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Friday, November 30, 2007

Who Wants to Join With Me and Call For...

a leap day in November?! I am somewhat disturbed to think December 1st is tomorrow. My lack of preparedness is simply appalling!

::::::::::::::::Chopstick Rests::::::

We ordered these for our family Christmas dinner from Asian Ideas. The company representative is super polite and quick to respond:

Michael and I thought these chopstick rests would be a fun addition to the table decorations. The dinner menu is still being worked out, but Michael looks forward to cooking for his family. His favorite thing about last year's family dinner was cooking with Stephen and Reuben who volunteered to come early and chipped right in. Their help was invaluable and they were loads of fun to talk to!

I need to design the invite now!
This is one of my favorite songs by Elvis Costello and The Attractions.

::::::::::::::::::::::::Another Vacation Layout:::::::

This is my daughter, Eve, on the Canadian side of the border at Niagara Falls.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MICHELLED, DJB Liz at The Digichick
Kate Hadfield: Stitched Flowers, Fabric Flowers, Dandelion freebie, Handstitched
Tiff Brady and Kate Hadfield: Wordy Bits Basics
Emily Merritt: Word Toppers
Nancy Kubo: Owl
Michelle Coleman: Color Me Solid
Kim Christensen: Doodle Tags
Jenna Desai: Whimsical Doodles
Amy Wolff: Chalked Swirls
CK Good Point: Arrow alpha by C.D. Muckosky

::::::::::::::::::::::::Stage Make-Up::::::

The local high school is putting on a play of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" and Rachel's girl scout troop will be taking an hour long introduction to applying stage make-up. The nice thing is that if she has any follow up questions one of my sister-in-law's has a degree in theatre and is excellent in doing stage make-up.

I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

often go awry.

The Christmas tree is still bare of any lights and ornaments. Both Michael and Eveybug have been sick. Poor little Evey was heaving her wee guts out the other night, but she was so brave! She would just pat me on the arm and that meant it was time to make a run for it. I had Michael sleep on Rachel's trundle so if he needed to get to the bathroom we wouldn't be in each other's way. Michael and Eve stayed home yesterday and she had fallen asleep by the time I got home from running the kids around. So, I don't know if she will be going to school today.

Yesterday, I checked Rachel out of school to get her retainer. She picked one in an ocean blue color.

The appointment to a little over an hour because they stack the kids like cord wood with their scheduling. I suppose these folks could easily get a job in traffic control at Hartsfield...they have such similar...should it be called...skills? She was instructed to wear to only remove the retainer to eat and brush. I maintained the tradition of taking Rachel to Bruster's for a scoop of Cotton Candy Explosion. I had turtle ice cream in a waffle cone. The pecans were perfection itself...mmm good!

Noah and Aaron had scouts. Michael was supposed to go, but was too sick. The cub scouts conducted a flag retirement ceremony and they did a fantastic job. They were very respectful and reverent during the ceremony and the boys did a, mostly, good job of listening. Afterwards the boys were treated to hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.
Aaron was supposed to have his board of review for advancement, but his dad, the Scout Master, was sick and the Committee Chairman had to leave because his son's stitches came out during a game the scout's were playing, so he will have to wait a few more days for the review.

::::::::::::::::George's Secret Key To The Universe:::::::::

This book written by Lucy and Stephen Hawking sucked the kids in like the black hole that is discussed in the book. The stories title character, George, is a boy who wants to learn about technology, but his parents are extreme environmentalists. George meets his young next door neighbor, Annie and the adventure begins. Annie's dad is a scientist who uses a sleek looking laptop named Cosmos to research the universe for an earth-like planet for us to inhabit after we have depleted our own world. George has a couple of thrilling space adventures, which kept the kids wanting me to read the next chapter...and the next. Interspersed throughout the book are photos and facts about space. The book has information, as recent as, 2006. In the part of the story, specifically, about the black hole the theory of Hawking Radiation is explained. What was really cool about it was Michael had read about it and was animatedly explaining how it worked to the children and me.
The moral of the story is that we need to take care of the planet we have, while looking for another habitable planet. The story was a fun and informational read. I recommend it if you have kids who enjoy space and science adventures.

::::::::::::::::::::::Magic And Other Misdemeanors

by Michael Buckley is the next book in the series of stories about the Sisters Grimm. My kids were so anxious to get this book started and see what the girls and the crazy town of Everafters were up to in Ferryport Landing. The first chapter was packed with excitement with the zany character, Puck and his chimpanzee army. This should be a wild adventure!

::::::::::::::::::::::::Family Reunion Layout:::::::::::

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MICHAEL, SAVE THE DATE at The Digichick,
Gina Miller: Canvas of Color
Catrine: Journaling papers
Jenn Patrick: Backward Staples
Kate Hadfield: Rainbow Rubberbands, Heavy Duty Staples
Katie Pertiet: Taped Frames
Ida: Crayon doodles
Amy Wolff: Chalked Swirls

Monday, November 26, 2007

Get Your Game Face On!

