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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Clever Idea of the Day from Rachel...

You see Noah has a natural tendency to give really tight hugs, so Rachel excitedly told me of the name she came up with to describe her little brother...Here it comes...Wait for it...


I love it!

Hugs to y'all!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Snow and Ice(ing)


Noahism of the Day

There is a tradition at the kids' elementary school to create Dicken's inspired snow villages. Rachel made a beautiful inn she called "The Out Inn" when she was in 5th grade:

While sitting at the table Noah lamented that he couldn't use this box design that he created on Sunday for his snow village:
Noah said, "I guess they wouldn't want a Fusion Reactor Core Generator at School."

Haley's 13th birthday

Rachel was invited to Haley's birthday party held at an awesome place in Senoia called Cutie Pies and Cakery;

The girls decorating their cake boxes. Each girl iced and decorated their own cakes:

Rachel loves to design with circles and the color blue:


These are photos from the day before Thanksgiving when the girls baked and decorated cupcakes:

Here is a mash up of two of my favorite pics of the cousins:

Off in a little bit to take photos of this year's snow village.

Monday, December 06, 2010

A Pinch of This and That:

The tree lot has been set up since the day after Thanksgiving. The proceeds go to pay for a portion of the boys' camp costs. Pippi has garnered a lot of attention on her trips around town, so Michael had her hang out at the tree lot to help get some attention for the tree lot.

Aaron next to a load of trees:

Eve helped unload trees because she loves to help with stuff like that (cleaning her room is a big NO, but she is eager to carry trees):


Zoo Atlanta with my sister, Tracy, nieces, Jessica and Haley, and with the Taylor kids:

Noah wanted to be helpful by reading the map:

The birds were very skittish. After 10 minutes, Jessica was the only one who could get a budgie to eat from the seed stick we bought:

Eve loves to hang out with her big girl cousins:

Rachel and Haley...Beautiful:

Komodo Dragon:

Komodo Dragon and a boy that probably tastes like chicken:

Dead mice...nom...nom...nom:

Jessica gets a close up:

Eve gets to pet a hedgehog:

The second time around the budgies are a little less skittish:

Rachel worries that mom is not around to get the photo. (Oh ye of little faith):


Baking Braided Christmas Bread:

Sister Weiler pouring salt. (I love how the salt granules are suspended in the air)

Rachel was an enthusiastic participant:

This song kept going through my mind as the girls worked the bread:

Music education

Rachel was busy switching channels when I heard this amazing voice throw out a few words and made her go back. I love the voice of Lou Rawls and this song makes me remember listening to the radio as a kid, so I offer this great youtube video (it also uses the word "need", so I see a running theme in my own twisted way):