to cook and he taught me to change diapers. He mops and vacuums. He also helps with the laundry. This is all while working overtime at work to help pay bills, assistant scout master, and my sounding board.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


papers and elements by Sara Carling "Authentic" and postcard by Kristy Ann Nerness

Yellowstone is one of the most amazingly diverse places I have ever's true I haven't been to too many places... but I am going to stand by my statment that this place is AMAZING! I understand from reading news articles that the area is a bit over do for a horrific explosion which would annihilate the area, so I recommend seeing it sooner than later! My son, Aaron, was overwhelmed by the sulphur smell, but the rest of us were able to overlook the "stank" to enjoy the sites. I will add some additional photos as I get around to scrapping them. I have several really stunning photos.

One of the interesting learning moments for Aaron was after we told the children not to drag their hands along the wooden fencing to avoid getting a splinter. Aaron won the days Darwin Award when he got a really long sliver of wood deep in his finger. His horrific screams brought a load of Asian tourists over to where Michael had his pocket knife out working to get the sliver out in one piece. One dear lady was very worried about Aaron and kept asking me, in broken English, if he was okay. Michael finally got the splinter out and bandaged the finger.

Later that day Noah recieved second place in the Darwin Awards when he got a splinter received from dragging his hands down the fencing. (He gets second place because he was only 3 years-old). Not to be left out in the bandage department, Rachel got her fingers closed in the truck door. She screamed...of course...while Michael frantically tried to unlock the door. Here is the photograph of Les Enfants des Invalides:

Background paper by Katie Pertiet "Crated Tropics", Metal Plate by Jen Wilson, Staple by Holly McCaig, Masking Tape from Fhung Lie "Soul Searching", Inked Edges by Kim Hill, Fairy by Hope Wallace, Paper by Gina Miller, nurses cap and bandaids from internet.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My Movie Top 10 and Why I Like Them

I Know My Mother Well!

New Growth Kit by Tia Bennett and stick pins by JennStar

I got a good laugh out of the responses my two youngest children gave to this Mother's Day questionnaire at Church. I loved it when Eve said that I was happy when she picked flowers and that I was sad when I had to wash clothes. She said my favorite food is french toast because I often make it for breakfast. Noah thinks it's pizza that I like, but I think my favorite food is homemade wheat bread with a thin layer of real butter. My favorite color is actually green. Noah knows of love to watch The Vicar of Dibley. I recently bought the boxed set at Fry's computer store. To explain Eve's answer for my favorite TV show is that I get movies for Aaron to supplement his history or science lessons. We sit down together to watch History Channel, National Geographic, Nova, A & E productions plus more to get more insight into some particular subject. Ken Burns does a great job on his series dvds that include The Civil War and Jazz. My best friend is Michael, my husband. These pages were a lot of fun to read. I like to know what goes on in the minds of my children.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Recipe Card

I decided to try my hand at making a recipe card. My first attempt is this card for my SIL and future BIL groom's dinner:

I used Gina Cabrera's Lucky Star Kit at Digital Design Essentials


4 1/2 Cups Pecans
1/2 Cups Sugar
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 Cup Honey (I use Clover)
Fillo Dough 1 to 2 boxes (Phyllo)
1 to 2 lbs. butter

Pastry brush
Jelly roll pan

Grind nuts fine then add sugar and cinnamon. Mix together with spoon and set aside. In a jelly roll pan begin by thinly buttering the bottom, then add 5 layers of Fillo, buttering between each layer. Then spread nut mixture in a thin layer add two more layers of Fillo. Follow to top of pan alternating 1 layer nuts 2 fillo (***alternative is to use the rest of the nut mixture after the initial thin layer to give it a punch of pecan taste). Then add 5 to 10 layers of Fillo for crust. Make sure to butter between each layer of dough. Follow directions on the Fillo box to keep it easy to work with.
***Before baking cut the Baklava (pizza cutter works well) so the honey will seep in and make it yummy!
Bake at 300 degrees for 1hour and 15 minutes- until golden brown
Melt honey in pan and pour over baked Baklava.
Best after sitting over night.