::::::::::::::Get A Clue:::::

Darcy Baldwin: DJB Lena, DJB JGEEK, DJB Connorbuck, DJB ADEE1 at The Digichick
Nancy Comelab: 2page frame cluster
Nancy Kubo: Owl Graphics
Weeds and Wildflowers: Fall Alpha
Shabby Miss Jenn: journal paper from Tree Trimmin' Party
Robin Carlton: Color Tabs
Catrine: Chalked Alpha

:::::::::::::::It Boggles The Mind:::::::

Darcy Baldwin: Little Bits Alpha and DJB MANDY at The Digichick
Weeds and Wildflowers: Cherish Alpha
Amy Wolff: Chalked Swirls
Misty Mareda: Cardboard Frame from Thankful Heart at LDD
Michelle Coleman: black background paper from Thankful Heart at LDD
Shabby Miss Jenn: staples from Old Letters Lil kit
Catrine: Cardboard Swirls, Chalked Alpha, Pauline Alpha
Nancy Comelab: Surprise photo cluster
Lori Barnhurst: Cluster staples from Thankful Heart at LDD
Emily Merritt: Tile Alpha
Amber Clegg: Date Stamp

::::::::::::::::::::A Joy To Listen To::::
A Christmas Carol by Dickens, read by Patrick Stewart (Abridged)

Patrick Stewart's rendition of this perennial classic is so amazing! His characterization of each voice, even the clock, sucks you right in to the story! I highly recommend this version for those of you who love this story.

::::::::::::::::::::Tree Trimmin' Time::::

Our plan is to try and trim the Christmas tree tonight. Unlike past year where we have waited until the last week to get our tree the kids and I purchased the tree on Friday. The Boy Scout troop my stepdad, Jim, works with sells trees every year as their fund raiser. I had initially picked a tree, but I wavered for a few minutes and it was snapped up by another family. They have good taste, so I looked on. I found a tree laying on the ground that Jim told me was a second and they were going to use for making wreaths. It looked like a fine tree to me, not like the small skraggly tree from a Charlie Brown special, so we struck a deal and that tree was set up by Michael on Saturday.


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Miscellanous Stuff and Things

:::::::::::::::Enchanting "Enchanted"::::::::

We skipped all of the "Black Friday" frenzy and went to the 11:50am showing of "Enchanted". The story was fun and the little running gags were great. I loved that Giselle would always make her new clothes from the drapes or sheets and she would leave the remnants in place. The animation of the chipmunk, Pip, was hilarious. James Marsden was delightful in his handsome, vacuous way. Patrick Dempsey did a great job as a nice guy and father who is disenchanted with the idea of true love. This is an all-around fun film. I recommend it to all ages!

:::::::::::::::Just Thought This Was Cool::::::

Statue of Liberty created by troops.

To check out some other amazing people pictures check out Carl Hammer's gallery.


Michael and Aaron went camping right after the movie "Enchanted" was over. They were invited to celebrate our nephew, Gabriel's birthday. Gabriel wanted to celebrate by fishing and hanging out with the guys in the family.

:::::::::::::::::Inherit The Wind

I finished the play "Inherit The Wind" by Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee. The letter that introduces the play by the writers states, "Inherit the Wind is not history.
...Only a handful of phrases have been taken from the actual transcript of the famous Scopes Trial." The play was easy to follow and several interesting lines.

Act 2, Scene 1, The prosecuting and defense attorney, (who are past acquaintances and former friends)discuss the current rift between them as friends:

Brady: "I was always glad for your support. What happened between us? There used to be a mutuality of understanding and admiration. Why is it, my old friend, that you have moved so far away from me?"

Drummond: "All motion is relative. Perhaps it is you who have moved away-- by standing still.

Act 2, Scene 2

Drummond: "It frightens me to imagine the state of learning in the world if everyone had your driving curiosity."

Act 2, Scene 2

Drummond: "...Gentlemen, progress has never been a bargain. You've got to pay for it. Sometimes I think there's a man behind a counter who says, 'All right, you can have a telephone; but you'll have to give up privacy, the charm of distance. Madam, you may vote; but at a price; you lose the right to retreat behind a powder-puff or a petticoat. Mister, you may conquer the air; but the birds will lose their wonder, and the clouds will smell of gasoline!'..."

Act 3, Scene 1

In an exchange with the reporter, Hornbeck, after the trial Bertram Cates and the death of Brady:

Hornbeck: : "I charge you with contempt of conscience! Self-perjury. Kindness aforethought. Sentimentality in the first degree."

Drummond: "Why? Because I refuse to erase a man's lifetime? I tell you Brady had the same right as Cates: the right to be wrong!"

The entire book deals with the concepts of being able to look at information from all sources so that you can form an opinion. Darwin is vilified by the most of the town viewing his theories as taking God out of the picture. The play ends with the defense lawyer, Drummond, taking the "evidence" in the trail, which was the Bible and a copy of Darwin's book, picking the two up and weighing them up. Then, he shrugs and puts them both together in his briefcase and walks out of the courtroom.

I enjoyed reading the book and realize that many people are very uncomfortable, if not, downright angry when the discussion of Darwin comes up. What ever side you find yourself I think this play is a good food for thought.

