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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heavy a Hole in the Rock...

Noah and Rachel in awe of the metal sculpture at Hole in the Rock. It is soooo cool!

Credits: Garage Band by Anna Benjamin

Ultimate Art Collection 1, Metals, Signature Collection by Christina Renee

stamped metal alpha from candle doodads by Mo Jackson
Font: DJB Malea by Darcy Baldwin @ the digichick

::::::::::::::::::::::::MTV Favorites Revisited:::::::

One I would be remiss for not listing:

and I do enjoy Stevie Nicks' unique sound:

Have a musical day...whatever you like! :)

Such a Nice Coinkeydink!

::::::::::::::Don't I Know You?::::

...asked the beautiful, older lady behind the desk at the middle school where I had gone to get registration information for Aaron. I smiled and said, "Aren't you Ms. Rackley?" I told her my name and we laughed as we got reacquainted. She was my 7th grade teacher. She also happended to be Michael's 5th grade teacher. She recounted to one of the teachers in the waiting room how 14 years before we had met up at the local department store where I was working in the office/gift wrap area. She had come in for a baby gift and I was wrapping her present and talking about life. Then, Michael walked up and I introduced her to him as Ms. Rackley and he said, "No she isn't. She is Ms. Davis." He and I both had a wonderful year as her students. She is still a personable and beautiful lady. It has been such fun to reconnect so fondly every decade or so. I'm glad she remembers us both as fondly!

:::::::::::::::Tennis Style:::::::

Playing along with the Catscrap blog challenge. Here is my dd, Eve, at Tennis Camp in her Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses.

Credits: Birgits Retro paper
Catrine's Pauline Alpha
Ida's Doodle Alpha
Birgits pearl from the Primavera Collab

Fonts: DJB MISS LIZ by Darcy Baldwin @
Ck Cursive

:::::::::::::::::::::::Family Swim::::::::::

We loaded up the kids and Aaron's friend, Isaac, and went to the local pool. The kids were excited to have me go down the water slides. One was super fast and the other meandered more. Both were fun. Michael and I alternated buddies with Noah and Eve. I can hardly believe that Noah can make it all through the water park by himself. Near the end of our pool time Eve decided to jump in the pool. Michael said, "Do a belly flop!"
I said, "No, don't!"
Eve said, "OKAY!"...FLOP..."I want to do it again!"
So she did...over and over. Noah got in on the act, too!

They thought it was a riot to jump and smack their tummies into the water. I think if they were doing this from a diving board the outcome would have been entirely different.
We left the pool a bit water logged and sloshed off to dinner at Arby's for roast beef sandwiches, curly fries and popcorn chicken. Michael and I grabbed small jamocha shakes.

Afterwards, everybody bathed to get the nasty chlorine off our hair and skin.

Take care! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Original MTV Kid

Yes, I'm one of those that bemoan the glory days of MTV. I haven't watched MTV since 1988, but while I did watch it it was such fun. I loved seeing the bands interpret the songs while I jumped around the room and sang along. One of the videos I always watched out for was, "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant:

This song just was my crazy personality:

I love this one too:

And now that I'm older I really love the sound of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones:

::::::::::::::::::::::My Own Shutterfly Site::::::::::

Please clickie on the hyperlink on the left side bar and check out the beta version that Shutterfly is introducing of a web page photo share site.

::::::::::::::::::::::First Day:::::::::::::

Rachel said she loved her first day at College for Kids at Mercer University. She has already made a friend named Camille. She is writing a historical poem that is someone you view as a hero...I think that is what she said. She was throwing out names and I suggested Abigail Adams. Rachel did a paper on her and adores her. I think my suggestion was accepted.

Michael picked her up from school and took her with him to his aphersis appointment. He said they treated her like a queen. They gave her a shirt and snacks and let her watch the Disney Channel.

::::::::::::::::::::::Eye Appointment:::::::

I took Aaron for his check up and his prescription has changed a little, but the optometrist said to wait and see if how comfortable he is in class with seeing the board. If he is having trouble, then come in and get the new glasses.

:::::::::::::::::::::Vacation Layout:::::
This layout includes the reason we took the route we did for our Summer vacation:

Take care! :)

A Small Measure of Accomplishment

Here is a link to your photo book in the Shutterfly Gallery:

:::::::::::::::::::::Summer Expressions::::
I was playing around with a couple of my favorite photos and came up with these:

My dd, Eve, on a trip to Oregon's Ona Beach.

Brand new today EXPRESSIONS "SUMMER" {Wordart}
background paper from Dawn's New Beginnings kit

Treasures to Scrap:


::::::::::::::College For Kids:::::::::::

starts for Rachel, today. She attends the writing camp for a week every Summer. Michael enjoys the chance to hang out with her for the ride home after work. Today Michael is giving platelets, so Rachel will tag along and see what daddy does every few weeks.


