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Friday, June 30, 2006

The Psychological Reason Kids are Exhibitionists:

Have you wondered why your kids find it hilarious, even necessary, to run around n*de? Making you chase them and threaten to put them in time out. I have the it pertains to 3 year is all about SHOES. Yes you have read correctly! Their propensity for running around without their clothes on is simply because they can't find the right pair of shoes to go with their clothes that they will be wearing...but do not actually have on their person! I learned this fact when I could not get my daughter to put a clean pair of un*erwear on and her purple ballet outfit (just cause she is a princess...that's why!) until she found her sparkly shoes. It didn't matter that the neighbor girl was over is all about the SHOES! I think I hear a faint "Amen, sister!" from Imelda Marcos and those girls from that t.v. show I've never watched, but I've heard they were way into shoes.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

They're Climbing the Walls!

Urban Monkeys kit by Lizzie Grace, popsicle sticks (Modified) from Susan Long, Film strip (modified) by Jen Wilson, paper from BYOBB Kit Add-on by Gina Miller, Banana and monkey background paper by Ping Designs, fonts: arial, Pea Jane

Climbing the molding is a passion for Noah. He climbs daily...shinnying (sp?)up the molding in the living room kitchen and bedroom. Rachel enjoys climbing as well, but doesn't do so as much as Noah. Aaron doesn't bother and Eve hasn't figured it out, yet! I'm pretty sure that this is an unacceptable deed in many homes, but we find it pretty cool! Michael built a climbing wall in our garage several years ago and Noah is the only one interested in climbing it. Noah is built kind of small and squarish, like a line backer in football. I think he most resembles the build of my maternal grandfather, "Goat" (Bill) Harris. My grandfather only attended high school to play football. (I will post a layout of this soon. I have a cool newspaper article with him suited up). As far as, climbing the molding our only injuries are the kids that think it's funny to hang out underneath the climber. Gravity and Darwin at work here!..."He fell on me!"...
"Why were you standing underneath him?"...
"He did it on purpose!"...
"If that makes you feel better!"


Michael asked me to make a video slideshow presentation of the most recent "Supercamp" activity. I'm using Easy Media Creator 8 to put the show together. My problem is being able to stop. I love pictures and music, and I enjoy putting the two together. I haven't figured out the songs I want to use, yet. I have great photos of camping, rock climbing, biking and caving. Michael was in charge of the "High Adventure" stuff. So, if there are any songs that strike you as good for these activities please let me know:)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

...57 Channels and Nothing On...

I was a t.v. junkie and didn't even have cable! (I still don't have cable). I loved to watch pretty much any show that came on Channel 17. There programming consisted of shows that the 3 major networks didn't want to waste their time showing. I watched old movies and especially B grade flicks like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes and anything Godzilla. Most of the movies consisted of disaster flicks where Airplanes were in danger of crashing, their was an apocalpse of some sort, and the world was being taken over by flesh eating mutants...great stuff...grab the popcorn! So, I present to you one of my favorite actors from my t.v. viewing during the 70's and 80's, Mr. Charleton Heston:

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Web Slingin' and Plaid Action...

all on one blog! I said I would present a dose of my 70's coolness, so I give you some Spiderman and Plaid action:

paper, stitched flower (recolored)by Michelle Coleman, overlay from Studio Chic by Shabby Princess, Faux Jewels by Shabby Princess, arrows from Laura's Shabby Arrows, Font: Stan's hand, Hurry Up