:::::::::::::::::::Photos from the Past Week:::::

Aaron reading to Eve's Pre-School Class (He is now on the permanent visiting reader list):

Noah as Villager #8 in "Stone Soup":

Eve as one of the "First People":


I hope your weekend is Enchanted!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

from our family to yours!

Kate Hadfield, Tiff Brady and Bren Boone designs

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby, It's NOT Cold Outside

The weather here is rather warm. Eve has been going to school in skorts and short sleeve tops. But, these new kits I have been fortunate to play with from Shabby Miss Jenn have helped me get into a more festive frame of mind:

:::::::::::::::::::Shabby Miss Jenn mega kits::::::::::

Tree Trimmin' Party
Shabby Snow Kisses

Shabby Miss Jenn: Tree Trimmin' Party
Darcy Baldwin: Font: DJB RITA2 and DJB LAURATscript at The Digichick
Jennifer Pebbles: *Template-modified

Journaling: Rachel and Rebecca were thankful for every snowflake they could scoop off the top of the tents. They came up to each of us at the campsite to show off their treasured balls of snow. They ended up with red faces, red hands and happy hearts!

Shabby Miss Jenn Designs: Shabby Snow Kisses mega kit

Darcy Baldwin: DJB MANDYK1, DJB JULIANA IN A HURRY at The Digichick

Paula Duncan: rusty nail hardware

:::::::::::::::::::::Ben 10::::::::::::::

Today is a day to hangout with Noah. The other kids are at my stepmom's house playing with their cousin, Haley. Noah asked if he could come home with us so tonight he could watch Ben 10, Race Against Time at Granny Sue's house. It was an easy request to fulfill.


Eve's feast went well and the cupcakes I made were well received. Aaron did a great job reading. I even got to read a short book to the class.

At 2p.m. Eve and I went to Noah's class for their rendition of "Stone Soup". The kids were great. Noah was Villager #8 whose claim to fame was taking the soup pot and placing it in front of the main characters. He also had a few lines.

Aaron and I dissected a chicken wing...well, I dissected it while he watched and tried not to gag.

All in all a productive day!

I'll post pictures once I upload them to the computer.


Monday, November 19, 2007

White Lies...Aren't So Harmless

::::::::::::::::Why Kids LiePaul Ekman, Ph.D.:::

This was a very good read! Dr. Ekman uses decades of research, personal experiences and common sense to discuss the common trait of lying. His stepson, Tom, has the best line in the book, "Face it. Your kids are going to lie to you until one of you dies."
Kids (and adults) are more likely to tell a lie if they perceive they will be punished, the respect for the target is low or the lie has been authorized. There are also those who like to dupe others that they view as gullible and get delight in doing so. Dr. Ekman cautions parents strongly on telling white lies that they perceive as harmless, but kids recognize as just plain lies. I am guilty of putting off telemarketers by telling them that "Victoria's not home." I see how my avoidance of the annoying callers is a lie, so I have repented and will simply be saying, "No, not interested", then hanging up the phone.
Ekman stresses the need to explain to the child the reason the lie is harmful, not only to the level of trust, but, possibly, to physical health. Children who have higher I.Q.s are equally likely to cheat as any other child if the opportunity, pressure and other factors are conducive.
He brings out the concept of The Halos/Horns Effect. The phrase refers to prior knowledge you have of a person effects if you think they are likely to have other good or bad traits. We are dealing with this in our son's Sunday school class. The teacher informed our son, in front of the class, that the reason she was in the class was because he is a behavior problem. This is likely true, but she handled the situation completely inappropriately. She also has formed friendships with the young girls in the class and they can do no wrong. While we see and hear them belittling and acting in a condescending manner to our son. He is also dealing with a child who has anger management problems (a family trait) and has thrown chairs and tossed our son's glasses down the hall. Michael is going to sit in on the next few classes because I am doing something at the same class time. It is probably best that Michael mediates the situation first because I turn red as a lobster and my face shows my intense displeasure.
Try to focus on the cause of the lie, don't yell, don't withdraw affection, assign a punishment that fits the crime, don't tell lies of any kind. If the kids don't need to know certain information tell them that is why you are not disclosing the information, but don't lie. I will close with some advice from Tom Ekman, "But if you create more situations where your child feels less compelled to lie and can tell the truth, then you can make a big difference as to how much your child will lie."

Great book!

::::::::::::::::Pomegranate 7up Revisited::::::::

Michael really likes the new Pomegranate drink. He told me the flavor was "festive"! So, just wanted to add his review.

:::::::::::::::::Thanksgiving Holidays:::::::

I need to make cupcakes for Eve's class and baklava for my dad and Alice's dinner. Aaron is reading for the Thanksgiving Feast at Eve's pre-k. Noah is doing the play "Stone Soup" with his second grade class. Aaron and I will be dissecting a chicken wing for science. Life is full and ever interesting!


Saturday, November 17, 2007


::::::::::::::::::Riding In Cars With Boys:::::

...well, at least, that boy!

