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Saturday, February 28, 2009

So Happy!

Just popping in to say Hey! I'm still around, but I'm working on some different things. Here is a layout from Rachel's album that I'm working on:

Take care?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Beautiful, Breezy Monday

I took my normal route to, around and from the park. It was so beautiful today. There was a bit of a cold breeze, but thanks to my trusty sweatshirt life was fine.

I had a rather calm day with the nursery kids at church. Michael came into help and so did a couple of moms. We have a really nice assistant that held our one that wanted to weep. We also have a resident grandpa that keeps the peace. Michael gave the lesson on The Good Samaritan. After book reading the children colored pictures about loving each other. We ended the day by "Walking in the Forest". A fun pretend way to go on a trip and be different animals. Our potty training kid had to opportunities for success, so all around a great couple of hours.

I called my stepmom, Alice, because we had the day open and she said, "Come on down!" She made some bbq chicken, carrots and steamed rice with veggies. My dad has been working hard and not feeling too well. Michael sat with him and watched NASCAR. Michael also played his new guitar. It's a Breedlove and he loves having the cutout and it resonats better than Aaron's beginner's guitar. The kids were good and it was fun to talk with my sister, Katherine. I helped Alice load some family photos she received and she let us put them on our computer too. Michael has them on his laptop, so when he sends me the files I will post a couple of photos. There were a few of the cutest brown-eyed brother of mine when he was a toddler. There were also a few with my dad as a kid and young adult. Fun stuff!

Another Valentine's Day layout from Noah's Party:

:::::::::::::::Book Review:::::::::

Half Magic by Eagerly was a cute book, but not timeless. The book would probably be more fun to just read out right. The kids and I didn't like the Reader's Theatre concept with the discordant voices. We all decided we prefer a narrarator style. The book is about an adventure undertaken by 4 siblings with an old, magic coin. So, if you like adventure stories with magic you would probably enjoy this one.

Must go now! Take care! :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Rachel's Valentine's Party:

Eve's Sugar Cookie Decorating:

Noah's Valentine's Box:

Eve's Field Trip to Washington Farms:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello Sir...

::::::::Another Noahism:::::::

We took Rachel to Fernbank Natural History Museum to do a memory study for Emory University's Bauer Research Center. Since we had a family pass we took the rest of the kids. I went up to the Member Service counter and presented my identification to the young man behind the counter to get our tickets. Noah came up to stand next to me and asked the the man, "Hello Sir, but could you tell me if your necklace is metamorphic, igneous or sedimentary rock?" The poor guy looked shocked and befuddled, then he said, "It's a citrine." So Noah asked, "So what is a citrine?" The guy responded, "I don't know. It's just a citrine."

Michael took Aaron, Noah and Eve around to the different exhibits, while I went with Rachel and the researcher around Fernbank. Rachel was given a digital camera to take different photographs of things in the facility. She was assigned some specific items to photograph and sometimes she was allowed to take some of her choice. She had to take 3 photos of each thing because they said the image would process in her memory better that way. She kept commenting on the dead bird exhibits and that she wouldn't photograph any animals private parts. She believes in "Privacy".
After the researcher was finished with Rachel we joined the others to play in the hands on exhibits. The kids really love to make giant bubbles.

Rachel went to the research lab on Tuesday and they put the cap on her head that would allow them to monitor her brain waves. They put her in a room and gave her a thing that was like a computer game controller because they figured that apparatus would be easiest for computer savvy kids to operate. She was having a little bit of a learning. So they took a little more time to explain how to use it to her. Michael said he explained that she didn't play computer games much, that she liked to read a lot. They asked what she was reading. She told them, Pride and Prejudice, also Johnny Tremain. The researchers then put her in a dark room and displayed photographs, some were hers and some not, to see how and where her brain responded. We love science!

:::::::::::::::Parent/Teacher Conferences Begin::::::::

Michael and I went tonight to conferences for Rachel and Noah. I don't think I've walked away so at ease for the progress of two of my kids. The best news is that Rachel's teacher is now cancer free!!! All the parents clapped and cried for her. We really are pleased at the rapport she has with the her class. She is such a fantastic teacher and she tries to keep the bar raised, so the kids really achieve and stretch. Rachel scored well on all of her tests, but could use some help with fractions.

