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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bagpipe Playing Grannies ROCK!

My dear cyber pal, Carol, inspired me to use Eve's photo all by itself, so this is the outcome:

Credits: Spring Fling Collab: Kate Hadfield, Rachel Young, and Michelle Godin, Swirl Therapy by Jofia Designs, Font: CK ALI
Eve is glancing back at me taking and wanting me to catch up and walk with her.

:::::::::::::::Dawn Inskip::::::::::

Carol also inquired about Dawn Inskip. She is a designer who sells funky and doodly styled designs at 5 stores. She also sells at one store under a pseudonym, Luisa Leandro. It is a quirky thing one of the sites does with all its designers. Here are some links to her designs:

Sophia Sarducci's as Luisa Leandro
Scrap Scandi Style

:::::::::::::::::::Pre-School Week::::::

Eve has had two of her favorite beings visit her pre-school class. On Wednesday, Aaron and I took Jasper, the ferret, to school for "Pet Day". Eve's teacher gave everyone a time for their pet so that no horrific pet disasters occurred due to incompatibility. Aaron red the children a little bit about what a ferret is and how they were domesticated. Eve was proud to have Jasper in her lap some of the time. The teachers were a bit creeped out by the concept and appearance of a ferret, while the school director and music teacher thought he was adorable. Most of the kids were excited to pet him and Jasper was well behaved. We took him in a newspaper lined hamper and he was so anxious to explore, but we had to keep him contained.

......Day 2, today, was "Grandparent's Day"
I had already told the teacher about the bagpipe playing granny. Crystal, the lead teacher, was also excited to meet the famous and mysterious "Granny with the Yellow hair". My mom showed up with her Georgia Tartan (a regional one for the state)scarf. She brought her shuttle pipes and played a few tunes: "Amazing Grace", Mull of Kintyre by Paul McCartney, and "When the Battles Over". She played some with the drones off so the kids could hear the melody. She also gave the history of the pipes and when they are used. The teachers were so receptive and the kids did really well. She played for 4 different classes at once in the sanctuary. After 20 minutes or so the 3 other classes went back to their rooms and Eve's class stayed. Each of the kids got to get their photo taken with the practice pipes she brought. The kids were a little timid, but Eve was beaming. BAGPIPES ROCK!...and so do Grannies who play bagpipes for their grandkids. My mom has played for each of the kids at the preschool, I think. It has been a few years between each child and all have attended the same preschool.

........Afterwards my mom and I ran over to Zaxby's for a quick lunch. Grandpa Jim met us their for an impromtu meal. I had their yummy grilled chicken salad. My mom went for the hot wings with "hot" sauce. She was happy, but I just see wings as an unnecessary anatomy lesson. Grandpa Jim got the chicken fingers. Good stuff. My mom drove me back to the school to my car and to give Eve a hug and kiss.

:::::::::::::::::::::::How Are You Doing?:::::::

Is a polite question everyone asks when they call. I have been answering, politely, and truthfully that I'm very frustrated with my son. He is given a math assignment that he takes the entire day to finish...often late into the evening. He doesn't listen to the instruction...says he understands...does the problem wrong...reworks the problem after getting more the problem wrong. This is an every day occurrence. The only thing he likes to do is the history and science, but puts the minimum amount of effort into the work. This has been a pattern of his all of his life and we can give no incentive of punishment that modifies the behavior. We don't want to give him medication because we think the side effects are equally disturbing. I really worry about him long term. He does himself a great disservice and I think I getting an ulcer over the whole situation. If not I just am extremely frustrated 5 days out of every week.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::What Do You Do When Your Child Is Taking FOREVER to do Math?:
You don't really have to tell me, but I chose to finally work on Federal and State Taxes. We only get a little back, which is pretty good considering Michael has us down for 15 exemptions at work. He would be happy if we weren't getting anything back, or paying because the balance would be great. I took the opportunity to explain to Aaron some of the taxes his dad has to pay from his job, such as:

Federal Taxes
State Taxes
Medicare Taxes
Social Security (HE WON'T SEE A DIME OF THIS!)
Real Estate Taxes
Automobile Tags

Someone on the radio said that folks in the U.S. pay 38% of their income in taxes, which takes most people from January to May for taxes alone.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Another Layout from my SIL's Album:::::

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Girl Scout Cookies::::::::

I'm picking the cookies up on Saturday, so the folks at Michael's work will be appeased. Thank you to all who purchased from Rachel. She was able to make her personal goal. I plan to take her to deliver the cookies and thank folks. I usually can make it to Michael's work right after school, but not to my mom's work which I'll try to work out both places. Thanks, Again!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Check Out Michael's Blog::::

His wiretapping topic is really interesting.

Later, y'all! :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Losing My Mind, Among Other Things.

:::::::::::::I Was Invited::::::::::

to be a guest creative team member for March/April for Dawn Inskip. She has a fun doodle style and I look forward to using the elements for my family photos.

:::::::::::::Vacation Layout::::::::

I really like the photo Michael took at Monticello, so I scrapped it. What a surprise.

::::::::::::::::::::Cool Font:::
Great FREE font of Ali Edward's handwriting, which is really cool.


Rachel informed me, in the pouring rain as the bus pulled up, that she had forgotten a book that she needed first thing in the morning. So, I went back home and grabbed the book and met the bus at the final bus stop and handed the book to Ms. Becky, the driver. Rachel informed me when she got home from school that she forgot 2 homework pages. ARGH!

Later, Gators!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Princess Stories and Science Fiction

Goose Girl by Shannon Hale was a wonderful tale from beginning to end. After the boys overcame the..."WHAT?! ANOTHER PRINCESS STORY!!"...syndrome they were sucked into the story of Crown Princess Ani. This book has several intense scenes, so a light and fluffy princess story it isn't. The characters are interesting and the imagery is amazing. Ani's character has many layers and she is extremely uncertain of her self through most of the book. She meets a young woman who believes in Ani more than Ani believes in herself. The relationship Ani has with animals is strange, but comforting for her and disturbing to those who find out about this ability. Shannon Hale's stories grab you quickly and take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and after a long ride she lets you catch your breath.

Overall, if you are looking for a great story this is one. If you want a light and happy princess story...skip it. Rachel and I, especially, are more and more becoming fans of Shannon Hale's work. She wins more props from us with each book. I give this book 10 out of 10 Princess Crowns...with little emeralds.

::::::::::::::::::::::The Next Family Book:::::::

The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton. Science fiction at it's really cool and kinda creepy best.

::::::::::::::::::::::Loose Teeth:::::::::::

Rachel lost one of her molars today. She came home from a friend's house and said, "Dad, I need you to pull my tooth." 30 seconds later she had a molar in her hand, a rag in her mouth and a big grin.

Aaron lost one of his molars this week too. He had Michael pull it, as well. The dentist wanted to charge $500.00 to pull the tooth in November. I said that the price was too high and I would see if it would come out on its own. Aaron decided that the tooth was bugging him enough to want to finally get it out. He used the Power Bar and Starburst method. He chewed those tough items on the side with the loose tooth and was able to get it ready to pull. He was so excited that we didn't have to pay the big bucks and that he wouldn't be getting any Valium and Nitrous Oxide this time. He gets anxiety about the anxiety medicine. So good thing.


It was fun to hang out with my mom for her birthday. She wanted some barbeque, so I took her to lunch at The Hickory House. Michael came along as another birthday celebrant. The evening was capped off by a spaghetti dinner fund raiser at my mom's ward. The young women did a great job serving and there was a dance at the end. Michael and I had a good time cutting up and dancing together.

::::::::::::::::::::Merit Badge:::::::

Aaron and 3 other scouts were able to achieve their Chemisty Merit Badge for Scouts during a day long class at Georgia Tech University. He had a great time learning and was proud to be able to answer some questions because he had recently read about what they were asking in some books on electricity he was researching.

