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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Strike a Pose:

background paper a freebie by Eve Recinella, Heritage brad by Cottage Arts, Leather Rose Trim by Michelle Coleman, Staples and label by FhungLie, Fonts: Susie's Hand, Ecolier, Henry Morgan Hand, Artistamp Medium, Fine Hand LET
I have decided to do some layouts about my maternal grandmother, Doris Beatrice Hodge Harris. I will try do more this week, as I can kick my kids off of my computer. My computer has internet connection and their's has a bad network card. Anyway, my grandmother was always impeccably dressed and coifed. I always thought of her as extremely elegant. She kept an immaculately clean home and stocked her shelves with lots of junk food for me. She had two main foibles: 1. Smoking (Pall Malls) 2. Extreme sarcasm. I have never smoked, but I have been accused, repeatedly, about the second one.


Cool videos from the library that I used for homeschooling this week:
1. Inside Hurricane Katrina by National Geographic (the only untouched on subject was the problems that occurred in the hospitals)

2. Guns, Germs, and Steel by National Geographic
This film deals with the impact on civilizations throughout the world as mechanized fire power in the form of guns was introduced by colonizing peoples and how germs worked for the Europeans in their conquests of many other countries, i.e. small pox, but kicked them in the teeth when they got to the tropical latitudes of Africa.
The professor's theory for the book and film is that geography has played the most significant roll in colonization. Those who had the best farming land and techniques could then move on to sustain themselves as they conquered others. The interesting part of the geography theory is that the European conquests along the similar band of latitude was successful because the conquers were used to the weather patterns and soil conditions, but often failed when they tried to go North to South. Maybe that's why the Americans and Canadians share a border...hhmmm?!?

3. Basic Beginner Training: Fencing with Michael Bradley
Great explanation of fencing philosophy and techniques.

4. Infant and Toddler Emergency First Aid
a. Volume I: Accidents
b. Volume II: Illnesses
(Aaron is quite useful if the crisis has nothing to do with his physical being. He stays rather calm and provides reassurance, but...oh, please...don't let him get sick or hurt. The Earth ceases to turn on it's axis and all is placed into chaos!)

We have a cool video about Einstein for later in the week and we need to get into our Spanish and Latin language programs.

Michael continues to work with Aaron on Astronomy and he is learning the difference between Arc minutes and Arc Seconds, among other terms and their applications.

Monday, August 28, 2006

More Strawberries and a Punch Recipe

The second layout of the strawberry picking day out with my niece, Kendall. She happily picked a lot of strawberries to take home, but a few made it into her mouth, too!

Sweet Strawberries Kit by Sandra Boddington at Sweet Shoppe Designs
Font: Tk Doodle, Stamped DSG, Ricco Display Script, Simon Script, pupcat
Frame: Carrie Stephens
Staples: Shabby Princess (Fall kit)
Date Stamp: DebF

Here is a successful baby shower punch recipe my mother and I came up with on the fly:

Recipe for a fun punch:

1 gallon Hawaiin Punch berry blue typhoon
2 liters of lemon lime soda
1 pint of cherry limeade sherbet

This is great stuff because my niece, Afton, firmly attested to said fact and asked for more!


Michael's Comments on my blog post about his apheresis experience. He made me laugh!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Disco Apheresis Night?

I don't know if any of you have ever heard about Disco Kroger. It was a Kroger store in Atlanta that had a lot of single, upwardly mobile shoppers. The retailers learned through some study that people often have time to meet people in the grocery store, so they decided to play up that angle to bring folks in and make love matches in the produce aisle. my title...Disco Apheresis Night...this may be something that folks who are single may want to try to get a date. This thought came spontaneously after Michael came home Thursday after giving platelets and said that he thought a lady, who was also donating platelets, was giving him subtle hints to that she was interested in him. She looked at him a certain way and then made sure she held the elevator for him for a little longer than seemed just being nice. He tells me these stories because it happens to him every once in a while, and he says he doesn't recognize it as flirting at the time, but as he thinks about it seems like it may have been. I think he's cute, so I understand! And, as I thought about it, what better place to flirt with someone that you think may be cute. Here is some reasons for Disco Apheresis Night:
1. the person donating platelets has just passed a test that asked several questions that include questions about their status in regards to s@x, drugs, and travel.
2. the person donating is compassionate enough to give their time and platelets for the benefit of others without seeking remuneration.
3. You both have an affection for similar snack foods, i.e. Nutter Butters and Cheese Nips...the after donation treat.