Dialogue: Noah: Why do you think the people who made the movie "Transformers" didn't use Hot Shot?
I Mean Hot Shot is a major character! Why did they choose Bumblebee?

Me: I don't know.

Noah: What could they be thinking? Hot Shot was like second in command!

Me: I don't know.

Noah: I don't really want an answer. I'm just asking the question.

Me: Oh! So you are asking a rhetorical question.

Noah: What is a rhetorical question?

Me: It is a question where you don't expect an answer.

Noah: I ask a Lot of rhetorical questions!

Journaling: Having conversations with Noah is always an interesting experience. Sometimes the conversations are exasperating, futile, or just plain silly. Noah has questions that make him seem like a very old soul. It was very enlightening for both of us to realize that some of these are just rhetorical!

Jan Crowley: Comic Junkie
Michelle Coleman: LDD Color Matters, Hand Stamped Alpha
Kate Hadfield: Vehicle Doodles, Animal Doodles, Halloween Doodles, New Home Doodle
Catrine: Chalked Alpha
Two Sisters Design: Label It Alpha
Amber Clegg: Date Stamp
Nancy Comelab: Cluster frame modified
Anna Benjamin: Robot Sticker (Paper Moon)

The other conversation during the same car ride was about stuffed animals. Eve stated, rather proudly, that she had many more stuffed animals than Noah. Noah, mind you, was sitting with his beloved stuffed pig, Oinky. He tenderly and calmly replied to Eve's boast by saying, "I have Oinky and that is all I need." How cool was that?!

:::::::::::::::::::::Swimming Lesson Update::::::::::

Eve is now coming up for breath more frequently. This, as you all know, is a great thing! She is really good about using both her arms and legs to move her through the water. Noah forgets to kick his legs and wants to only use his freestyle stroke. He really prefers just swimming to the bottom of the pool. Laura may get sainthood for her patience with my kids.
Since Rachel was running late from her dental appointment Laura was able to work with Aaron for 15 minutes. His arms look really good, but his kicking is inefficient. He also forgets to turn his head to grab a breath. He is improving, though.
I helped Rachel dress quickly, so she could get in the pool. She practiced her freestyle and backstroke. When the 30 minutes was up for Aaron's lesson Laura asked if she could teach Rachel the breast stroke. Rachel was very excited to learn something new and she found out that she has a natural breast stroker's kick.

While Rachel was finishing up her lesson Aaron helped Eve keep practicing her swimming. He was really good with encouraging her.

::::::::::::::::::::Hang Out At Home Movie::::::

of the day is "Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy". Rachel will be a bit sad she missed it, as she is on a "double" sleepover. She is spending the night with a friend from her Girl Scout Troop for a second night. Rachel's favorite character in the movie is Marvin the manickly depressed robot.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Smile And Say Bye To The Bling!

Rachel was thrilled to have her braces removed! She reported that the removal was quick and painless. The orthodontist, Dr. Cohen, took a strawberry flavored mold of her mouth for the retainer. She chose "Ocean Blue" as the color for the acrylic part of the retainer. Michael took her to Bruster's for a congratulatory "Cotton Candy Explosion". Victoria took her to the grocery store to pick out cornn on the cob. Rachel ate two cobs with great joy and a bit of salt and butter!
Darcy Baldwin: Save The Date, DJB Angela, DJB MICHAEL at The Digichick
Emily Merritt: MSA kit flowers, LDD Background paper, Tile alpha, *Word Toppers modified
Gina Miller: MSA kit
Catrine: Chalked Alpha
Kylie Clark: Spotted Dog Alpha
Kate Hadfield: MSA kit, Knotted stitches, Newspaper doodles
Weeds and Wildflowers: Wire word freebie
Vicki Stegall: Opps banded frame
Nancy Comelab: Paddelights Polaroids
Two Sisters Design: MSA kit
Ida: Crayon Doodles

:::::::::::::::::::::::::The Verdict Is In::::::::

Has an aftertaste of apples. Not unpleasant, but not spectacular. The color is quite festive, so this would be awesome for parties.

Got to run!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Frustrated Artist and The Lone Dissenter

:::::::::::::::Frustrated Artist:::::::::

This is a layout of another one of my beautiful nieces, Kyra. One of the relaxing activities for our family reunion was to color. Kyra threw me a pout when her colored pencil was worn to a nub and she had a lot more to shade with that color.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB SUSANR at The Digichick
Jenna Desai: Whimsical Doodle
Scarletheels Media: Graphtastic, Painty Alpha
Kim de Smet: Newspaper border
Two Sisters Designs: Punch Label date
Tia Bennett: Joined At The Hip
Meredith Fenwick: Circle brush
Emily Merritt: Meshy Brush Add-on
Sausan Designs: Doodle Frame
Kate hadfield: Doodle Tape, Heavy Duty Staples
Font: Trashed

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Interesting Test::::::::
I saw this test on Jessica Sprague's blog

Jung Typology Test

Here is how I scored:

Your Type is
Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging
Strength of the preferences %
44 50 25 44

INFJ type description by D.Keirsey
INFJ type description by J. Butt and M.M. Heiss