Well, I'm off to read! Smiles!

Friday, February 22, 2008


:::::::::::::::More Vacation Layouts:::::::

Here is a layout of my family walking in the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, NY.


Cursive font DJB GISELLA and journaling font: DJB LENA by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick
Masked Doodle Frame: Jenna Desai
Funky Junky Spring Collaboration: Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin and Rachel Young
Swirl Therapy: Jofia Devoe
Backward Staples: Jenn Patrick
Stamped Alpha: Rachel Young

::::::::::::::School Work and Home Work:::::::

and kids who don't want to do either are on my nerves today. I hope everyone has a good weekend.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Pages

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MISH and DJB MICHAEL at The Digichick
Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin and Rachel Young's Spring Collab kit at TLP.
Katie Pertiet: Taped Frame
Nancy Comelab: Cluster Frame
Font: Cheapskate Outline
Ida: Moon Doodle
Amber Clegg: Date Stamp


Let's Play, Spot The "LUNE"E!

I can't speak for Michael (though I have tried on a few occassions), but yesterday was really fun. We were able to meet for a birthday lunch at a cool little restaurant called Crescent Moon. I had forgotten that we agreed to meet at his office, so Aaron and I drove to the restaurant to wait. Michael was worried that my serpentine belt had come off completely and we were worried he was in an accident. Aaron asked the waiter where to find a pay phone so I could call Michael. He said there was one somewhere in the connecting mall, but that I could use his personal cell phone. I was surprised, but thankful that he was so kind to offer. I called Michael and realized my error right away. He said not to worry that he would be to the restaurant right away. In 5 minutes he came in the door. He ordered a tuna melt with a side of black beans, I got the chicken salad on a croissant with a side of fried green tomatoes and Aaron got the tradtional breakfast of 2 eggs, bacon and a huge slice of French toast. We had a pleasant time talking and we were all too full for dessert.

When we arrived home Aaron got a call from one of his church friends who is home schooled. He asked Aaron to ride in the park with him, so I gave him the okay. Aaron's bike was still in Michael's truck, so he grabbed his scooter, instead. The boys met at the library and then rode their bike/scooter to our house to play a history themed computer game.

I decided to make Michael a cookie cake to celebrate and grabbed a recipe off the internet. Michael was going to work until 6p.m., but the server crashed at work, so he came on home by 4:30pm. I wasn't ready with the cake at all. I kept joking with him as I mixed the ingredients and but the cookie into bake that, "my husband will really be surprised about the cookie when he gets home at 6:00pm., because if he was home now it sure wouldn't be a surprise!" Michael took the teasing in stride. The cookie cake turned out okay and was eaten, completely, within 20 minutes.

For our fun family activity we went out to observe the Lunar Eclipse. Noah and I would run out and check the progress of the eclipse, then run in and tell the next person to take a bath. In the photos you will notice wet haired girls in their pajamas because they had just finished their baths. We stayed out from 9:30pm. to about 10:00pm. We went in and read a chapter of our family reading book. Only Rachel was awake at 10:30pm. when Michael called us out to look at the moon again. It looked gorgeous with the stars around.

Michael telling the kids to point in different directions.

Now, point at the moon.

I'll post a layout I'm working on of us, later.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's Here:

:::::::::::::::::::::::Album Cover::::::::

This is the album for my SIL. I really love how it turned out. I wanted to capture a Dr. Seussian feel.

::::::::::::::::::Pride and Prejudice::::::::

I had a fantastic time cuddled in my fleece blanket watching the mini-series, yesterday. Michael came home in time to watch a couple of hours of the show. We had to leave to pick up the kids from my stepmother's house. They would love to have stayed longer, but they had school today. The mini-series version is wonderfully crafted and a great period piece. The movie had a more refined air, then the movie version. The country gentry seemed more polished. That isn't to say that I preferred one to the other because of this. The gulf between the two world's seemed larger in the movie version due to the farm/old rambling house of the Bennett's. Both Elizabeth Bennett's had quick wit, clever tongue and captivating eyes that would temp and vex the Mr. Darcys. Both Colin Firth and Matthew MacFayden did marvelous jobs with a character who has lost his trust and patience with people in general. The movie version had to compress a lot of information about the cad, Mr. Wickham, that is more detailed in the series. The portrayal of the father in both versions is hilarious, but given more time for dialogue in the series.