So, if you are seeking someone who is relatively healthy and compassionate think about donating, and give Michael a wink and hold the elevator door for him!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

FRESH Strawberries:

My niece, Kendall, loves to have her photo taken so I have a bunch of cute photos to work with and I can't find my own kids' photos of the day we went strawberry picking.

This kit designed by Sandra Boddington was so fun to work with today!

Sweet Strawberries designed by Sandra Boddington at Sweet Shoppe Designs, patch template by Katie Pertiet, Storyboard by Lanne, Font: Jane Austen/Artistamp Medium

I'm throwing a baby shower for one of my sister-in-laws tomorrow with the help of my mom and some of the other sister-in-laws. It should be fun. I'm using a Nursery Rhyme theme. I'll let you know about how it goes!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Just A Cute Cousin Layout:

Text: Aaron was happy to show his cousin, Tyler Morgan, how to play a Star Wars game. Aaron recieved his GameBoy SP for Christmas from Granny Alice McClure.

papers from Popsicle designed by Shabby Princess, Polaroid Frame designed by Rhonna Farrer, Twill element from Rad Kit by Kim Christensen, Alpha: Surprise by Carrie Stephens, Date Labels by Janel Kretschman, Font: Pea Jenny Script, Pea Amy.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cleaning the World...One Piece of Pinestraw at a Time:

background paper blends and elements found in Gina Cabrera's Lucky Star kit and Kim Christensen's Rad Kit
Font: Georgia
Alphas: Newspaper by Rikki, and funky black chip board alpha by Gina Miller.

Text by Jim Towhey:

TV networks save their best for sweeps week; the bi-annual test of what is working and what is not. Of course at our house the term has an entirely different meaning.

As I have noted in the past, our boy Denny is his own man. The inner workings of the autistic mind have never been easy to understand but when Denny decides it is time for something to happen, it usually will.

Denny has always had a penchant for collecting and disposing of the odd detrious of modern life. Each week in the laundry Denny's pockets (when he is willing to wear clothes with pockets) provide handfuls of strange items; Pull tabs from soft drink cans, gum wrappers, rubber bands, pens, lint and the ever-present pine straw.

Denny has always had a "thing" about pine straw, the stringy, brown pine needles that cover our yards, walkways and rooftops here in dixie. Earlier in his lanscaping career our boy would bolt away from us and suddenly pluck flowers and plants out of the ground by their roots and fling them away before we could react. We always coped, but it was tough on the school plantings and relatives yards.

As he aged and slowed down a bit he would simply collect handfuls of pine straw until he could carry no more and then fill the household trash cans or the back seat of the car. Lately Denny has refused to stop collecting the stuff despite our pleas and protests. To adapt, we simply set aside an old cardboard box for him to fill and he is happy. I then get to return the pine straw to the yard.

Today, on his arrival home Denny started collecting mamouth mounds of pine straw and would not come in the house. Rare, since he usually can't wait to hit the fridge and get his favorite treat; and ice cold Pepsi.

With no end to his crazed landscaping in sight, we gave Denny a push broom. The plan was a form of reverse psychology - he usually won't use tools, as they require actual work. To our suprise he attempted to sweep the entire driveway, side walk and lawn free of the offending needles. The guy was workin' his butt off!!

I broke out the leaf blower and backed him up, collecting the big heaping mounds into his box and adding them to the landscaping in the proper place. It was like working with the demented groundskeeper, Karl, from the movie Caddyshack. The wild-eyed man with the broom frantically sweeping the lawn while I attempted to place the collected material where it needed to be.

I eventually had to explain that we were done, and it was time to go in. The boss just handed me the broom and walked away - mission accomplished! I wish he would get this excited about scrubbing tile or cleaning the toilet - then he would have a real "sweeps week" winner!!