INFJ Career Choices Jung Career Indicator?
INFJ Lifestyle Preferences

Qualitative analysis of your type formula

You are:
moderately expressed introvert

moderately expressed intuitive personality

moderately expressed feeling personality

moderately expressed judging personality

Protrait of the Counselor

The Portait of the Counselor (INFJ)

The Counselor Idealists are abstract in thought and speech, cooperative in reaching their goals, and enterprising and attentive in their interpersonal roles. Counselors focus on human potentials, think in terms of ethical values, and come easily to decisions. The small number of this type (little more than 2 percent) is regrettable, since Counselors have an unusually strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others and genuinely enjoy helping their companions. Although Counsleors tend to be private, sensitive people, and are not generally visible leaders, they nevertheless work quite intensely with those close to them, quietly exerting their influence behind the scenes with their families, friends, and colleagues. This type has great depth of personality; they are themselves complicated, and can understand and deal with complex issues and people.

Counselors can be hard to get to know. They have an unusually rich inner life, but they are reserved and tend not to share their reactions except with those they trust. With their loved ones, certainly, Counselors are not reluctant to express their feelings, their face lighting up with the positive emotions, but darkening like a thunderhead with the negative. Indeed, because of their strong ability to take into themselves the feelings of others, Counselors can be hurt rather easily by those around them, which, perhaps, is one reason why they tend to be private people, mutely withdrawing from human contact. At the same time, friends who have known a Counselor for years may find sides emerging which come as a surprise. Not that they are inconsistent; Counselors value their integrity a great deal, but they have intricately woven, mysterious personalities which sometimes puzzle even them.

Counselors have strong empathic abilities and can become aware of another's emotions or intentions -- good or evil -- even before that person is conscious of them. This "mind-reading" can take the form of feeling the hidden distress or illnesses of others to an extent which is difficult for other types to comprehend. Even Counselors can seldom tell how they came to penetrate others' feelings so keenly. Furthermore, the Counselor is most likely of all the types to demonstrate an ability to understand psychic phenomena and to have visions of human events, past, present, or future. What is known as ESP may well be exceptional intuitive ability-in both its forms, projection and introjection. Such supernormal intuition is found frequently in the Counselor, and can extend to people, things, and often events, taking the form of visions, episodes of foreknowledge, premonitions, auditory and visual images of things to come, as well as uncanny communications with certain individuals at a distance.

Mohandas Gandhi, Sidney Poitier, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jane Goodall, Emily Bronte, Sir Alec Guiness, Carl Jung, Mary Baker Eddy, Queen Noor are examples of the Counselor Idealist (INFJ).

Full descriptions of the Counselor and the Idealists are in People Patterns or Please Understand Me II

::::::::::::::::::New Family Reading Book:::::::::::

George's Secret Key To The Universe by Lucy and Stephen Hawking

The story is perfect for Noah. It has a young boy who owns a pig and the book talks about black holes and other science stuff.

::::::::::::::::::::::Holiday Un-Spirits::::::

this is a new drink that looked tasty for those holiday festivities
I have a 2 liter bottle ready for sampling, so I'll let you know the family verdict on this new drink.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Christmas Gift From Shutterfly::::

Shutterfly and Jen Wilson Designs have teamed up to allow for a free elements and paper pack worth $6.00.

Here is the link to there freebies here

:::::::::::::::::::::College For Kids::::::::

Rachel went through her book ceremony for College for Kids at Mercer University. We really enjoy her stories.

:::::::::::::::::::::Links To The Library Internet Dispute::::

Michael was listed as "The Lone Dissenter" in a news article on the issue. That had quite a ring to it.

Check out Michael's blog for the 411 on the Gwinnett County Library Board meeting.

:::::::::::::::::::::Teacher Conference and Braces Removal:::::::

I will post photos of a de-braced Rachel tomorrow! I won't, however, burden you with photos of the teacher conferences! :)

:::::::::::::::::::::Cherie Call::::::::

I am really enjoying her acoustic style. One of my favorite songs by her is "No"

and "One Good Woman"

"No Ordinary Girl"

Smiles, y'all!

Joan of Arc and Other People Wary of...

incensed citizens.

:::::::::::::::::::Library Board Meeting::::::::

Michael was one of 4 people who spoke before the library board. He was the only one who spoke in favor of the current internet policy. He was able to get throught his prepared message except for two short paragraphs. There were no applause, but I figure the majority of people who choose to follow their conscience against the popular opinion rarely receive any. On the way I compared his effort to Joan of Arc who followed what she knew to be right, but ended up burned at the stake. Michael wasn't really bouyed up by this comparison. It just happened to be on my mind because the kids and I had watched "Bone of Arc"
with the doggie actor Wishbone. There were reporters for Channel 2 and 46 there, as well as, a reporter from the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. We gave the AJC reporter Michael's notes when she asked for excerpts of his statement.

This is a layout of a day Rachel played with mischevious glee in the huge puddles left after the brief rainstorm while we were at Niagara Falls.

