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Monday, March 31, 2008

Easter Tales

:::::::::::::::Morning Prayers::::::::::::::::

I try to get Rachel and Noah out with a morning prayer before they jump on the bus for school. We rotate who prays and since Rachel did family prayer last night it was Noah's turn. Rachel and I had to stop ourselves from giggling out loud when Noah said, "...Please bless my book bag not to fall to bits." His back pack has blown a huge hole in the seam on one side and the other side is looking frazzled. I told him we would get a new one soon. School is out in a month and a half. Maybe Red Green will show up and use his handy dandy Duct tape?!

:::::::::::::::Carnival Day at Pre-K::::::::::

Aaron and I will be helping out at Eve's school. I will be making cotton candy and Aaron will be in charge of the sponge and tattoos. Last week when I asked if he would like to be in charge of the tattoos for the little kids he said he didn't know how to draw, so he probably shouldn't. He was relieved when I told him it wasn't that kind of tattoo. It is really chilly this morning, so I hope the sun comes out from behind the clouds for a wee bit of warmth.

:::::::::::::::Do You Like My Hat?::::::::::::

My niece, Dakotta, playing with her uncle's hat, then sharing with her twin sister.
Dawn Inskip:
Embossed Alpha
Type Cast Alpha
Darcy Baldwin: DJB KIRA at The Digichick
Kate Hadfield: Glamour Doodles
Kate Hadfield, Michelle Godin & Rachel Young: Spring Fling

:::::::::::::Just A Few Easter Layouts::::::::::::

Credits: Lorie Davison: Brownie Collection at Scrapbookgraphics, Jess Gordon: Vintage paper tears, Darcy Baldwin: DJB GAYLE at The Digichick


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Down and Derby Time:

Third times the charm
Three Strikes you're out
Hat Trick
Three is a magic number

Noah participated in his Cub Scout pack's Pinewood Derby on Friday night. His car was designed as a melting Creamsicle. Noah's car was consistently 3rd in each heat. After the third heat Michael asked Noah how he was doing and Noah responded, "I came in third all three times. HUGGIES?!"

After the 5th heat coming in last Noah said, "This is embarrassing!" After the 6th heat he told my mom, "I'd rather eat my own poop! HUGGIES!?!" Later awards were given out for different categories and Noah won, "The Best Non-Car" category.

::::::::::::::::::::Here Is Another Vacation Layout:::::

"The kids thought it was fun to pretend to be in the gaol because they knew that they weren't going to be a resident there for more than a few miniutes. I was happy they didn't resort to trying to figure out how to create their own shanks. I didn't want to contemplate for too long what the smell of these places were like, or the presence of vermin."

"The story of Matilda, by Raold Dahl, is a family favorite. The Trunchbull is always throwing the kids in "the Chokey" for any reason she wants."

Credits: Sausan Designs: Needful Things Book, Christina Renee and Shabby Princess: French Countryside, Rachel Young: Stamped Alpha, Antonio Rafello: Vintage frames, Darcy Baldwin: DJB MICHAEL

::::::::::::::::::Out And About:::::::

We went to a Wish Day celebration for our niece, Teresa, who is in remission from leukemia. We were scheduled to go to a petting zoo, but a torrential down pour side-lined us to a nearby church. We had fun with the family and the lovely ladies who arrainged the day.

On the way home Noah struck up the "Category Game" that we started last week. The categories today included: Dr. Who, Cyberman, Yellow, Astronomy, Road Kill, Transformer, and Girl Scout cookies. The funniest one was the last category, which Michael announced as we neared our home. He said, "Photosynthesis". To wit, Rachel responded enthusiastically, "We get to talk about cameras!" Laughing, Michael says, "The next categories are "Cameras" and "Blondes". Rachel, quickly, stated she knew what photosynthesis was then gave the definition.

Off to work on some Easter layouts:

Thursday, March 27, 2008

How Many Doctors Does It Take?

This was the very seriously asked question by Eve on Tuesday. I know its Thursday, but atleast I got around to posting:). Eve asked if I would teach her to jump rope. I went over the mechanics of the one foot jump, then rock to the back foot style and the two footed jump. The song I used was the classic:
"Cinderella dressed in yellow
went upstairs to kiss a fella.
Made a mistake and kissed a snake.
How many doctors does it take?"

She enjoyed trying, but we are working on keeping the rope going over again after she has jumped over.

Jumping rope is one of my all time favorite activities. I, also, enjoyed playing Chinese jump rope in elementary school. I'm pretty sure I would cause severe bodily injury if I tried it these days.