Rachel is my voracious reader, so when I saw on Janna's site about the fun challenge going on at Kathryn Balint's site I joined in and made this page with the freebie made by Carol Baumann:

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Where Fairies Were Born:

Fairies: Hope Wallace
Pram: Free Vintage picture at Flickr
Baby Photo: My mom
Background papers: Good Karma
Glitter: Michelle Coleman Birthday elements

Quote: When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. By James Matthew Barrie

This was for the Teesha Moore Challenge in the altered/collage section.


Today is picture day at the public school, but I've finally worn my kids down and they don't ask for money to buy their pictures. It may seem cruel, but I hate most school photos. I buy the yearbook, but the photographers for most school picture programs have little to no clue how to take a photo. They also don't have time to get a good shot, so alas I don't send money. Rachel took this lack of payment as tantamount to saying that I think her pictures are ugly. I just told her we would go to a better photographer to get a picture of her lovely face.


This week is covered up with places to take the kids, so I will sign off now!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Successful Campout and Rachel with a cell phone:

I thought this variety of bearded Iris was lovely! I photographed the flower during our family Easter Egg Hunt.

Country Hill Kit designed by Sandra Boddington at Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Postmark by JennV

This is my, oh so silly, niece! She finds immense joy in hamming it up for the camera, which provides me with joy, too!

Florist Garden designed by Sandra Boddington

Michael and the scouts had a rather successful outing to work on Canoeing and Swimming requirements for the merit badges. The boys learned how to deal with a swamped canoe, switch places in the canoe and jump out and re-enter the canoe. They also learned how to help someone else whose canoe has been swamped. Aaron was able to pass off the first class requirements with the help of his Blazer leader, Bro. Adam Kotter.


My stepfather allowed Rachel to use my mother's cell phone when they went to get the car serviced and pick out some clothes. Read his hilarious blog and see a photo of Rachel looking quite techno with a cell phone stuck to her ear!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

E is for Explorer:

I really like ATCs...Can you tell?!?

Background Paper: IOD's Adelaide's Letter
Frame: Rhonna Farrer
Fairy: Hope Wallace
Carpet bag, Flying hat, and hot air balloon from the internet
Stamp: IOD's Felina
Postmark: JennV
Font: Marginal PX
Alpha: Century font with a IOD's San Salvatore paper then color burned.


My explorers are canoing today with the scout troop. Michael took the troop to Stone Mountain for a practice run with the canoes and two boys baptized themselves because they stood up in the canoe. It should be interesting to see how the campout goes.


This is a photo of my two sons, Noah and Aaron. They rarely get along, but when we went to Six Flags Over Georgia they rode most of the rides together because they wanted to.

"Homecoming Kit", "Florist Kit", "Persimmons in Summer" designs by Sandra Boddington

Font: Pea Alesa

Overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz


My stepfather, Jim, sent me some photos of my brother doing his sweeping thing, so I will scrap them in a couple of days with his story. Another fun layout I'm trying to figure out is Eve's retelling of the story of Jesus' resurrection. Eve has replaced the angels with fairies that roll away the stone, so I will scrap it like I think she thinks about what happened.


I need to go make a smoothie and mow the lawn now that it isn't raining and the sun isn't to high over head. By the way on the smoothie...i've been adding frozen peaches and they are so mild they don't seem to change the taste much, but for some reason it lends a "clean" taste to the flavor. Don't know really how to explain.

Have a lovely weekend all!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ghana and the missed Yellow Bus:

Aaron and I watched a movie produced by BET on the Forts in Ghana. The title just seemed interesting so I checked it out from the library. It was so sad to watch the re-enactment of who the Ghanans were ultimately enslaved by the Europeans. Ghana was and is still known for its gold. The film showed the people with their fine gold jewelry and artwork. I don't like gold really, but I appreciate the artwork.

Rachel missed the bus home from school today, so I drove over to pick her up. Luckily it isn't far at all. She was slightly worried that I would be mad, but it gave me a chance to say hi to a few people I rarely get to talk when life gives you lemons...make...


Mid-book review for Peter and The Shadow Thieves:

Excellent book. The imagery and dialogue are wonderful! I received an email from Borders Book Store that Dave Barry has a book having to do with Neverland coming out very soon. I will check into that and let you know what I think.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

My handsome brother and some layouts:

If you want to take a peek into the life of a profoundly autistic adult check out my stepfathers hilarious blog. My brother, Denny, has some interesting habits and I am convinced he is telepathically linked to my kids. Now, I'm not sure who is in charge in this situation, but I tell ya it gets kinda weird.