For this layout I used the font Stan's Hand. I felt it was appropriate in name only because of Stan Lee. As far as, the Dorothy Hamill haircut...Argh!...I looked awful in that style. I think I was trying to draw peoples' eyes away from my hairstyle by wearing such kickin' pants and who doesn't like Spidey?!? One of my all time favorite shirts was one with Vinny Barbarino (John Travolta) from Welcome Back, Kotter! It said, "Up your nose with a rubber hose!" I wore that quite often. I don't know if a photo still exists of me wearing that shirt, but I think I saw one at my dad's house once several years ago. I almost feel that I should write certain dates with the intials p.s. to stand for "pre-scrapbooking".
My niece, Makayla, was blessed today and we got together with the Michael's family and outlaws and had a great barbeque. Then, we dropped 3 of the kids off to spend a few days with their cousins at my step mom's house. The girls were the only ones going to spend the night, but Noah asked if he might stay and Granny Alice said sure. We didn't bring any clothes for him to change into, but he was completely cool about that he said, "That's okay I'll just wear these." Meaning the clothes he wore to church. My sister, Tracy, and I were trying to think of clothes he might be able to use, but he just got annoyed and repeated his original statement. Funny kid!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

{My Aaron Spelling Tribute}

Font:Bitsumichi, Carbon Block and Arial

When I got home I checked the news on the AJC and CNN and found out that Aaron Spelling had passed away following a stroke. I grew up on this guy's t.v. shows (good or bad)and I liked a lot of them. One of my favorites was Charlie's Angels. I was a Sabrina fan, then when she left I liked Kelly. For the brief time that Farrah Fawcett was on the show I was curious if she owned a bra?!? I don't personally like wearing them, but ha! I'm not on national television, though I'm sure the male audience is like SHUTCHA MOUTH! WHADDA YA TALKIN' ABOUT! It has to be said that I used an entire can of Final Net hairspray to get my hair to form the signature winged hairstyle sported by Farrah Fawcett. I also owned the famous bathing suit poster (many years since torn and thrown away) and that same poster photo on a t-shirt (I will scrap my 70's coolness very soon)!

The reason the layout is entitled "Roger's Angels" is due to the fact my father-in-law is deceased and this is a silly photo of Lettitia, Melissa and Sydney pretending to the Charlie's Angels. They had such a good time posing like this that we all had a great laugh (and maybe Rog, too?!)

So this layout is a simple fairwell to Aaron Spelling and his t.v. shows that helped me get through any homework I felt was boring, or any chores I was sloughing! Thanks Aaron! And a simple homage to my Father-in-Law who I really miss talking to!

Friday, June 23, 2006

{Shear Determination}

paper and acrylic paint strokes from Michelle Coleman's Gypsy Rose, Painted Alpha, stitching, number stamp and staples by Michelle Coleman, "T" Charm by Mo Jackson, ribbon from Sandra Boddington's Mulberry Memories, Font: Pea Lis and Typeset
"Teresa's medication had started to make her hair fall out in clumps, and she decided to go ahead and cut off the rest of her hair and wait for it to grow back rather than wait for it all to fall out. She asked me, Tabitha and later, Christopher to cut our hair also. We did and here are some of the pictures of our bald heads." Papa

Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia; that was the diagnosis for Teresa. Shelene and Stephen noticed here pale color and lethargy during our family Halloween party in 2005. At that time they were acting as Teresa's foster parents, but as of 14 June 2006 Teresa, along with her 3 siblings, were adopted. We love this girl and it is obvious that her new siblings give her their full support and love!

I have been amazed watching the Stephenites work together to help each other. I was so impressed that Tabitha would shave her head at the request of her little sister. I was thinking how Tabitha had gone all Natalie portman---Vendetta...ish on us. I always thought she had a beautiful smile and eyes. Teresa has such an adorable chin. From what I hear from their family Teresa is technically in remission. There have been several cagey moments with secondary illnesses that have been attended to quickly. It is great to see them all smiling!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

{Wiggin' Out}

papers and overlay from Nancie Rowe Janitz's Aztec Summer, notebook paper from BYOBB Kit Add-on by Gina Miller, polaroid template by Steph Krush, Fonts: Pea Lis, Rage, Pea Jordan, Oopie's Ma, Juice ITC, Pea Melissa, Mr. B, and Poornut