Overall, the cinematography in the movie had me from the beginning, but made my heart race during the dance scene with Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth where everyone else seems to disappear from the room. I thoroughly recommend both versions. Romantic stuff, indeed.


I am polished and flossed after a trip to the dentist office today. They said the choppers look lovely, but I have tartar below the surface that needs to be scaled. Yum! The kids all go to the dentist in May...should be fun! :)

Smiles...a bright and shiny that!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Help A Brother Out...

Text: Aaron has two things he really loves, one is having his back scratched and the second is to have his head scratched. Mom is usually called on for this primal bonding task, but on this day Eve was happy to help a brother out.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MANDY at The Digichick
Michelle Coleman: Wild Sorbet

::::::::::::::::::::::::From My SIL's Album::::::

one of my cute nephews, Alfredo:

Darcy Baldwin: Doodl E Doo at The Digichick
Background paper from Scrap Girls freebie
Kate Hadfield: Doodle Tape, Back to School Collab kit, Word Doodles
Tia Bennett: Joined at The Hip
Ida: Crayon Doodles

::::::::::::::::::::Adventures in Driving:::::

All is well, but ever eventful. Yesterday we went to Michael's sister's house for Family Home Evening. Before we left, his other sister called and asked for a ride. We said certaintly and instead of using Michael's truck we used my minivan due to needing the seventh seat belt. Not long into the hour journey I hear and feel a loud thumping under the hood. The man driving next to me had this surprised look on his face as he passed. I pulled over to a wedge of asphalt between the on ramp and the highway for Michael to take a peek. He said it was my serpentine belt, again. The belt had feathered and was coming apart. He told me to drive it off the highway no matter what I heard under the car. So, I started her back up and kept driving (thump, thwack, thump) until the belt tore free from it's shredded brother. I pulled into a motel parking lot for Michael's next inspection. He decided that the remain portion of belt would serve just fine. We got to our destination spot on time.

After having some yummy barbeque, vegetables and funeral potatoes the family sang Happy Birthday to Michael and Christopher. We then, ate some brownies and cup cakes. Our trip home was made exciting due to sheeting rain and standing water. We say one truck that was totaled due to hitting a tree. We made it home and switched vehicles for the hour ride to my stepmother's house for the kids to spend the night and day with her and my niece, Haley. Then, back in the car for an hour home. Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream!

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Happenings

:::::::::::::::::::::My Product Recommendation for Friday on Sunday:::::

I must give major props to PUFFS because their tissues allow for minimal damage on a repeatedly blown nose. I have tried other and somewhat cheaper products and I have yet to find anything superior. I don't buy the lotion version because, invariably, the lotion gets wiped on my eyeglasses and that drives me bananas.

Aaron has caught Eve's cold, as well. He and Michael went on a 30 mile bike ride on the Silver Comet Trail in Marietta with a couple of other scouts and Donnie Hall, the Merit Badge Counselor for Cycling. He persevered through his illness, but he had to stay home from church today due exhaustion and a bad cold and throbbing headache. I made him a chili-flavored ramen for him and he had a hot bath. He says he is feeling much better.

::::::::::::::What? Another Layout From the Family Reunion::::

Credits: DJB Michael by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick, Kaleidoscope Papers, My Little Heart by Sausan Designs, Tape Doodle Alpha, Black Doodle Alpha, Doodle Alpha by Kate Hadfield, Funky Junky Spring Collab kit by Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin and Rachel Young

::::::::::::::::::::::Layouts From Our Summer Vacation::::::

I get around to things when I get around to them. That sounds like a tautology I think. But, I finally scrapped the photos from our last official site seeing stop, which was the Kirtland Temple in Ohio. I used some different blending methods to bring out colors or just to play with the photos.