Circus Kit designed by Sandra Boddington at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Notepaper: Magnolia Kit by Katie Pertiet
Fonts Used: Stamped DSG,Pupcat, Too Many Secrets, Artistamp Medium, Tempus Sans ITC. Hand Stamped Alpha by Michelle Coleman.

Kit design by Melissa Rose at Liddy's Loft

Sketch by Jen Caputo.

My kids are into vintage cartoons. I picked up a dvd pack at Walls...mart one day and gave it to the kids. Popeye was their favorite for a month. Now their favorite is Little Audrey. I can't find a decent photo of her on line, but the kids laugh out loud whenever they watch.


Another show movie...50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler is a film we borrowed and Aaron and Rachel really liked. I, especially, like the end of the film. It is not a Hollyweird ending.


School is going okay for Rachel and Noah. Rachel is keeping up her chatty ways...I've signed both notes from the teacher, but she likes school. Noah had a blast in science class. The teacher did a word assessment with him and he knew 45% of the words.... Did I tell you he liked science...!

Aaron has not been cooperative at all!!! ARGH! FUME! SIGH! Oh well! He does want to learn some history stuff and music. I have a few Usborne internet-linked books that are pretty cool! For health I had him read about puberty! He was creeped out, but that is normal for lots of folks. Michael has started Aaron's astronomy class. Michael is using his college book and outline as a basis for the class. Aaron thought is was a cool idea until he had to READ! SURPRISE! Did I say...ARGH! FUME! SIGH! The Teenager was arrived...!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Funny Niece:

This is my niece who loves to get her photograph taken. She plopped down next to me eating her chicken, while we waited for the Laser Show at Stone Mountain.

"HOMECOMING KIT" designed by Sandra Boddington

Monday, August 14, 2006

Trying My Hand at a few ATCs:

These were done for the Altered/Collage section at Scrapartist. The idea seemed pretty cool so I've joined in. See what ya think?

Jumping Jack doll parts from Maya
Background paper is "Lola" form IOD's Room at San Salvatore
Font: Hello Sark
Overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz


Background paper and alpha made from Savage Florals by IOD
Slide holder frame by Sandra Boddington from her blog
Doll Charm Parts by ScrapArtist
Flower Charm by Michelle Coleman
Mirror by Bri Ryan
Font: Century


I thought this one with the fairy listening to the bird would be cool!

Background paper: "Adelaide's Letter" by IOD
Frame: Rhonna Farrer
Fairy and bird banner: Hope Wallace
Font: French Script MT

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hug O' War

Oh baby by Sandra Boddington, Frame by Mo Jackson, Scroll frame by Shabby Princess, Imagine tag by SSD called "Dream a Little Dream", Brown tag from Sonoran Sunrise by Mindy Terasawa, Font: Pea Lis

Fun Family Weekend:

Hello all! We have had a fun weekend with family. We gathered at the Stone Mountain Laser Show on Friday night and did not get home to around 10:30, then Saturday the newest adopted family members were sealed in the Atlanta Temple. Michael and I trucked the kids over for a haircut, then we drove to Stephen's house to swim in their new pool. It is a salinated pool, which I highly recommend. You feel so much better swimming in this kind of pool, as opposed, to a chlorinated pool. It is akin to swimming in your feel, almost, like Alice in Wonderland when she shrinks. I was going to check Noah, Aaron and Rachel for gills after they stayed outside for so long. I came in with Eve because her lips were blue and she said she was too cold. It has been in the mid to high 90s with the heat index making it feel hotter in Georgia, but today it started out overcast and cool and rained lightly throughout the day. I don't think it got much higher than 80 degrees Farenheit. My big problem is if I don't wear my glasses when I'm swimming I squint and get a headache, so I put my glasses on after a little bit. Then, my glasses get wet while I'm swimming and my eyes try to focus through the water blobs on my glasses and I start getting an eye strain induced headache. Argh!

We ate one of the sweetest watermelons as part of lunch, and from the samplings of watermelon from this season it is hard to find one that isn't sweet. We stayed for several hours and didn't get home until around 9:15pm. We all bathed our salty bodies and sat down for family reading time.