I don't know if anyone out there has an affinity for wigs. My mother has always liked playing around with wigs (with some interesting results). My kids enjoy her collection. They have all differet hair colors to choose from in the Granny Sue Wig Collection. Red is one of Rachel's favorites:. Dolly Parton is well known for her plethora of it's my mom's turn in the (sub)-LIME light! This wig reminds me of Florence Henderson from The Brady Bunch fame. I believe the photo was taken around 1976. I'm expecting a call from my mom after she sees this blog because she knew I would do something silly with the photos after I happily (while laughing) gathered them up to scan them all. My mom is a very good sport about such things ( have to be to wear some of those things).
I, too, played with these wigs as a kid, but OOHHH! they are soooo hot and uncomfortable!

On to other news: It reached in the high 90s here today and Michael is on his second day of the flu. He has been sick admirably, which means he hasn't whined for anything and has done his best to rest and help with the kids since he is home.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Stinkie cheese can be soooo good...

to eat! I don't think, in general, that pungent smelling food is that appealing to me. I often avoid such food for milder aromas, but Asiago cheese is so good that I eat it anyway and dash the consequences! Here is some information aboutAsiago cheese. I first tried asiago cheese on a bagel from Einstein Brothers Bagels when I was working at the credit union office branch at the now defunct and replaced Rio Mall. We often had credit union quick meetings with our branch manager and she would buy us bagels, so since it was free I was game to try. I was quickly and forever hooked on this stuff. So, if you get a chance and want to try to offend someone, but don't want to try the same old boring garlic routine, or tuna fish breath give this one a go!


While pouring Noah something to drink last night he looked at me quite in earnest and stated, "You know mom, space IS the final frontier"..."Because if you tried to go to the end of it you just couldn't! It would take you like 4 years...or you would just be dead before you got there!" This boy, my friends, is my personal Stephen Hawking!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My Big Brother:

Mo Jackson's Primitive Scrapbooking, Color Happy Papers by Michelle Coleman, overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz, frame (modified) by Shabby Princess and Font: Pea Lis and Pea Cammi-pea, Edwardian Script ITC
Text: This is my big brother, Denny! What would I like my kids to know about their uncle as they look at these early photos? From what my mother told me when he was born, Denny, was a quiet baby. He did not fuss to be picked up. That seemed comforting to a brand new mother, but a little strange.. He has a pair of the most beautiful deep brown eyes. In physical build and appearance he is extremely similar to our dad. As he got a little older his hair grew straignt up making him look like he had a cute little buzz cut all the time. When he would play with his toys or with cans everything woulld be lined up perfectly. He would get upset if my mother needed a can from somewhere within his perfect line. When Denny was 4 years-old the diagnosis of Autism was given to the behaviors he was exhibiting. The research into Autism was in its infancy in the United States. He had a behvioral disorder with no clear cause. There were people who held the false belief that Autism was caused by the mother's lack of desire to have the baby when she was pregnant. My mother's love for Denny has never diminished. Our mother met with every leading doctor in the field of Autism research or wrote to them. Doctoral students from Emory University worked with Denny.
He kept an immaculate and perfectly ordered room until I arrived. I created a lot of agitation in his life. My mom said he clapped one hand tightly on my head and said, "GO AWAY!" When my kids tear up stuff I just straightened up I have a greater understanding of how he must have felt. My mom misses the gentle smile she could coax from him when he was small. Now they are forced and distant. Puberty was a tumultous time for him and rather dangerous for him and for us. He is an adult man in his 40s now and the constant in his life is a family who loves him.

---Denny is kind of a phantom that moves around my mother's house. The kids know his room is off limits to toy borrowing, but if Granny goes with them they can give him a kiss. His weight level is on the slim side these days, so we call him skinny Denny. Several years ago he had a long period of time where he ate only hormel chili. He got heavy and we nicknamed him Buddha Boy and said you could rub his tummy for good luck. He is sort of the Oprah of the Autistic community.
My step father gives him a shower and a shave everyday. My mother takes him to school at the DeKalb Service Center where he has a wonderful teacher named Steve. His friend, Debbie, got moved to another class recently and Denny is not pleased. My step mother cuts Denny's thick brown hair. I find it a blessing that our step parents give inordinate amounts of unconditional love and service.