My goal for scrapping the Summer Vacation from 2007 is March 1st. Wow, 6 months. More like, YIKES!

::::::::::::::::::::Family Home Evening:::::::::

We are about to run off for F.H.E. at Michael's sister's house. The kid's love their aunts, uncles and cousins.

Cough, sneeze and Smiles!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake...

because I need to get rid of my class project! :)

Credits: Font by Darcy Baldwin called DJB KIRA at The Digichick, Background paper by Jen Wilson from Nostalgia #4, Jenna Desai's Doodle Mask Frame, Cluster frame by Nancy Comelab.

:::::::::::::::::::Grab A Fleece Blanket and Some Popcorn:::::

My dear spouse speaks wife. To be more exact he speaks the dialect of wife called Victoria. It is a specific dialect and very hard to translate. He also reads my blog and knew I wanted to watch this version of "Pride and Prejudice". What is even cooler is that he wants to watch it with me. This is such a cool Valentine's Day gift. Good Stuff, I tell ya!

We went together to our local Mexican restaurant, Sangria's for Valentine's Day dinner. Rachel scarfed down 3 helpings of refried black beans. She assured us she was safe for closed in spaces, so we agreed to drive her home after the meal. I'm an enchilada supreme gal. Michael loves the fish tacos. Noah orders chicken strips and fries. What a nut! Aaron went for chicken and rice soup with two soft beef tacos...NO lettuce. Eve is a simple girl. She likes refried beans and Mexican rice. The restaurant gave me a red carnation for Valentine's and Eve proudly held it all the way home.

::::::::::::::::Another Layout in My SIL's Album:::::::

My niece, Teresa, on a trip to San Francisco sponsored by AFLAC Cancer Center. She "acquired" the tour guides beret and having fun hamming it up for the camera.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB KIRA at The Digichick
Michelle Godin: Springtime in Paris kit (I think that is the name)
Catrine: Explore Solids and Laura Alpha
Christina Renee: Book Plate Alpha

::::::::::::::::::::I've Been Tagged:::::::::::::
Carol has tagged me to divulge 7 random facts about myself that would astound and amaze you! LOL Or just stuff you don't already know.

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

1.I'll start with a weird fact. I can't stand flies in a room with me. I turn it into a seek and destroy mission. I have perfected how to come up behind them and steady the book, or magazine and...THWAP!. Michael says I get an insane glint in my eye when I'm doing this.
2. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was sit near the window while the sun streamed in so I could catch the light just right in my eyes and look at the blood vessels, eye lashes and floatie things.
3. I love manual transmission cars, but I don't have one. I know, grab a violin to play for my pity party.
4. I prefer to go barefoot pretty much in any weather, but snow on the ground and I hate the feel of my barefoot on the car accelerator or brake. So, there are exceptions.
5. I love to dance with my husband, but I always want to lead. I have had some rudimentary dance lessons, but I can't seem to just let go and let someone else lead. Type A personality, did you say?
6. My favorite ride at an amusement park is the bumper cars. I could stay there all day smelling the ozone and crashing into folks. Pure glee, I tell you!
7. I can't sleep past about 7:30am even when I have no where to go. I also prefer to stay up late, then complain about not getting enough sleep. Self-fulfilling prophecies are marvelous, don't ya think?!

If you want to play...No PRESSURE...