Dave Barry is still going strong with his writing. I believe we are on chapter 25 and the kids hate when I stop reading, but Noah had fallen asleep and I didn't want him to miss too much.

School starts tomorrow for everyone, but I'm woefully not ready, so after church I will be preparing for the morrow.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


This is a layout of one of my nieces:

Paint Brush strokes, Alpha and frame by Rhonna Farrer
Watercolor paper by Susan Long
Squiggle Fleurs by Jen Wilson
Font: Pea Lis
Tag: ScrapArtist
Staple: Shabby Princess

Friday, August 11, 2006

"When I Grow UP"...

I promised to scrapbook some of my favorite Shel Silverstein quotes, so here is the first one:

Background paper: IOD Grass Stain
Notepaper: Lemon Grass by IOD
Torn note paper: Gina Miller "bbyob Kit"
Pointing finger: Weird is wonderful by Maya
Bust Cream, Magnifying glass, fingerprint and microscope from the internet
Staple: Scrap Artist
Font: Pea Lis, Ash94
Alpha: Board Book Alpha by Mo Jackson, Surprise Alpha by Carrie Stephens, Boho Chic alpha by Michelle Coleman, Crepe paper alpha by Mo Jackson
Measuring tape and journal: Mo Jackson
Doodles: Angie Briggs and Amy Martin

Quote by Shel Silverstein: “Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be.”

Some Things I want to be:
1.I want to be a detective like Nancy Drew when I grow and catch the bad guys!
2.It would cool to be a scientist. I could look at wiggly stuff in a microscope.
3.Maybe I could be a vet!
Some things I don't want:
I don't want b@@bs! They look uncomfortable and I couldn't sleep on my stomach any more!

Speaking of Shel Silverstein...Sister Hall from Church suggested I check out his cd of Where the Sidewalk Ends that has him reading his poetry. The girls were especially excited to hear them read aloud by the author. I pass on the suggestion to listen to Shel read his stuff aloud. He is hilarious...he even cracks himself up!


After orientation day at school for Rachel and Noah we went and picked up my mother for a trip to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Fernbank is currently running a special exhibit on Chocolate. While we were there we got to have a creature encounter with 1 of their 4 millipedes. The thick little dude was kind of cool...and BONUS...he wasn't crawling around my house! We got to touch his back and legs. We found out he was a detravore...which means eats dead and decaying things and they have 2 legs on each side of their segments. This particular millipede had 400 legs. They are not venomous like centipedes.
The kids had a blast on the upper level where they keep an interactive room with sensory games that use optical illusions, creating your own giant bubbles, sound pipes that you put your ear to and listen for the movement of air like when you listen to a sea shell. You also get to pretend to be doing a weather report in front of a green screen.

We then traveled to Zestos, a cool diner establishment, for lunch. They have kickin' chocolate malts! So yummy! During the meal my mom tried to pick up Noah's styrofoam cup, and preceded to stick her thumb right through the bottom of the thin side and douse herself with cold Sprite! After a ton of napkins I had helped her clean it up...and her dress soaked up most of the drink (nothing like those absorbent gauze summer dresses to clean up any spills) Noah demanded a new Sprite. The other kids were willing to let him sip theirs, but Noah had listened to Dr. Lamb's lesson on GERMS in Kindergarten at the end of last year, and would have none of the sharing business. My mom asked if he would drink the Sprite if she gave him a new straw, but he said if Rachel drank out of it it had germs. My mom relented and bought him a new Sprite and that is when Noah informed us, "I am germ free!"...
"I am working to make everyone germ free!" This little germ free moment included a demonstration, for my mother, on the proper two handed method of gently picking up a styrofoam cup! We were laughing so hard people were looking at us!

On the drive home Rachel and Noah were arguing in the back of the minivan and Rachel yells..."Mom, Noah said he hates me!"
Noah immediately responds,..."I meant I hate you in a GOOD way!"
Well, now that is cleared up your a bizarre little twit (Just my thoughts...though I hear they can condemn you...drat!)