My brother has the coolest bed sheets by the way. He has the original Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and Disney's Robin Hood bed sheets. They are growing thread bare, but my mother's attempts to change them have been met with disapproval.

---Speaking of meeting with disapproval... my 3 year-old is crying because I made her the DREADED pancakes instead of waffles. I think I might break out the old "There are people starving in Africa..." line because I'm not making something different to appease a tantrum. Stubborn mom...stubborn 3 year old.

Smiles everyone smiles (even if this isn't Fantasy Island)!

Monday, June 19, 2006


of my photos are always duffie! The kids love to make goofy faces, or they simple look downright confused. I don't know what causes the is I...your mother...with a camera. You know me! Anyway, the goofy faces I accept because I have introduced you to my zany, plastic faced, husband.

storyboard by Lanne, Font: Edwardian Script ITC


Father's Day

We drove to Pine Mountain, GA for a family get together. My Great Aunt Doris was visiting from Brigham City, UT. The kids had fun playing with cousins they had never met before. My Great Aunt Margaret made a super yummy homemade salsa. My dad scarfed up most of the shrimp (he was quite the vacuum around the shrimp tray). My Aunt Diann made a great strawberry cake with whip cream frosting...light and tasty!

Luckily, Michael brought his laptop and we were able to get cemetery photos from Aunt Margaret and Doris' trip to North Carolina where we have a lot of family history. It is so fun to trade email addresses with folks in the family. I hope to get some really good leads and solid family information. The kids think they are so funny when they point out cemeteries when we are driving and ask if I want to stop and take photos.


In Digi-News: There is a great, COMPLETELY OPEN, forum for all things digital launched by Shannon BiegerDigiShopTalk. I have signed up and look forward to this burgeoning community! :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006

{You Have Caricature!}

Art Markers from Mo Jackson's Primitive Art collection, and Laura's Shabby Arrows freebie from Laura's Shabby Ramblings blog, Fonts: Pea Lis and Simon Script
***edit:Never stare directly at the artist, nor smile. You have to make him earn his keep! (He's an artist, RIGHT ! )
blogger isn't uploading my corrected layout so I will correct the text here.

Every family has some kind of tradition when they go on vacations or outings somewhere and one of ours is getting caricatures drawn. The kids are always anxious to see what the artist rendering of their faces. The girls chose to be mermaids. Eve was going to be drawn like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, but changed her mind when she saw Rachel's drawing. Aaron decided to look like Indiana Jones and Noah wanted to be Godzilla. Our wall is now full, so we need to figure out were to put our ever increasing caricature gallery. Our home is quite small, so this is a bit of a quandry. These were the souvenirs for the kids. The only other souvenir purchase we made was in the Canada section at Epcot's World Showcase. We purchased to cds by a group called Off Kilter. They were awesome and we wanted to give them to my mom for watching our ferret, Jasper, while we were gone. Oh, I forgot to add we did spend a couple bucks on a wooden back scratcher for Aaron from the store in the Japanese section. I get tired of him asking for me to scratch his back.
---Tradition #2---
We have another tradition in our family when we go on road trips and that is to eat at Denny's restaurant. For the most part the food and service are great and the restaurants are clean. They have a great family menu, and you can get breakfast at any time of the day if you care to order it. The one exception to ordering water with our meals comes when we are out West. The water is laden with minerals, so the thought occurs to me that maybe when we visit out their I could order water with my silt. HMMM? I am quite fond of Moons Over My Hammy, and Aaron and Rachel usually get the Jr. Grand Slam. We get out of the restaurant for around $35.00 for a family of 6. I do not think that is shabby at all! We don't eat at Denny's in town because we figured it is more fun associating eating there as a fun road trip thing and the kids will think it is fun to look for signs along the road rather than fight. This ploy has worked for several thousands of miles:)