Noah's tooth finally came out. Michael made Rice Krispie treats and the minute Noah bit into his treat the tooth popped out. Noah informed me that he would be asking the Tooth Fairy for 2 dollars. I explained that the Tooth Fairy didn't have that kind of money. He was curious how I had such inside information since I, nor, his father was the Tooth Fairy. This morning he was pleased with his 1 dollar bill and thought it was funny that the Tooth Fairy forgot to retrieve the tooth in the handy dandy ziplock baggy. What a silly Tooth Fairy!

I also got to walk about 4 miles with Michael in the evening. Their were sprinkles of rain, but nothing stayed and we had a delightfully cool walk.

I had my first official day in the nursery at Church as one of the leaders. I even got a set of keys to the coveted toy closet. The other leader, Kim, and I took the kids for a brief walk around the building. The day was gorgeous and a breath of fresh air is a good thing.

On Saturday we learned of the passing of a wonderful friend of ours, Cathy. My mom wrote a beautiful blog post about Cathy's last visit.

Grampa Jim
about his day of cleaning and prepping a ceiling fan with Princess Eve that is a hoot. Eve loves to do Fix It stuff with Grampa, she also does so with her own flair.

Here are a couple of pages from the FINISHED Shutterfly album:

Off to deliver the author to camp! Take care! :)

Friday, June 20, 2008


Staying hydrated:

Practicing serves:

I used an old umbrella for a parasol for all three days, which was super helpful. I was bitten only once during my three day vigil. Rachel came over to take a drink of water and I turned to say something to her and felt a painful sting inside my shirt. I pulled my shirt open at the neck and peeked down. Sure enough an ant was in there and I promptly flicked the dude out. He had bitten me on the...rhymes with Mr. Whipple...that little jerk of an insect. Luckily, I brought Caladryl with me and I discreetly applied some soothing balm to my bite. YIKES!

Still practicing serves:

Eve's refreshment for the day was strawberries:
Practicing bouncing the ball with the racquet:
My lap was good for a few seconds of rest:
Eve fiddling with her sunglasses:

Each of the girls got a shirt from the camp:

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Another layout from Vacation (last year):::::::

:::::::::::::Blast From the Past::::::

Here was one of the places I found one of the most magnificent in the world:

This is an old layout, but I just love Yellowstone National Park and was waxing nostalgic.

I hope y'all have a great weekend! :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


::::::::::::::Tennis Camp, Day 2:::::::::

Today the girls were given a refresher on the forehand and backhand stroke, then they were taught the forehand and backhand volleys. They also got to play a few different games. Rachel was upset because a tall, older girl was making fun of her when she would miss the ball. She pondered the question why people feel compelled to tear others down instead of encourage them. She tries to encourage people and feels this should be some kind of shield against insensitive a rude behavior from others.

Stream of Consciousness Section:

I have been staying for both of the sessions and just relaying home to swap kids in the 30 minute time difference. I have taken the opportunity to watch the kids from the side-lines and saying only a few words like, "Slip your hand to the bottom of the racquet.", or giving a thumbs up to Eve. For each drill the kids form lines. It is interesting to me the jocking for place in line, when it is certain that everyone will get an equal turn and line order offers no real benefits. Both of my girls slide to the back, as kids shoulder them out of the way. I got into thinking about birth order of kids, or only children, or age but I'm not sure what determines kids just being rude. Then I extrapolate that to kids growing up to be rude in lines for every other event and people who run stop signs, or drive aggressively on the highway. I'm not one to break in line, nor do I give up my space, unless I deem the person has issues that take priority. My line on this is not black and white because I have broken societal taboos by making my daughter go to the men's restroom, while I stood at the door watching that she was okay (the main door was open, so I could stand right outside). She was desperate to go to the restroom and the women's side was lined up with listless Eloy-types who weren't moved by her heavy sobs and contorting body. My daughter was mortified for being told to go to the men's' room, but she would have been more distraught having soiled herself.

So, all in all, I'm proud that my girls aren't jostlers, shovers, breakers in line, and my respect for them increases as they are on their way to becoming people who value other people.

Rachel practices her backhand:
Eve loved her cantaloupe snack breaks:
You talkin' to me?!? Eve works on her forehand volley:
And again...