Michael...cause I'm sure after 18 years there is still things I can learn.
My SIL, Melissa,
My neighbor, Kristen
My friend, Kim...she has the best reading lists for me to check out.
My stepdad, Jim...he's a riot!
My BIL, Marcus, an amazing photographer. amazing scrapbook artist

::::::::::::::::::::::Well, My head Says::::::::

go take a decongestant, so I will away now. I would like to quickly thank Eve for coughing in my face while I held her in my loving and protective arms. Please folks, remember to cough into the crook of your arm. This PUBLIC SERVICE announcement and pity party is over...FOR NOW! :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Doodling Dakotta

Eve decided she wasn't ready to return to school due to her cough and runny nose, so today we played Myst 4 with Aaron and I played around with some doodles created by one of my nieces, Dakotta. Here is what I made with her pictures:

I'll try to do this blogging thing again tomorrow.

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired...

says Evey!

One sick little girl can really put a wrench in my blogging schedule! :) Eve is in my lap chattering right now. She is begging for me to play the Myst series with her again. She loved the characters and the "spooky music". Due to her high fever, cough and general lethargy she was forced to miss "Dessert with Dad" at her preschool. Michael told her he would take her for ice cream at Bruster's. Not only was Eve sick, but I had my final Wilton decorating class for Course 1. I was able to get my cake baked, iced and smoothed with all of the decorator icing prepared. Unfortunately, I left 2 of the tips I needed in the dishwasher due to being distracted. While I was getting ready to leave and taking care of Eveybug Michael was repairing my brakes. I told him on Sunday that they were hashed and having to stop quickly and pull over for an ambulance to pass did them in. He drove the car to work on Monday and agreed that they were bad. He has been working 50 hour weeks, getting ready for scouts, helping with homework, cuddling a sick Eveybug and getting no sleep because he is in our full size bed with a sick toddler. All of these factors combined he still was able to run to the auto parts store and get new pads and rotors for my car and fix the brakes. He drove my car to work this morning and said he thinks all is well.

Eve has had her bath, her fever is gone, but not her runny nose and cough, so she is staying home again. She will be by cake decorating trainer for my push to finish my last cake decorating assignment. My roses came out ruffled because my icing is too stiff. I think they look "Shabby Chic".

::::::::::::::::Please Take a Second to Check Out::::::::

my new "Humanitarian" section. I have links to Free Rice and a new one for a 20 minute video called "Story of Stuff". I found that 20 minutes incredibly informative and thought it very worthy to share.

::::::::::::::::Finished and on Order::::::::::

I finally finished my SIL's Christmas present and ordered it today. I sent her the Shutterfly link so she could check for errors. She said she really liked it, so that make me happy. Here is the Front and Back Cover:

Credits: Font: Grinched, Kay Miller's Lagoon Kit, Kate Hadfield's Vehicle, Pirate and Animal Doodles, also Summer Collab Kit from TLP, Susan Long's castle doodle, Erica Hite's Dear Diary Doodle for the banner.

Here are a few layouts:

I will update the credits for this one soon.

This is one of my sweet nieces, Isabell.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB Doodle E Doo at The Digichick
Designs by Angelica E.: Happy Doodles
Kate Hadfield: Lovebirds, Chipboard Doodled Hearts
Ida: Heart Doodle Alpha
Natalie Braxton: Strings from the February B.Y.O.C.
Kristin Cronan-Barrow: Lovedovey glitter

A couple of nieces and a nephew playing in the leaves.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MICHAEL at The Digichick
Ida: Fall leaves doodles, Crayon Doodles
Catrine: Explore Solids
Katie Pertiet: Taped frames

::::::::::::::::::::::::::Dawn Inskip Layouts::::::

I made these as part of a tryout for a guest c.t. spot using her freebie::

Eve likes to imagine she is a flower fairy when the azaleas bloom in our front yard.

Dawn Inskip: Guest C.T. Mini Kit
Darcy Baldwin: DJB Connorbuck at The Digichick

Aaron and Rachel are like a couple of lizards on a wall when it comes to climbing.
Dawn Inskip: Guest C.T. Mini Kit
Darcy Baldwin: DJB MISH at The Digichick

I will update tomorrow, as Eve should be back to school. I have been tagged by Carol and also need to hand out my blog awards. Later today is the teacher conferences for Rachel and Noah...should be interesting!