Friday, June 16, 2006


I used Michelle Coleman's papers and staples from the Scrap Artist Kit called "Summer Whimsy", Fonts: Amanda's Hand, House Sitter's Club, Dirty Ego, Biondi, Stamped DSG, Too Many Secrets, Tempus Sans ITC, Weathered SF, Randy Described Eternity, Punch Label, Pharmacy, Jokerman and Hursheys

Text: Grandpa Jim was happy to set up the sprinkler for the kids to run through on Saturday. Since we didn't bring swimsuits the kids made do with over-sized T-shirts and extra pairs of underwear. The quotes on these pages are from Noah who often finds strange things to say. He declares them with so much enthusiam that we are left laughing and asking each other, "Did you hear what he said this time?!?"


Thanks for the comments, Janna, Julie P. and Barbara! I really appreciate hearing from y'all!


Here is a link to the tutorial I used 90% for the page curl on the Wild Wind of Badlands...It isn't the tutorials fault, but often I simply can't figure stuff out, so I get as close as possible and punt!

Janee's Photoshop Tutorials

I was able to get as far as converting my pen tool points and how to use the gradient tool. My husband said he was proud of me for sticking to it for so long (I was simply wishing that I wasn't so thick that I couldn't figure it out). The more you work at these tutorials you begin to have more and more AHA! moments, and that is fun.

Aaron starts back with his homeschool league bowling today. We are doing Summer league, which bowls every week. This also means I will have to have constant discussions with the other kids that..."NO...I am not give you any money for the game room." ---INSERT CHILDREN BEGGING----..."NO...I am not give you any money for the game room." This begs the question if this exchange can really be called a discussion if both parties never say anything different and the position on the issue remains eternally fixed?

We just started reading Wind in the Willows last night (the children have misplaced The Silver Chair. I think this may be a clever ruse for me to get fed up and clean their rooms for them. CLEVER, DIABOLICAL, and well planned in a unplanned, lazy sort of child-like way!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

True Grit

I used Mo Jackson's Aunt Laura, Twas The Night, Board Book Alpha, Dorothy's Kitchen 3 and Font: Pea Aleis

Grits are often an interesting topic of conversation because so many people have an opinion of how they should be cooked. My mother, especially, hates for anyone to put sugar on their grits. My children love to eat grits the way my mother makes them. Only Rachel will willingly eat my grits. I use only salt, water, and butter. Often times when you eat them at a restaurant they have let them cook entirely too long and have created an almost inedible form of wallpaper paste. I usually avoid ordering grits, when we are traveling, outside of Alabama or Tennessee. My favorite companion food with grits is a nice buttermilk biscuit. This is a kind of cozy food combo.
Aaron, who since a very small child, has abhorred the texture and flavor of grits decided that he actually quite likes instant grits with bacon. He had this epiphany at Scout camp this week. I'm not sure what to think because I hate the texture and flavor of those instant grits packs. I wonder if he might not have accidentally burned off several taste buds on a molten s'more, or something?! Sometimes our tastes can be expanded, by necessity, on camping trips.
One of my favorite movie moments is in the movie "My Cousin Vinny" when the main character is served grits and he wonders what is a "Grit". Here is Grits defined by wikipedia. The funny thing about the list on things you can put on grits is sugar and ketchup, which my mother can NOT countenance. I wonder if she will try to go into wikipedia and erase those choices?
If you get a chance to make grits, but are wondering how try Alton Brown's method on makingCheese Grits. This is a Food Network site.