This template was by wyowoman (Kristen Tilley) for the DST Digital Scrapbook Day.
Darcy Baldwin: DJB HeatherG at The Digichick
Scarletheels Media: Papers and Netter Alpha
Misty Mareday: Together brush, Calendar numbers
Kate Hadfield: Weather doodles, Flower Doodles, Stitched Doodle Alpha, Newspaper Doodle Apha, Taped Journal bits, Taped Alpha, Staples, Doodle Alpha, Doodle Tape
Emily Merritt: Tile Alpha
Catrine: Chalk Alpha
Audrey Neal: Alpha for The Lily Pad's Summer Collab kit
Ashley Olsen: Faithfulness Alpha

::::::::::::::::::::::Current Quick Reads::::::
Zachary Zormer: Shape Transformer

There are little sketches with directions in the back for kids to do what the character in the story creates. This was a clever little book.

The Last Dance by Carmen Deedy

From Publishers Weekly
Despite the precious life lessons knit into the story line ("Every human being has a right to three things: to dance... to sing... to tell stories"), Deedy's fluid prose and flair for imagery ("the moon sat full-bellied on the treetops") turns a potentially trite story into a sweet, sentimental one. Childhood sweethearts Ninny and Bessie make a pact that when one of them dies, the other will come to the graveyard and dance on the grave. The story spans a lifetime, from the young couple's early moonlight dances at Ninny's grandfather's grave through marriage, a war and a last anniversary. In the end, Bessie fulfills her promise and saves the last dance for her beloved Ninny. Santini's impressionistic watercolors, rendered in muted shades of rose, smoke blue, and browns, effectively capture the bittersweet mood of the story. A note: although the subject may be more likely to appeal to beginning readers, the text-set in a decorative scriptface-is a visual stumbling block. Ages 8-12.
Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc.

I agree with the note from this review in regards to the type face, but the message was still good.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::Saturday at The Movies::::::
The girls and I went to see "The Rock", Dwayne Johnson, in this movie:

The movie was fun. I have to say The Rock has some of the best set of teeth I have ever seen! The message about a guy who is self-centered learning to love someone was pretty cool.

My mom and Noah went to see "The Bee Movie" with Jerry Seinfeld. They reported a fun movie, too. It worked out that the films were only at slightly different times, so we could go in one car.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Weather Update::::::::::::

My friend Janna asked about the lack of rain in the area. We are experiencing a severe drought. The local pond the kids like to go by is extremely shallow. Michael and Aaron went caving in North Georgia on Saturday and the water fall was not as strong as it has been in the last few years. The Fall leaves are lacking in color...just dull all around. The need for rain gets more dire all the time. Our state of Georgia is at odds with Alabama and Florida over water rights, which doesnt' make for happy government relations either.

Must run off!

Later, gators!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Catching Some Shut-Eye...

not me! It's just the name of the layout I did for our reunion.

::::::::::::A Layout From the Family Reunion::::

My nephew, Elliott, with his Aunty Teashy.

Darcy Baldwin: DJB For ANNIE/ DJB MICHAEL / DJB KARENscript at The Digichick
Jenna Desai: Whimsical heart doodles
Gina Miller: Canvas Of Colors
Lisa Whitney: Chalked Full of Color
Kate Hadfield: Newspaper Doodles
Catrine: Chalked Alpha
Holly McCaig: Doodle Frame
Emily Merritt: Bubble Wrap Brush
Natalie Braxton: Cardboard Cut-Out
Christina Renee: Punch label alpha

My recent downloads from Spiral Frog :

India Aire: Video
The Little things

Billie Holiday: As Time Goes By
Embraceable You
On The Sunny Side of The Street
I'll Be Seeing You
I've Got a Man Crazy Bout Me (He's Funny That Way)

Spike Jones: Entire Christmas Album

Blues Traveler But Anyway

Cher: Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves

Ringo Star: Octopus' Garden

::::::::::::::::::::::Emotions Revealed:::::

This book was a fascinating read! The use of memorable news photos, study photos and personal accounts made this a very approachable work of psychology. Dr. Ekman was able to explain the many emotions that we experience in a practical, as well as, a clinical way. He also used words from other languages since some emotions didn't have a descriptive enough English word. He explained how surprise is the briefiest of all emotions and that startle is different from surprise. He showed how the eyes really help you determine a genuinely happy smile from one only done with the mouth. There is so much amazing information in this book! Two thumbs up!

My next book is by Paul Ekman, as well. Why Kids Lie

::::::::::::::::Aurora County All-Stars:::::::

We just finished this book on Thursday night. The kids were a bit luke warm on this one. I think that our kids don't get into sports stories, so there is a bit of a bias about the story. The thread binding the story was part of the poem "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman. The author never loses the thread and the story is tied up nicely at the end. The concept of how we are all connected and valuable is such a wonderful message. I recommend the book even if you have non-sports fans like my kids.

::::::::::::::::School Reading::::::::

Aaron has chosen for his next reading assignment for school to read The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. We read it as a family a couple of years ago, so I wonder what new insight he will glean this time around.