:::::::::::::::::::::WHAT!? What's That You Say?
Easter is over! I didn't hear. Some dude bit my ears off!

:::::::::::::::::::::Layouts With Designs by Dawn Inskip:::

My daughter, Eve, asked her dad to sidewalk chalk with her and he drew her a rainbow fish. She then started her own embellishments.

Dawn Inskip:
Embossed Alpha
Type Cast Alpha
Land of Make Believe
Midnight Diamonds
Frames by Vanilla Hush
Darcy Baldwin: DJB LENA at The Digichick

::::::::::::::::::::::::Pinewood Derby Time:::::::

Noah designed a melting popsicle car. A Creamsicle to be more accurate:

I'll post more of the car tomorrow. It has had it's, initial, orange, shiny paint job, but Michael has to drill a spot for Noah to put in the popsicle stick. It is looking super groovy.

:::::::::::::::::Here is Jasper, The Ferret:::::
in his favorite, orange backpack:

Later, Gators! :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

What a fun weekend with family!

On Saturday, Grandpa Jim and I walked Eve over to the church across the street from their subdivision for an Easter egg hunt. She was in the 2-5 year old group. There were a lot of eggs and a lot of kids. She was able to gather 9 eggs in about 2 minutes. She seemed a little dazed by the swarm of kids and adults, but we told her not to be concerned because there was another hunt to come at Granny Alice and Paw Paw Dennis' house. She accepted that and we walked back to the house, all the while, enjoying the beautiful Spring weather.

:::::::::::::::::Noah's Talk::::::::

On Sunday, Noah gave a talk in Primary about the resurrection of the Savior. Here is Noah's talk as dictated to daddy:

"Today I am going to my Granny Alice's house. We are going to have an Easter egg hunt. Easter egg hunts are fun, but what Easter is really about is it is the day that Jesus Christ was resurrected. Thank to Jesus' atonement all of us can be resurrected. I think that Easter eggs represent coming to life again. I am thankful for Easter because Jesus gave us eternal life after we have lost our first life."

:::::::::::::::::::After A Quick Change and:::::

a potty break we hit the road South. When we got to Dad and Alice's house my Martha Stewart like sister, Katherine had made these yummy treats:

My sister, Tracy made homemade macaroni and cheese, my dad smoked some delicious pork tenderloins, we also had potato salad, hot dogs, and beans. Yummy stuff, I tell ya! Before we ate or hunted eggs my dad asked me, non-chalantly (this should have been a clue!) to go get the ice cream from the white freezor in the garage. I obeyed and upon opening the said freezor I was presented with a large, black garbage bag with curved claws extending from the opening. I didn't look past it for any ice cream (it wouldn't have fit, anyway) and went back in the house to find my dad laughing. I asked him what, dead thing, he had in his freezor. He said it was a beaver. I can't say that I was overly surprised. My dad has always been a hunter and fisherman. I'm used to the old deer heads he had on the wall. The beaver is a new one, though. HEE, HEE, dad! :)

There were also some great confetti eggs:

Confetti eggs have become a tradition ever since Katherine walked up to me, 2 years ago, with a Cheshire Cat smile, gave me a big hug, then cracked me on the head with a confetti egg. I bought 4 boxes at the local grocery store to arm all of the children this year. Confetti was all over our hair, clothes and the yard.

The kids had fun hunting in the leaves and trees for the various treats. The metallic eggs had dollar bills. There were 8 of them. The kids shared the money evenly at the end.

Here is Rachel:

Here is Aaron:

My niece, Haley:

My nephew, Tyler:

Silly Evey:



While we were just hanging out and talking. Eve played on the piano. She plays on it every time we visit. We asked if she would like to take lessons and she responded in the affirmative, so after ballet/tap is over she will begin piano lessons.

:::::::::::::The Ride Home::::::::

was pretty silly. We created a Michaelite version of Jeopardy. One person would come up with 2 or 3 categories, then we would shout out which category we wanted to answer the question. Since the person asking the question was in charge they would pick the category they wanted to ask the question from in the first place. Our categories were from various subjects: math, science, U.S. History, Pagan Holidays, Shrubberies, Dr. Who, Transformers, Music, Toilet Paper in Colonial Times, Toothbrushes, "Back To The Future", Scott Toilet Paper (this is a different category, and Rachel was in charge of asking these questions), Chickens (chicken questions are all for Noah's benefit...he has a hang up on all things chicken), the t.v. shows, "My Hero" and "The Vicar of Dibley", and "Red Dwarf". We also had the category, in what will you find in the freezor in my dad's garage? Answer: A dead beaver.