On an aside, I made a kickin' smoothie yesterday! I used frozen strawberries (4), frozen blueberries (about a 1/4 cup), frozed red rasperries (about a handful), 1/2 of a fresh banana sliced, 1 cup 2% milk, and 2 scoops of lowfat frozen vanilla yogurt. Super Perfect for me!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wild Wind of Badlands

Fonts: Mr. B & Hard Rock
Kits/Papers/Elements: Michelle Coleman's Good Karma, staples from Emma's Sundress, Rhinestones from Jen Wilson's Dried Leaves.
Extras: MCO Glitter Doodles from Birthday, Overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz, number brush stamps from MCO's Emma's Sundress

This is one of my favorite photos of Rachel in Badlands, S.D. She loved being blown by the strong winds.

BTW, my children are currently arguing over how to capitalize Sponge Bob's name in a sentence. The argument has to do if his name is officially Sponge Bob or Sponge Bob Square Pants. This inane conversation has degenerated into pinching and he/she called each other a loser, so I shall go put myself in time out because I need the peace and quiet. I believe I've earned my 30 minutes plus of time out (my mom would vouche for that statement)!

Apheresis. Have You Heard?

papers, overlay and frame from Shabby Princess' Studio Chic. Font: Pea Alesa

The text for this layout is from the American Red Cross. "The word "apheresis" (pronounced Ay-fur-EE-sis) comes from a Greek term meaning to take away or to separate. When you give a regular blood donation at the blood center, your blood is separated into its components -- red cells, platelets, and plasma. Each component meets a different and very important medical need of a waiting patient.

When you make a donation through the apheresis process, you give one specific component of the blood, most often platelets.

Platelets are cell fragments in the blood that enable blood to clot. Cancer and chemotherapy treatments can affect the body's ability to produce platelets. Patients with leukemia, aplastic anemia, those receiving chemotherapy or undergoing bone marrow transplants often rely on platelets donated by healthy volunteers to prevent life-threatening bleeding.

Once donated, this living gift must be transfused to a patient within five days. To assure that platelets are always available, and that each patient will receive the platelets that are the best match, platelet donations are needed every day. On occasion, donors are also needed to give plasma or infection-fighting white cells (called granulocytes) through the apheresis process.

Blood Donation vs. Platelet Donation
Although a small amount of platelets are present in a whole blood donation, it takes approximately five whole blood donations to yield as many platelets as a single apheresis donation. Enough platelets are given in one apheresis donation to help one or even two hospital patients."

This is another reason why I have so much respect for my husband. He makes every effort to go atleast once a month to do apheresis. He has been through Apheresis about 45 times and will be doing so again this Friday. We have met so many people who are in need of this help.

---Unfortunately, I can't go do apheresis with him because their best sticker took the pulse in my veins and told me I was no good. How sad is that?! I can still give whole blood, but I have always had to ask for someone who can find small veins. My husband with a smile tells people she doesn't have veins, she's just a sponge!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dream Weavers

She dreams about ponies, and dancing like a ballerina, she dreams about playing with Jasper her ferret, being a "Pop Star"and chocolate chip waffles and myriads of other fanciful things!

Fonts: Weathered SF, Pea Lis, Chocolate Box Decorative
Kits/Papers/Elements: Mulberry Memories by Sandra Boddington, Collage Fairies and banner by Hope Wallace, Funky Frame by Carrie Stephens
Extras: (Modified) Weaver photo by Valerio at, Torn Paper Circle by Traci Murphy and Overlay by Shabby Princess


Rachel started College for Kids today, which is a program for kids who enjoy writing and want to improve. It was really fun to watch her try to make friends with one of the girls in her group. There are only 10 kids, so there can be a lot of interaction with the instructor. Rachel pretended to keep reading the posted class list until she got up enough nerve to say hi to a lovely little girl named Ana maria. They quickly took desks facing one another when they were allowed into the classroom. Rachel loves to write, so I hope this class will be a great experience for her.


The summer continues and the children have yet to achieve "Herdman" statis. If you aren't familiar with the name Herdman grab a copy of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and you will quickly understand. Noah has tried to wash a cluster of miniature rubber bands down the sink. Luckily, the trap is to small and they just acted like a stopper in the sink.

