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Monday, November 29, 2010

Relaxing Week and a Couple of Book Reviews

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We spent the day at my Dad and Alice's house. We watched a couple of movies (State of Play and Leap Year)along with some old The Office episodes. The girls made adorable cupcakes with m&ms and candy corn to look like turkeys. Alice made some tasty pecan pies too. I will attempt to post some photos later. Here are some book reviews in the meantime:

I am a fan of the type of books that delve into how easily most humans will give up their freedoms, but that a rogue few have to use their wits to save the world from its cattle/sheep mentality. In this prequel, Laurie and Andy witness the initial invasion of the Tripods. In short order the Tripods are destroyed. The humans pat themselves on the proverbial back and people go on with their lives briefly. The Tripods are able to use television to control the minds of many. Swiftly the world changes and the Tripods use the concept of fierce nationality to separate the humans into manageable groups. The author makes a very good point when he compares the free band of humans to rats when he explains that humans have been trying to eradicate rats for centuries and what they achieved was killing the weak and dumb rats, while being left with the strong and clever. The author shows that the Tripods are accomplishing a similar idea with culling out the easily manipulated humans from the strong willed.
This series is a set of quick reads, interesting ideas, a great understanding of human foibles, human resolve, and simple science fiction (nothing too techie).

15 year-old Penelope Lumley becomes a governess for 3 children who, until a hunting trip by Lord Frederick Ashton, had been raised by a wolves. I enjoyed the, mostly, unflappable Penelope. She was willing to take on the challenges put before her with her chin up and best foot forward, so to speak. Her tender consideration for the children, common sense, and book smarts made her an interesting character. The children where infinitely likable, as well. My problem with the story is that too early on in the book I realized it was being written as a sequel. That certain plot points seemed needless strung out. It reminded me, unhappily, of the journey I took with the Rama series by Arthur C. Clarke (my husband is beyond tired of hearing me fuss about that series). I do not like to be treated like a donkey with the perpetually hanging carrot in front of my face. This author has the ability to deliver the goods, and I wish she would have completed the task in this book.


Friday, November 19, 2010

I am Thankful for...

by Noah Taylor:
I am thankful for wasps because they clean up dead insects.

I am thankful for ants because they prove my nervous system is functioning properly.

I am thankful for paper cuts because they prove I have blood.

I am thankful for shots because they keep me safe.

I am thankful for heat because it makes me sweat proving I am hydrated.

(addendum by mom):
I am thankful for Noah because he helps me see the world in a whole new way.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


The background to this is that several mornings I would make Noah cinnamon sugar toast and Rachel didn't get any. I would usually make her oatmeal, or a blueberry bagel, but she longed to be included in each sugary breaded breakfast treat.

I asked the kids, "What do you want for breakfast?"

Rachel responded, "Are you making anything special for Noah?"

Me: "Yes, because I like him best."

Rachel: "I'll have that."

Another successful interaction with my children to start the day.

:::::::::::Book Club::::::::

Today is the last session of Book Club with Eve's 2nd grade class. They are smart kids and quite silly. I baked them cupcakes for our last treat.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remain Calm!!!


Yesterday Eve was acting like a maniac with a pair of safety scissors. She was threatening her moon project by saying, "I will cut you!" I was trying to get everyone to calm down to say a blessing over breakfast, so as they promise that they are ready I look up at Noah who has his arms crossed like Bela Lugosi and has his eyes rolled back in his head. I start snickering, but try to get on with the prayer.

Rachel said, "Mom you obviously lack self-control."

Noah quipped, "She lacks all kinds of control."

Pot to kettle, my friends!

A few minutes later Rachel meets me in the hall to relate the next Noahism. She said she had stolen a piece of his cinnamon sugar toast and popped it in her mouth. Noah told her, "That acid will burn through your sarcophagus!"

Rachel: "My sarcophagus?"

Noah: "Yeah, your sarcophagus, you know, that thing in your throat."

Rachel: "You mean my esophagus?!

Of course, I wrote these things down to wit Noah said, "I'm very quotable today!"

:::::::::::::::::Last Minute Science Projects R US:::::

Now to help with Rachel's project where I can!