In digital scrapping news...I was selected at random from the gallery posts during the Iron Orchid Design chat to receive 4 free packs their designs of my choosing. I'm just waiting for the password to be able to download the files. I had a good time discussing different topics, none of them scrapping related. If you look at my layout above you will see the denim jacket that everyone thought was groovy during the evening chat.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Lifetime of Roses:

eveything is from "Winter Roses" by Karen Hunt.
Font: Pea Angedawn


A question asked, often, in the scrapbooking community is: "What music do you listen to when you scrap?

When I worked on the layout above I was listening to:

I laugh everytime I hear Tevye wondering out loud to God:

"Dear God, you made many, many poor people.
I realize, of course, that it's no shame to be poor.
But it's no great honor either!
So, what would have been so terrible if I had a small fortune?"

...No James Blunt for me! I'll take Topol singing any day!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2 Peas in a Pod

My twin nieces:

Sweet Pea Kit by Colleen Lynch, Green Gingham Ribbons from Gypsy Rose Elements by Michelle Coleman, Fresh stamp from Katie Pertiet, Font: Pea Angedawn, 2 Peas Scrapbook,French Script MT,Old Style 1, Seed Packets from internet

WOO HOO...More Frig. Art and My Daddy Bill:

"There is an infinite number of worlds, some like this world, others unlike it...For the atoms out of which a world might arise, or by which a world might be formed, have not all been expended on one world or a finite number of worlds, whether like or unlike this one. Hence there will be nothing to hinder an infinity of worlds....And further, we must not suppose another sort of world there could not possibly be, the seeds out of which animals and plants arise and all the rest of the things we see."

Epicurus (341-270 B.C.E.), Greek philosopher, "letter to Herodotus"

background paper by Kim Hill, Studded Ribbon from "Birthday Blitz" by Gina Miller, overlay and glitter brackets from Studio Chic by Shabby Princess, Font: Ash94, Old Style Italic


If you think some kids go to school these days just to play football...think again:

A.A. (Goat) Harris, as he is listed in this 1974 article featuring the 1938 football team of Central High School in Phenix City, Alabama, is my maternal grandfather. I knew him as "Daddy Bill". His full name was Arthur Aaron Harris, but he received the knickname "Goat" because he would chew on his tongue and sleeves. He only attended high school during football season, then he would quit and go back to work for his father's furniture store. I suppose he moved onto the knickname "Bill" as it is linked to "Billy Goat".
During his infrequent schooling he defended a couple of his classmates from the school principal and a teacher. My grandfather grabbed the principal and tossed him in a ditch for abusing a student. I wonder if the principal ever picked on the other boy again? On another occasion he had a friend whose arm was broken and a female teacher hit him on that arm, so my grandfather chased her down the hall to the principal's office.

Background paper from "Good Karma" and Brush Stoke Alpha by Michelle Coleman
Scrapbook and corners from Mo Jackson's Primitive Scrapbook
Title Alpha and staples from Shabby Princess' Fall Freebie
Font: Marcishand

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


“Life gives us brief moments with another...but sometimes in those brief moment we get memories that last a life time...”

background papers and fabric templates from Grace Sampler by Katie Pertiet,
Ribbon, long tie fastern and stitches from Magnolia Kit at DST by Katie Pertiet,
Font: TKdoodles
Quote: unknown source
Corner brush: from Gypsy Rose Elements by Michelle Coleman
butterfly from the Dandy Lion Kit by Donna Rafferty

I really like the perspective of this photo. I enjoyed Michael taking a moment to squat down to Eve's height and place a gentle arm around her, then answer her questions.

We went by the library last night and Rachel checked out 9 books, by the time she went to bed she had read three of them. Aaron checked out 5 books he just might read. He informed me that I could check some books for school out for him, but I couldn't make him read them...nice! Noah found about 3 books and Eve wanted to cart home the entire library!


Primary run-off votes are today. My mother and stepfather are in Cynthia McKinney's district, so they will definitely vote today. They are usually embroiled in campaigns to ouster her from political office.
The unfortunate truth about politics is often people who would do the job best are too busy with their lives and don't want to get down and dirty with the folks who are out their to garner power and have the deep pockets. Realizing the salaries are lower for the political office then what these folks make in the private sector tell you that it is usually a desire for control and power, as opposed to desiring the good for their fellow beings...SAD! But, alas I will attempt to vote for the one least likely to damage our freedoms.