::::::::::::::::Mother's Day Card::::::::::

Credits: A card describing a bit about me by my ds, Noah.
Riding on Buses by Karen Lewis

Font: DJB Kyle Second Grade by Darcy Baldwin

I would like to respond to each of my son's perceptions of me point by point:
Since my name is Victoria, Noah is answering very factually...2 points

I am actually 5'4" and shrinking, but since he didn't list my weight...2 points

My hair is brown and my eyes are blue. I do like to keep it highlighted with ash blonde tones, but that is just not in his realm of important information...2 points

I do like to eat salad (my two favorites are Ceasar Salad and grilled chicken on a bed of spinach) and I can't stand the book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Noah loves the book and I think the character is shallow and self-serving and he grates on my nerves. I don't, however, mind saying "Zoowey Momma", or passing on the "Cheese Touch"... 2 points

I do wake him up on most days. He has been none to wake up a time, or two by himself...2 points.

I do not watch t.v. every day. I, in fact, watch t.v. on Friday nights and Saturday afternoon/evening. My parents have satellite and all the cool forensic shows have to be watched at their house. On Saturday, starting at 8:00p.m. the British comedies start on P.B.S. The current programming has: "Are You Being Served", "As Time Goes By", "To The Manor Born" and "Keeping Up Appearances", "Last of the Summer Wine", "Waiting for God". I love the dry wit and outlandish humor in these shows, so Noah gets ...1 point.

My favorite thing to do is scrapbook. My family does so many things that I want to remember...2 points

I do love him!!!...Infinite points

Since Noah loves math so much I will inform him that his mom card has received Infinity + 13 points for veracity. Not too shabby for a 2nd grader.

::::::::::::::::::::Vacation Page...getting closer to finished:::::

My son picked out a couple of cute items at a shop on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.

Credits: Font: DJB Malea and DJB MISS LIZ by Darcy Baldwin @ the

Kate Hadfield's Tall and Skinny Alpha

Cinnamon Design's Evitangel kit


I took one today for 2 hours!!!!!!!!! Thank you to my husband and family for letting me sleep. :)

When I got up Michael had made beefstew with the meat I had slow cooked. Tasty! He just finished making Rice Krispie Treats...BLISS!

Take care

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


:::::::::::::::::::::::Tennis Camp:::::::::::::

Rachel and Eve had a good start to their tennis experience. The weather was in the high 70s Fahrenheit, low humidity with light breezes. Rachel is fortunate to have the 8:30am to 10:30 time slight, while Eve gets the hotter part of the day starting at 11:00am. There are 2 coaches and an assistant coach to help the kids. The groups were manageable at about 16 or 18 each. The girls learned what stretches to do before beginning to play and then how to hold their racquet. They also learned the areas of the court. Then, they practiced their forehand stroke, followed by backhand. Our kids are not athletically gifted (genetic...I think), but they both said they had a good time.

The Williams sisters are currently secure on their tennis throne.

Rachel was in the first group:

I love the shrugged shoulders and the funny expression:
Working on her forehand:

Eve was in the second group and prepares with some stretching:
Coach Lauren helps Eve with holding her racquet correctly:
Eve works on her backhand:
Coach Nick helps Eve with her backhand position:
Eve works her backhand:
Eve smiles for the camera:

:::::::::::::::::::::::A Visit to Troop 129::::::::::

Grampa Jim blogged about Michael and Aaron visiting his Troop with photos.

::::::::::::::::::::::::2007 Summer Vacation Album::::

I'm almost finished!!!! :) Shutterfly has a free 20 page thank you book and I'm trying to take advantage of the deal.

Take care! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Holly Hot Potato

That is a game based on the classic Hot Potato game. With Holly Hot Potato you just need to find a cute, newborn baby named Holly.


Then, you bring her parents some dinner so they will hand her over for a wee bit of snuggling and OOOOOING and AHHHHING!


Then, pass her around to each of your own children. If you have a Noah in your family be prepared for the transfer very quickly. Noahs take Holly Hot Potato rather literally and with a quick pat and kiss she is on to the next participant.


Always have parent supervision!


Leave before you wear out your welcome and once you have the baby fully awake and a wee bit annoyed.


Laura with sweet, baby, Holly.

Noah with a quick hug and kiss for the baby.
Eve and Holly.
Laura with the Holly Hot Potato transfer to Aaron.
Aaron agrees that Holly is a super cutie!
Holly then gets to Michael and is pretty annoyed at all this Hot Potato business.

Now we have her riled up and thoroughly annoyed it was time to end the game with a final pass to Laura. Welcome, Holly.

::::::::::::Summer Vacation Layout from last year's trip:::::

credits: Lil' Miss Mermaid

Remember When Date Stamp Brush Pack @

Font: DJB Tweenybopper by Darcy Baldwin @ the

:::::::::::::::::::Scout Camp Photos:::::

Here a few of Aaron at Scout Camp last week:

::::::::Tomorrow is...

the start of a 3 day beginners tennis class for Rachel and Eve, So I hope to get some photos of my own Serena and Venus Williams wanna bes.

Later, gators! :)