I had to run up after 10 minutes to make my appointment with Noah's teacher. I was surprised that all she had to say was good stuff. She said he has matured and really works hard to turn in assignments on time. His reading tests for the accelerated reader program are showing he is reading at grade level. His other tests show he needs improvement in punctuation, capitalization and another grammar area. He was outstanding in every other area, so my little man with poor fine motor skills is really coming along.

:::::::::::This Morning::::::::

Another Noah story. Noah decided he didn't want to watch morning programs on PBS, or play on the computer. He wanted to create circuit that he had made with Michael before. He said it wouldn't take long because there were only 11 steps. He called me in after a few minutes because he said he couldn't find the right resistor. He had a code that listed the color he needed. We went through all of the resistors, but couldn't find the one he said he needed. I grabbed the phone and called Michael at work. After talking to Noah for a couple of minutes he realized that Noah confused the resistor for the integrated circuit he actually needed. We thanked Michael and got only a few steps into the circuit before he had to run off and get on the bus. Interesting morning for an 8 year-old.

I hope y'all have a happy Valentine's Day! I will be baking sugar cookies for Eve's Kindergarten class to decorate tomorrow. I will be using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, of course. (((HUGS))) to all!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Oh No! Look at That the Bag Broke Open...

I have taught my daughter a bad habit. SOMETIMES when I buy a bag of candy it ACCIDENTLY breaks open in the car on the ride home, or right after I pull it out of the grocery bag. I put a mortified or annoyed look on my face, then unwrap one of those little treats and pop them in my mouth. Well, Rachel got off the bus on Friday completely miffed with a boy that said she was yelling and popped her in the hands. She said she was just sitting there doing nothing. She was extremely frustrated and cried. Nothing witty, comforting or sarcastic on my part made anything better. Then, she stood up with purpose walked into the kitchen and grabbed a Russell Stover's chocolate covered marshmallow heart that she had chosen for her friend and tore open the bag and said with a teary laugh, "Oh darn, the bag broke!" She popped it into her mouth and laughed. She went on to say that there may be a time in the near future that the other two hearts might have something happen to them. I suppose I'll wait until Thursday to replace the treats for her good friends.

::::::::::::::::Here is a Layout for Rachel's Book:::::::::

Rachel recieved a letter from school letting her know she was nominated for Jr. Beta Club. It is an academic, leadership and service club. She wasn't sure exactly what it was at first, or why it was important. I told her it was for kids who worked hard and wanted to also give service to the community. When I told her she would be giving service she was on board. She works diligently on her school work. I know there are folks out there that things come to easily, but I think with Rachel she has enough smarts to know what she doesn't know and has to work hard to get the information. I respect her work ethic with learning.
I love this website. This index card really made me laugh. It reminds me of the silly conversation you have to have with your kids about chicken fingers. No, chicken's don't have fingers. Why do they call them that, then? So nauseum.

I think if that Noah would waste away if chicken fingers didn't exist. Well, that and ketchup.

::::::::::Speaking of Noah::::::::::::
He was tested for the FOCUS program at school last week. I don't know what the outcome will be, but he said the test was a bunch of yes, or no questions that he responded "no" to a lot. He is still creating things out of cardboard boxes and Scotch tape. A couple of weeks ago I let him have carte blanche with scissors and cardboard and he created a plane for he and Eve to seat in with some toys. It was pretty cool. I felt bad tossing it, but our house is too small. When I left my Mom's last night he had a roll of Scotch tape. I'm curious to wait he makes today.

::::::::::::Something I agree with:::::::

::::::::::::Paid Off::::::::::
These are the sofa and chairs we bought for the den. They are so comfortable. Michael is napping on the sofa now. We wanted something that all of us could flop on and be comfortable. The pillow like covers on the armrests are ideal. The kid's like that their body heat warms up the chair pretty quickly. No buyers remorse is a good thing.

and Michael had a lock in at Atlanta Rocks climbing gym with Aaron's scout troop. Then, this morning, Michael drove Aaron to a merit badge clinic to learn about electronics with his other troop.

had an early morning trip to Home Depot with Grampa Jim planned. She loves to build, create and craft.

Well, I've got to wake up the napper in a moment to get on with the rest of the day. Take care! :-)