Noah asked the question, "What does "TARDIS" stand for?" Rachel and Aaron were tripping over their tongues to shout out, "Time And Relative Dimension In Space". The funny thing is I didn't already know that. It was at this moment that my children attained superior geek status. I'm so proud! Hey, kids! Let your geek flag fly!

:::::::::::::::::::Now:::::::: reading is done, prayers are said, kids are asleep...and husband, so off to bed!

Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite! :)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Weekend is Hopping!

:::::::::::::::::Busy Friday:::::::::

Decorating sugar cookies was a big hit for Eve's preschool class. The kids were so polite. Rachel helped me cut out flower, bunny, and egg shapes for the cookies. I bought some whipped vanilla frosting and I already had a variety of Spring themed sprinkles. Aaron read a really cool book about the Easter Bunny who is an "Artiste"

This is Eve showing me how to swing. "You kick out your feet, mommy!"

"Then, you pull them back!"

In the afternoon I went to help in Noah's class. I got to lead Noah's group on a scavenger hunt for goodies through the school. Then, I poured Sprite for the kids while they made dirt cups.
Noah's painted pail for the scavenger hunt.

In the evening the Girl Scout meeting went pretty well. I remembered the snacks and we talked about In-gathering. I plan to go as a chaperone.

:::::::::::::::::This Girl Has Skillz!

This is a layout of my SIL, Lettitia, helping the twins make a bracelet.

coming soon at sophia
Sketch It alpha by Luisa Leandro
Also: Debut kit by Luisa Leandro at Sophia Sarducci
By Dawn Inskip: A Little Sunshine, Guest C.T. mini kit
Font: DJB My Dear Marsha, and DJB LENA by by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick
Meredith Fenwick: Arrow from Caution brush set.
Scarletheels Media: Doodle Teeny Alpha
Rhonna Farrer: Snapshot Frames

::::::::::::::::::::::A Crooked Kind of Perfect::::

by Linda Urban was such an enjoyable read. Her short chapter styles keep the book fresh and fast paced. The main character, Zoe Elias, is 10 years-old (almost 11) at the beginning of the book. Zoe has grand dreams to play piano at Carnegie Hall and be the next Vladmir Horowitz. Her dream takes a detour in reality as her father, who has issues with people and flashing lights, buys Zoe a Perfectone D60 organ, instead of a grand piano. Zoe learns to play the organ and enjoy the campy feel of being able to replicate such standard hits as the theme song to Green Acres.
Zoe's father is such an interesting agoraphobic. He buys into every diploma at home you can think up. He finally finds his niche in baking and surprisingly becomes a mentor to Wheeler, a class mate of Zoe's.
The title's meaning comes out, to me, in every facet of the book. Zoe wants to play a grand piano at Carnegie Hall. She gets to play a Perfectone D60 in a hotel conference room with metal folding chairs. Zoe's dad wants to support his daughter and family, but his agoraphobia limits how long he feels he can stay out in public. He compensates by finding a job baking in the morning away from the crowds. Zoe takes toe socks to a party that is filled with girls who like "Brats" apparel and knows that "nobody wears socks!" Zoe learns that with practice you can burp upside down due to her, unlikely, good friend Wheeler. The characters have the great quality of believeability, like "I know that person" type quality.
One of the great messages comes on page p165, "Perfecton itself is imperfection. I attributed to Vladimir Horowitz who went on to explain,...Each note can only be right in one way. A B-flat is a B-flat. A robot can get a B-flat right. But getting the heart right is something only a person can do. And the ways to do it are as many and as different as there are people in the world."

Zoe meets a girl at her Perfectone competition who makes this humorous observation: "Wouldn't that be funny if everybody wore shirts with true stuff on them?..."Like 'No Mind of Myh Own' or 'I Hope This Shirt Makes Me Look Cool."

I recommend this book for all ages. It is a fun refreshing book that is a bit off center...just like I like things!

btw, Thanks, again, Kim! :)

:::::::::::::::Recommendation Friday (on Saturday)::::::::

Dual purpose items that I find really cool are SKORTS and SPORKS. Folks, this REALLY is the best of two worlds colliding for a single great purpose in their respective spheres. (I haven't had much sleep lately...could you tell?)

Evey loves skorts and I love them, too! You get to have a girly fashion thing going on without worrying who in the world can glimpse you underwear. Active miniature fashionistas can be so happy.

Then, there is the spork. I was first introduced to the spork at Kentucky Fried Chicken. Though, I haven't supped from that fine fast food establishment in years I still have fond memories of the spork. Since Aaron needed a new cook kit and utensils Michael went to R.E.I. and picked Aaron up a really nice new cook kit and a spork. Aaron was really happy for both items. So handy and only one utensil to clean. Yippee!