Michael, Aaron and a couple of friends from Church have gone caving today. They are planning to get back to the waterfall in the back of the cave. Since Aaron has no body fat Michael made sure Aaron had plenty of synthetic clothes to keep him from soaking up the cold water. He was joking that he looked like Mickey Mouse because his leggings were black, his long sleeve shirt was white and his shorts over the top were red. We all laughed about that one.


I worked on marriage certificates from Barbour and Jackson counties in West Virginia, then I was sent a 1900 Census. I am having a bit of trouble with certain letters. Argh! The census I'm working on is from Merrimack, New Hampshire. The information is really interesting. This is a great program if you are interested in being altruistic with your down time. :)


Thursday, November 08, 2007

Give Thanks!

:::::::::Letters to the troops for Thanksgiving:

I got this email today: Something cool that Xerox is doing Let's Say Thanks

"You can pick out a thank you card and Xerox will print it and it will be sent to a soldier that is currently serving in Iraq . You can't pick out who gets it, but it will go to some member of the armed services.

How AMAZING it would be if we could get everyone know to send one!!! This is a great site. Please send a card. It is FREE and it only takes a second.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if the soldiers received a bunch of these? Whether you are for or against the war, our guys and gals over there need to know we are behind them...

...It really did just take a few moments to choose a lovely card and sentiment, so please send one if you get a chance!

::::::::::::::An Oldie, but a Goodie::::::
Who Needs 31 Flavors...
When there is VANILLA and chocolate!

Shabby Miss Jenn: Ice Cream Party kit at Shabby Miss Jenn Designs
Darcy Baldwin: DJB KELLI, DJB JULIANA IN A HURRY, Stickbet Alpha, Save The Date at The Digichick
Jenn Patrick: Backward Staples
Kate Hadfield: Wordy Bit Alpha

This layout is using photos taken in 2005. This photo of Noah's face just makes me smile. I, especially, like the ice cream on his face.

:::::::::::::::::::Genealogy Merit Badge::::::

I worked with the Scouts last night on the Genealogy M.B. We talked about relatives, where to look for information and why it is important to learn information from family sources before they pass on. I also cautioned them that two people at the same event can see things and remember things completely different. It was interesting to note that Aaron was unaware of a lot of family information because I take care of all of that for him. Maybe, just maybe, he will pay a little more attention.


I have signed up to transcribe historical documents. Through I have downloaded my first batch of documents from a book of marriage certificates in the 1850's. The handwriting is already stumping me so I need to do some more letter comparisons.

Off to index for a bit!


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Crazy Conversations and Funny Relatives!

I have so many cool nieces and nephews! Here are a couple of layouts using pictures provided by their mom, Melissa.

My niece, Kendall, dressed up as the Wicked Stepmother. She had to remember to stop skipping and singing because she was supposed to be "evil".

Darcy Baldwin: DJB GINAE, Stickbet Alpha at The Digichick
Sausan Designs: Oogelie Booglie kit, Needful Thing book, brush it alpha
Emily Merritt: Stitched Starburst, Tile Alpha
Weeds and Wildflowers: Layered Alpha doodle frame, Doodled Alpha star paint splatter
Catrine: Chalked Alpha
ELMD: Doodled alpha freebie
Michelle Coleman: Hand Stamped Alpha
Ida: Star Doodle
Mo Jackson: Moodle frame

::::::::::::::::::::Some One Had A Baby, so...::::

that means LASAGNA, salad and French bread. Well, at our house, anyway! Aaron helped me gather the ingredients at the grocery store. Then, he helped me cook and assemble the meal. He, Michael and Rachel went to visit this very adorable baby to deliver the meal to his parents. I stayed home with my cold and Eve and Noah.

::::::::::::::::::::Dentist Welfare Fund::::::::

has been established. The Taylor Foundation has been asked to fork over their quarterly contribution to the Dentist Welfare Fund of Georgia. It appears that Eve has cavities between two sets of molars. This will require two separate visits, numbing medication and x-rays. Noah, fortunately, had a clean bill of dental health. I figure that .50 cents from the Tooth Fairy was well spent. Michael still has to make the appointment to have Aaron's tooth pulled. YIKES!

Rachel was supposed to get her braces off today, but the orthodonists father passed away and he will be out all week. She took the news in stride. So, next week she gets her braces off, then gets her teeth cleaned the day after. The week afer that she gets her retainer. And for good measure she gets her eyes checked on Friday after school. She says things are getting blurry, again!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::Book Fair:::::::::

is coming to the local school. Noah has supplied me with his list of demands requests. He said they only cost $12.99 each. There is a book about Transformers and a couple of other things. Rachel had one book she was interested in, but I misplaced the slip of paper. She has a great memory so I'm safe.

::::::::::::::::::::::::Conversations with Eve::::::::

I was driving Eve to school this morning and she told me about a girl in her class who kept scooting her floor mat away from the girl next to her. Eve told that she raised her hand and informed the teacher about this situation. So, I said: "You mean you were paying attention to what someone else was doing and not listening to the story?"

Eve: "I was listening to the story."

Mom: "How could you be listening to the story when you were busy paying attention to what everybody else is doing?"

Eve: "I have Two Eyes! I can do both at the same time!"