Friday, February 08, 2008

T-Shirt Truths

This is one of the pages for my SIL's Christmas album. Their family always has hilarious t-shirts and this one is all too true:

Credits: background paper from Exploring Solids by Catrine
Kate Hadfield's Fall doodles
Mo Jackson's Bark Alpha and Squirrel's from Fall Pixibelle
Carol Abram's Twig frame
Jan Crowley's Comic Book Junkie

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Pins & Needles:::

My wonderful friend, Carol, from Australia gave me this award . I was truly pleased as punch to have someone say this about me. Carol is so full of mirth, talent and perserverance (overcoming the dreaded dpns for one thing) that she always inspires me when I read her blog. I will be presenting this award to some others soon. Thank you, again!


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Send In The Clowns

Text: This was my first attempt at creating a clown after my Wilton decorating class. The recipe had some changes and the consistency was too soft, but the end result was okay.

Credits: Lorie Davidson's : Sparky freebie
Kate Hadfield's: Doodle alpha
Darcy Baldwin's: DJB KIRA at The Digichick
Catrine: Pauline Alpha

::::::::::::::::::Family Reading Time:::::::

The boys were a bit annoyed with me for going from one princess book to another, but I believe the new book has earned their interest. Aaron was disappointed that I had to stop reading due to the lateness of the hour last night. The story is well crafted and the characters and imagery are superb.

::::::::::::::::Valentine's Day is Coming Soon:::::

Shabby Miss Jenn made some really cool quick pages for the Shutterfly blog. Here is a sample:

::::::::::::::::Personal Reading:::::::::

New book for me:
This is a book recommended by my friend, Kim, and she has excellent taste in books!

Smiles...I'm off to Girl Scouts with Rachel!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Don't Forget to Vote!

:::::::::::::::::::::How Cool is My Mom?::::::

She is so cool that she invited Eve and Rachel to the Hannah Montana Concert at the movie theatre. Rachel wasn't going to go, but Eve's enthusiasm won her over. She came back from the theatre all smiles. My mom said that everyone had a blast singing and that Eve waved her straw in the air. I wonder what Eve would think of Chastain Park where they wave sparklers. I think a pyro will be born the instant she finds out. So, Thank You, "Cool Granny"!


Shannon Hale has captured the essence of what it is that women feel when we read Jane Austen books and watch the film adaptations. Her character Jane embodies the longing for a man who makes you feel beautiful everyday, has a razor sharp wit, a bit brooding at times (with a heart of gold) and has a nice bum in a pair of breeches. Jane's struggles with her definition of boyfriend and how the concept changed after watching Colin Firth in "Pride and Prejudice". I have yet to see this adaptation, but from what I hear I best be sitting down because Firth sweeps you off your feet. Back to this book...I liked that Jane was not really comfortable in her own skin and needed to get over her Mr. Darcy obssession and the way this character develops is thoroughly satisfying. Shannon Hale's quick turn of phrase and flippant remarks let the reader feel like a trusted friend hearing all her thoughts and feelings. I loved the device that segued the chapters of meeting Jane's numbered boyfriends. I about fell out of bed when she described boyfriend #7, too succinct and funny! This is going onto my favorites shelf!

::::::::::::::::::::Wilton 1, Lesson 3:::::

Tonight is my 3rd lesson at Cake Art. I have my icing prepared, my wax squares cut and my cupcakes ready and iced. I'll set up some pastry bags later.

::::::::::::::::::::Don't Forget to Vote::::

today is voting day in Georgia. My mom already voted and Michael was the first to vote this morning. I'm planning to stop over and vote after taking Eve to school.

::::::::::::::::::::New Prophet Called:::::::

President Monson is the new prophet. Not surprising. His counselors are President Eyring and President Uchtdorf. I tell you that these guys give me warm fuzzies in my heart. Seriously! They help me feel the love of the Saviour and that is a wonderful blessing.

::::::::::::::::::::I'll update later with my next reading book.