Baklava is amazing stuff. I love the layers of phyllo dough. This recipe was given to me a few years ago by Heather Daly. It was a perfect treat for my husband who liked the concept of baklava, but his tongue would swell due to an allergy he had to walnuts and go numb from the cloves, so the substitution of pecans and honey was perfect. It's kind of a zen activity.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Fibs We Tell Our Kids

This was a layout I did for a fun challenge given by Lanne on the Shabby Princess boards:

Shabby Princess Gallery

Layout Credits: Studio Chic by Shabby Princess, Inked edge by Robin Cabana, Copy Right symbol by Shabby Princess
Fonts Used: Euphrogenic S/Fairfax Station/Patchanka Px/ Shabby Princess' Studio Chic Alpha
Special thanks to...: Battery Photo from

Early on I realized that my parents were fulfilling a promise that they had made me in childhood. The promise was to buy noise making toys for my future children in repayment for any of my childhood misdeeds. Upon the birth of my first child, Aaron, the noise making toys began to arrive from my parents, their mouths turned up in a smile that appeared innocent and endearing, while somewhere in the Universe their bank account rung up a deposit!

To combat the onslaught of possessed toys that talked when you walked by, even when they were turned to the off position, or toy trucks that drowned out any form of intelligent human thought, or the cacophony of music toys that played the same tune over and over and over again, my husband and I decided to tell our children this lie: "Once the batteries die they can never be replaced!"

Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Favorite Comedians

I really love to laugh. I love humor in it's varied forms: slapstick or physical comedy, political, and character driven. There are several comedians that make me laugh, but the ones I listed seem the most consistent to me. I have to put a disclaimer on the fact that for some of the comedians that are known to use off color language, the language is often filtered out on the programs I have available to view them. I think they are all intelligent enough to get the message across without having to swear.

The person that gives the best dry delivery that makes my sides ache is Bob Newhart. The best family stories are from Bill Cosby. For a mixture of character driven and physical comedy I really love Carol Burnett and Gilda Radner. Two of my favorite characters that they used to perform were Mrs. Sue Wiggins and Rosanna Rosanna Danna. Dennis Miller is all over the place with his humor because he seems to know something about everything. My husband and I watched his nightly show when he first started doing it after SNL. The audience seem to rarely get his jokes, while we kept looking at each other and laughing. I love his Star Trek references mingled in his jokes. George Carlin has amazing insight into politics. He is definitely a thinking man's comedian. For a combination of all of the comedic styles there is Monty Python. They mingle politics, slapstick, character driven, an phenominal understanding of the English language and the field of psychology to make an body of work that is completely pleasingly bizarre!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Marzipan Fan

I am a Marzipan Fan in more ways then one. I really think the entire concept of making almond paste into something that looks healthy is a hoot! My daughter, Rachel, finds it very tasty and looks forward to any time their is a mention of a baby shower because I might just run to Publix or Cake Art to get my Marzipan supplies. I am, in no stretch of the imagination, a Marizpan artist, but if you need something cathartic in your life this may be the ticket. Here is a layout I posted on one of the galleries at Matter of Scrap
I used Clara Wallace's Zoey Kit and the fonts:Amienne/butterbrotpapier
These marzipan petit four, two peas in a pod, were for one of my SIL's baby shower. She was pregnant with twin girls.

Marzipan WorldThis catalogue of professional Marzipan artist is soooo cool!

This is an example of my attempt at a fun marzipan vegetable garden complete with a bunny, a mushroom and a gnome.

BothFabulousfoodsandFashion-era have awesome tutorials on making your own fruits and vegetables.

This was another fun food item my husband made after I saw it on a page for Swedish Fish in Family Fun Magazine:

notmartha.orgmakes a similar rendition. They also have a page on how to make "Jello Fruit", so even if you aren't from Utah you might find it interesting!

I also like the super cool hippy chick Marzipan

I got the photo from You can also learn more about Marzipan at

So if you find the urge to try something new in the creative line or just want to vege, try out Marzipan:)