My children will be thrilled with me...I am working on a new chore chart. I will be adding Noah and Eve in for some of the tasks only Aaron and Rachel have been asked to do because the little ones aren't so little any more!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sweet Layout:

Background paper, bows and overlay from Ellie's World by Nancy Rowe Janitz, notebook paper and Clip It by Gina Miller, Glitter phrase and frame from Sassy Pants by Dani Mogstad, staples by Michelle Coleman, Date Stamp by Jenn Star Font: Ash94

papers and glitter are Sassy Pants by Dani Mogstad, arm from Maya's Jumping Jacks

School, Books Finished and Books to Read:

Next week public school starts here and I will keep Aaron's home school schedule the same as their schedule. Aaron has a certain idea as to what is "FAIR", and any deviation from what his siblings are doing is "NOT FAIR"...can you just hear the whining echoing out of your computer speakers? Rachel will be a third grader and Noah will be in First grade. Noah's class is one that is really a readiness class, but since that category is not funded the school integrated this slowed down class into the regular first grade. They will be required to learn the same things, but on a slower pace. Noah still can't read or write very well, but his retention of math and science facts are exceptional. Eve will stay home with Aaron and me and go to preschool next year.
As far as, home school I think we are going to have to go back over Latin fundamentals because the declensions just weren't retained. I need to find a science program I like, but I will be requesting all the History Channel, WGBH, and NOVA programs I can get my hands on for supplemental information. I have some watercolors and acrylics for art projects. I signed Aaron and Eve up for a group that will have him working on the Presidential Fitness Program and they will regularly work on running and cycling. We will continue the home school bowling league, too. I am looking into a Fencing program, but their schedule is not up yet. I would like to get them all into swimming, but that money tree I planted appears to have dried up and died...BOO HOO!

I just finished reading The Thirteen Gun Salute by Patrick O'Brian. This series simply flows due to excellent character and plot development. Capt. Aubrey and Dr. Maturin are stranded on an uncharted rocky island in the South China Sea at the end of this book and I am anxious to see what happens next. I went down stairs and placed an on-line request with the public library for the next book A Nutmeg of Consolation.

My mom loaned me a couple of grammar books...which you can probably tell I haven't read, yet. The books are by Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots & Leaves and Talk to The Hand. Maybe, after reading these books, my entries will be more coherent...just, MAYBE!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sunday Funnies...Taylor Style:

Michael gets a huge laugh at what he calls the Socialist Easter Egg Re-Distribution (From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs)at the kids' elementary school, so for my first attempt at creating a Sunday funnies section I chose the photos from this year's Easter egg hunt with Noah:

Comic Junkie kit by Jan Crowley, Font: Another Typewriter, Calvin and Hobbes

Another cool music site...but different:

Michael found this amazing site that showcases the digital graphics and musical skills of some person who is trying to sell his dvd, but there are several sample videos of his work at Animusic. I warn you that these sample videos can be completely mesmerizing! Our kids were astounded by the exact timing and all of the funky instruments that were used. Check it out! FUN STUFF!


NEWS OF THE the Taylor home...
Noah has developed this double eye blink this week. I found it kind of annoying because it was like talking to Barbara Eden on crack (I Dream of Jeannie...that one), and I asked him to stop. He said he wasn't doing anything, but that his eyes were dry. For the last 3 days he has been doing this, so I started to worry about it today and pointed it out to Michael and we would watch him when he wasn't aware anyone was looking at him and there was that double blink. My first inclination was that it was a physical manifestation of the all out tantrums and bickering he has with Aaron. He cries so much from arguing with Aaron over Legos and any misspoken word that comes out of Noah's mouth...and trust me Noah doesn't back down wrong or right...that he has little pimples on his cheeks from the salty tears. We went to Six Flags this morning and the first chance Michael had, which was about 9:00pm he got on his laptop and looked up causes of "eye twitching" and this is what he foundBlepharospasm
. I have never heard of such a condition, but after reading the symptoms I was looking for Noah's photo on the website as a prime example. Here is an excerpt from the website: "Blepharospasm usually starts with abnormal or excessive blinking that is accompanied by general eye irritation. Early on, the excessive blinking may only occur as a result of being exposed to bright lights, being tired or if you are under a great deal of stress."