Michael, Aaron and I played a game of Risk, which if you have never played, takes a minimum of 3 to 4 hours to play. Our games always end up with Aaron wandering off to do other things and I finally don't really care and Michael is left as the de facto dictator of the entire world. This seems to be a lonely position. The maxim: Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely will be one neither Aaron, nor I will ever have to worry about when playing board games.


Aaron is currently watching the movie Stargate, which is the very first movie we took him to see when he was 9 months old. Boy Howdy! You should have seen some of the glares we got from suspicious adults who didn't want to hear a crying baby...completely understandable...I might add. He was asleep when the movie started and less than half way through he woke up, so I nursed him for a about 5 minutes, but the noise made him want to sit up and see what was happening. I thought for sure he would cry and I would have to leave with him, but to our astonishment he just watched in amazement. From then on we took him to the theatre with us. We have not been as fortunate with the other 3 kids, oh well!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Ussery:

These pictures were made by my BIL, Marcus, he does a great job with his photography.

I want to thank Sandra Boddington for the kit that I used: Mulberry Memories, so THANK YOU Sandra!

Mulberry Memories by Sandra Boddington, frame (modified) by Shabby Princess, paper tear by Steph Krush

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Is There Any Such Thing as The Speed of Dark?

This was Noah's profound science question of the afternoon. This kid has such interesting questions. Often times, he is to busy talking to actually let you answer.

Popsicle Papers by Shabby Princess, brackets from Colorful Spring by Kristy Ann Nerness, crayon photo from, Fun Fibers by Gina Miller, Font: Pea Carrie

This layout is about one of Noah's journal entries in Kindergarten this year. The teacher, Mrs. Barclay, said it was all she could do to stop herself laughing while talking to Noah about the drawing he had done of me. Apparently, he drew of picture of me taking a shower and of course, I was not wearing any clothes. He delightedly showed the rest of his classmates this crayon rendered likeness of my female form. Mrs. Barclay said that she told Noah to put a towel on me three times very gentle, yet firmly. He was exasperated that he had to alter his great drawing and thought it silly that I would be caught wearing a towel in the shower where it would get wet. Noah has yet to do any more of these risque drawings. I wonder if Noah will some day be included in the likes of Gaugin, Picasso, or know it could be called the Noahesque Period.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Toot! Toot!

No, I haven't been published, but I wanted to give you my unsolicited review of "Cars" by Pixar. This movie has it all! What is "it"? "It" is a great moral message, magnificent digital design (which all y'all should especially appreciate), great visual representations of human quirks in the form of cars, and great jokes. If you go to the theater do NOT leave until the house lights come up. If you do you will miss the great ending gag in the movie. Pixar amazingly raises the proverbial bar each time they make a film. My kids really liked the pre-film short movie they put at the beginning entitled "One Man Band". You do not have to be a fan of Nascar or a car buff of any kind to enjoy this film. My favorite characters were "Tow Mater" played by Larry the Cable Guy and the tire store owner and his assistant, Luigi and Guido. There are numerous laugh out loud and clap out loud moments, especially near the end having to do with John Ratzenberger. You know it is a classic when before you walk out of the theatre you are quoting your favorite parts and those parts cover the entire film. Oh, and lest I forget about them, the Car Talk guys--the Tappart Brothers, as the race car sponsors for the main character made me hoot with laughter!

An interesting irony about the title of this particular blog is that race cars don't have horns. I had never actually paid attention to that fact before. (My horn hasn't worked for about 4 years and it is kind of funny when my husband drives my car and he tries to beep at folks and he just gives a frustrated gasp).

So, if I was giving a review akin to Ebert and Roeper of the local news critics I would give the movie, Cars, 4 out of 4 Tires!

It's All About Form!