Well, boy howdy! Thanks for the information update!

Off to get Eveybug!

Later, gators!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Flower That Blooms...

in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all. The Emperor in Mulan.

This is a photo of one of my sweet nieces, Teresa. She is currently in remission from leukemia. She has been such a trooper through her many rounds of treatments and a few broken bones. We are so proud of her! I was thinking about this right as I was coming out of a fitful sleep this morning, so I went down to work on the layout. I came up with this:

Darcy Baldwin: DJB Mandy, DJB LauraTscript at The Digichick
Katie Pertiet: Taped frame
Nancy Comelab: background paper
Emily Merritt: Glitter Bubble Wrap
Kate Hadfield: In The Pink freebie
Shabby Miss Jenn: staple from the Old Letters lil kit
Catrine: Black chalked alpha
Birgit: Gralpha2

:::::::::::::::::::This Too, Shall Pass...:::

on to another member of my family. Eve and I have been infected with whatever virus Aaron has. We felt yucky, but went to Church because Eve was chipper enough to go. When we got home I went up for a nap, then got up and took some Ibuprophen, then went back to nap a bit more. Eve came up and cuddled with me and would touch my face and forehead with the palm, then the back of her hand mimicking the way I check her temperature. She is such a little nurse.

:::::::::::::::::::The Real Thing::::::

This music site is a bit of a pain to navigate, but the songs you download are free. You just have to register and watch ads to download. I am registered for 30 days to begin with, then I haven't read about reregistration.
Spiral Frog

So far, I have downloaded:
"Stand" by Rascal Flatts
"I Go Walking" by Patsy Cline
Elvis Costello's
"Angel Want To Wear My Red Shoes"
"Pump It Up"
"What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding" (Elvis Costello and the Attractions)

"Bubbly" by Colbie Caillat
"I'm Like a Bird" Nelly Furtado

Counting Crows:
"Mr. Jones"
"Accidentally In Love"

Barry White:
"Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe"
"You're The First, My Last, My Everything"

"Blitzkrieg Bop"
"I Don't Want to Grow Up"

Olivia Newton-John
"Little More Love"

I'm off to check out more music!

Smiles and a sniffle!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Remember...You are Allowed To Breath!

This is what Eve's swim instructor kept trying to get her to remember while swimming across the pool. Eve looked like a cute polly wog swimming under the water, but she didn't want to come up for air until she hit a person, or the wall. She was super lung girl. We all just laughed and shook our heads in disbelief.

When we got home all the kids got a bath and Eve sounded pretty horse. She seems to have gotten what ever Aaron has and hers has taken the form of laryngitis and a cold. Aaron is feeling a bit better, but he gets a cold sore every time he gets sick.

::::::::::::::::::Fun & Games:::::::

A fun time at Colonial Williamsburg on the Fourth of July.

The Wooden Hoop and Stick were considered great fun, as well as, exercise. Aaron, Noah, Rachel and Eve were all "game" for playing with the 18th Century toys. Rachel was able to get a good run on the hoop a couple of times. Eve tried valiantly, but couldn't keep the hoop up for long. Both Noah and Aaron had a good time playing...a stick was involved. That was a good enough start for them.

Shabby Miss Jenn Designs: Old Letter Lil Kit
Darcy Baldwin: DJB Lindy at The Digichick
Jen Caputo: Paper tear template

This kit was provided by Shabby Miss Jenn as part of my November Guest appearance on her team. Thank you, Miss Jenn!

::::::::::::::::::::::::Time Out:::::::

Tomorrow I get to go to Time Out. I really like the concept for adults. I am actually going to her some uplifting speakers talk to the women of our Church. My mom and I are looking forward to hanging out together for a few hours!

::::::::::::::::::::::Christmas is Coming:::

and my mom is doing the coolest thing for me! She is paying for a basic cake decorating class at Cake Art. They use the Wilton cake stuff. It should be fun and the kids are looking forward to the samples when I practice. I'll probably start the class in January.

::::::::::::::::::::The Bourne Ultimate:::::

This book had more twists and turns then Wisteria on chain-link fence! The book completely different from the movie, but I enjoyed them both. The mind games of trying to out guess each other were mentally fatiguing! The interesting character difference that is brought out repeatedly in the book from that in the movie is Bourne's height. In the book he stands out for his tall athletic physic. In the movie, Matt Damon, is average height and build. Not a big deal, just different. The most interesting characters were ones that found a bit of humanity and redemption for their evil ways, but never completely changed their spots. There was an interesting paragraph were Ludlum made the statement about people who ask for forgiveness through their religion for something that they know they are going to turn around and do all over again. That was food for thought...sounds like Mardi Gras.

All in all, the Bourne trilogy by Ludlum (a Fourth book has been written with approval by another author) are suspenceful books. They give a bit of insight into the minds of men who fought during Vietnam and the aftermath of world relations from the eyes of an injured man...mind, body and soul.

:::::::::::::::::::::::Digital Scrapbook Day::::

is November 3rd, so check out some of my links if you are interested in getting some great deals!

I hope y'all have a great weekend!