ARGH! as Charlie Brown would exclaim! It is good that school is starting soon, so the boys can have a break from each other for a bit each day. TOO SAD!


On a lighter note two silly things from my kids:

I asked Noah to turn down the t.v. because the volume was up too high...Noah's response, "It's not as loud as it sounds".


After Finishing her breakfast the other day Eve drills me on a few things:
"Mom, did you talk to Heavenly Father and say in the name of Jesus Christ? Did you remember Tommy and Teresa? Did you say thank you for the food?

I said, "Oh, I forgot to say the prayer over the food because I was on the phone talking to daddy. I'm sorry."

Eve's response: "Then you are out of the game, mommy!"

...I have to say she might be right! Boy howdy I got a good laugh from these two!

Have a great weekend folks!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Baby Julia Sue:

This is a picture of my mom as a baby. The photo was professionally tinted in the 40's.

IOD's papers seemed like a fun way to pick up the fun colors in the tints.
Fonts: Jane Austen
Kits/Papers/Elements: Papers: IOD's Adelaide's Letter, Bows from Mo Jackson's Charms Alpha, Label, brass staple, and fasteners from Soul Searching by Fhung Lie

More Shel Silverstein Recommendations and Steel Magnolias

Julie P. was curious about more Shel Silverstein books, so here are a couple of others I like, and BONUS...I found that there is a website about his books for kids:

This book will have your brain jumbled and your tongue twisted, but you will be laughing all the way! Det it Gefinitely!

Sad and Sweet!

Exclusive Kit for DST by Katie Pertiet called Magnolias.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Shel Silverstein:

This book was one that was a highlight of my day during 4th grade. My teacher, whose name I don't recall, would read a few of the poems, but I was always eager for more. My mother consented to buying Where the Sidewalk Ends and it has been one of my favorites ever since. I am considering doing several layouts that use some of my favorite Shel Silverstein poems from this book. Some of my favorites are: Bandaid, Sick, Spaghetti, Hug o' War, Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout and Warning. If you need a hearty belly laugh and want to put a smile on your kids face, I suggest reading these poems with them. Of course, you don't have to read them from about 2 to 3 a.m. while making bead socks for a baby shower at 10:30am and your darling daughter can't sleep...but if the occasion does arrive I say go with it!

Dave Barry has done it again!!! Our family, especially Rachel (and I), are sucked into this book! We are only on chapter 9, much to Rachel's chagrin. Their is already great suspense and character development! The book is long so I'm hoping for great plot development. I'll keep you posted, but warn if their is any plot spoiling on my part, which is not cool!

Another Scrap Artist layout:

I'm kind of concerned about the future of America if my two sons get involved with politics, but maybe there is hope for the future. (Most of the time I wish they would just get along...similar to the needs of the thinks!)

Red Velvet paper from All American papers by Michelle Coleman
Swirly glitter from Birthday Elements by Michelle Coleman
All American Cowboy paper and white overlay, Quote from Ellie's World by Nancie Rowe Janitz
Blue Ric Rac From SA Splash Kit by Jomi
Butterfly from SA Team kit by L. Howell
Crossed staples by C. Wyckoff from SA Summer Whimsy Kit
Font: Jane Austen

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Scrap Artist Challenge Layouts:

I often do not hear the correct lyrics when listening to songs, and my husband points out the expletives on songs while we are listening to the radio. I often hear him asking me, "what did you just sing?" I'm not deaf, they just need to annunciate! Hear is my layout for all of us folks who are lyrically impaired!

Fonts: Mr. B, Sketchy, Matisse, Pea Lis, Perpetua
Background from Studio Chic by Shabby Princess,
Fairies and wings (altered) by Hope Wallace
#4 from Official Boxer Alpha by Mo Jackson
Title Alpha-Phunky Phresh by Jennifer Pebbles
Overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz,
b&w images from Weird is Wonderful by Maya
Internet photos of earmuffs and otoscope diagram
Stock Exchange photo of the pink highlighter

Summer Whimsy Kit: Alpha, stamps and paper,
Gypsy Rose Elements: by Michelle Coleman
Fonts: Distress, CAC Shishoni Brush, Cold Coffee, Pea Beth, Jane Austen, Pea Happy Girl