:::::::::::::::::::Bead Socks::::::::::::
Here are the socks I make for the little girls in our family:

Happy Easter, y'all! :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Odd(s) and Ends

I love movie and tv quotes. Eve has been running around lately asking the questions that the bridge keeper posed in the movie "The Holy Grail". She also loves to say, "It's just a flesh wound!" She is such a nut!

Here are my responses to Jim's blog prompts:

Name a favorite movie...The African Queen

Name a favorite old TV show... The Carol Burnett Show

Give one line (or quote) from any film or TV show and see if we can all remember it. The line does not have to be from the movie or TV show you chose in Parts 1 and 2...

Elwood: "It's got a cop motor, a 440 cubic inch plant, it's got cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks. It's a model made before catalytic converters so it'll run good on regular gas. What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile or what?"

::::::::::::::::::Flower Layout:::::::::

Midnight Diamonds - coming soon (have your eyes wide open maybe on thursday)
by Dawn Inskip at NDISB
Font: DJB My Dear Marsha
by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick
Misc. Font: CK Cursive

:::::::::::::::::::::::Still Crocheting::::

I've crocheted beads to 6 pairs of sock. Only 6 more to go! :)

Smiles, until later!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day Dream Believer...

and the homecoming queen Ordinary Princess.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::Day Dreams:::::::::::::::


"Noah's face looked so serene as the warm Summer sun cast its warm light on his face. Our destination was Shenandoah National Park. You were cuddled with your best pal, "Oinkey" and his side kick "Danny" the stuffed dog. I wonder if they came along with you on your imaginary journey during the afternoon series of ..."

Midnight Diamonds - coming soon (have your eyes wide open maybe on thursday)

by Dawn Inskip at NDISB

Also by Dawn Inskip the “Oh Boy” kit doodles:

Font: DJB ANOTHER MANDY by Darcy Baldwin at The Digichick

:::::::::::::The Ordinary Princess

My friend, Kim, has come through with her record of great book suggestions intact. I, thoroughly, enjoyed the story of Princess Amy, The Ordinary Princess. Amy was given a gift by those, often meddlesome and flustering, fairies from around the kingdom. Having the fairies come was against the king's wishes, but the queen and councillors insisted on inviting all of them. All was going well, in the king and queen's estimation, until the arrival of the elderly fairy, Crustacea. She bestowed upon the radiantly beautiful baby the gift of being "ordinary". From that moment Princess Amy was a girl with a turned up nose, freckles and mousy brown hair that was a bit unruly. She grew up to enjoy being in the forest and disdaining the stuffiness of castle life. The funniest parts, to me, were the ways her parents contrived to have their 7th daughter married off...lowered lighting, having the plainest attendants in the room with her. Those wishing to possibly marry Princess Amy never stayed long after seeing her. The last straw was the scheme to hire a dragon to lay waste to a portion of the kingdom to inspire a valiant prince to kill the dragon and then feel compelled to marry her after having gone to all the effort to save her. She ditches castle life for a home in the forest, but a tattered dress makes her find a job. The story continues and is simply a fun story about enjoying the life with out the stuffiness and pretensions of class.


Some kind folks have inquired if there is any storm damage at our house from the tornado. There was only a lot of rain, but no damage for us.

:::::::::::::::::::::Crocheted Socks:::::::::

I'm off to crochet some beads onto bobby socks for my future niece and another niece turning 2. Eve will probably help, which means beads all over creation. :)

Later, gators.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Where, Oh Where, Have My Car Keys Gone?

::::::::::::::::::LOST::::::::::::AND FOUND!::::
The only real excitement this weekend was losing my keys. My mom located them where they had fallen out of my pocket. Thanks, Mom!

:::::::::::::::::Noah's International Folk Dance::::::::::

Darcy Baldwin's font: DJB DONNAR at The Digichick
Mary Fran's "Giddy Up" kit
Nancy Comelab's Cluster frames
Kate Hadfield's Heavy Duty Staples, Journaling paper, and Black Doodle Alpha

::::::::::::::::College Road Trip::::::::::

Michael and I took Rachel and Aaron to see College Road Trip with Raven, Martin Lawrence and Donny Osmond. We laughed a lot. The movie was really fun and Donny Osmond was hilarious. If you want some laughs without worrying about foul language and folks breaking into song this would foot the bill.

My mom took Noah and Eve to see Horton Hears A Who. They reported that that was a fun movie, too!

Must run, now!