: Granny Smith Papers by Ali Folendore, Arrows by Design by Dani, alpha by Shabby Princess, Overlay by Nancy Rowe Janitz
Program Used:
: Photoshop 6.0
Fonts Used
: Peas Girly Girl Script, Pea Daisy Doodles, Weathered SF, DymoFont Inverse, Pea Carrie
: To make the seeds I used the prongs from Studio Chic by Shabby Princess

Text: This mouth shape for maximum trajectory & velocity!

The upper lip over the bottom lip will produce the dribble and drop effect. Where the seed lands on your shoes.

The thrilling pastime of seed spitting.

My BIL and niece in a watermelon seed spitting contest at our family reunion in 2005. The discussion at these events always centers around how to hold your mouth to get the seed to go the farthest. I am a feeble spitter, so I can only get the seed about a foot a way from me. I remember being okay with getting in trouble for spitting watermelon seeds at my sister Tracy. There is some kind of juvenile satisfaction with getting to do this every summer.


The kids played in the sprinkler at my parents' house tonight and my stepfather took some great photos. Noah had some great "Noahisms", as we call them, about his trip through the sprinkler: "Let's show this sprinkler what we're made of!" He told Rachel, "Bend over and give it a taste of your underwear!" It's at times like these I usually tell him that his planet called and wondered how he is doing? I hope to be able to do a layout with the photos because they were really fun.


Thank you for your comments Julie P, I really appreciate your thoughts!

Friday, June 09, 2006

A Big HELLO: all who read my blog. I would especially like to thank Judy for all her nice comments, so THANK YOU! :) I enjoy journaling my life this way, so thanks for letting me share the people I love with you!

Is Something Seriously Wrong with this Guy?

My husband infrequently looks normal when photographed. His appearance is often Pythonesque if you are familiar with the "I want to be a brain surgeon" sketch he looks like he is part of the troop. I choose the pictures that showed him just doing odd things with his eyes and mouth as opposed to the photos where he sticks his finger up his nose because he doesn't want to be photographed (I'm certain this is the reason, otherwise I would sure get the heebie jeebies about him).

Papers and embellishments from Gina Cabrera's Lucky Star Kit, polariod frames by Gina Miller in her BYOBB Add ons, Fonts: Pea Alisha, Mailart Rubberstamp, Oopie's Ma, Poornut.

This photo is one of my favorites of Eve. She really was quite serious at this chess game.

Studio Chic kit by Shabby Princess, Fonts: Mailart Rubber Stamp and Blackadder ITC
Our family book of the evening wasGrossology, which is a great book for explaining bodily functions to kids (and adults). By the time we got finished with talking about poo, you guessed it...Noah was "pooped out", sound asleep, sawing logs, out cold. I use these phrases as a similar devise used in the book we were reading. The actual book The Silver Chair by C.S. Lewis is on a summer hiatus until Aaron and Michael get back from Scout Camp.
I have to go by the library tomorrow and grab the next book in the Aubrey/Maturin series entitled Letter of Marque, and I put a couple of Harriet the Spy books on hold for Rachel.

My children, by their own volition, helped me spray and wipe several of the wall surfaces where they drag their dirty hands, or have worked on their own version of cave paintings. Noah and Eve did a great job and Rachel was enthusiastic on the progress she made. I was really proud of them!

Today Noah was playing the computer game "Robots" based on the movie and was getting really frustrated and pleaded with me to help him. I said why do you want my help? His response was priceless and condescending at the same time---"Because you are the smartest person in the house---right now". Nothing like putting conditions on a compliment to endear a person to you. He said Aaron could do it, but he was a scout camp, which goes to show if I can get my 11 year-old and my husband out of the house my I.Q. level moves into the acceptable range for my 6 year-old. I'm expecting a call from t.v. writers now that remakes are so popular, that is, if they are looking for a 6 year-old version of Archie Bunker. So, did I get around to helping him...Yes, and successfully I might add. So for the rest of the day Noah thought I was great and cool at video games, as opposed to yesterday when I sent him to time out for screaming at me that I was "DOING IT ALL WRONG!" AHHH! What simple moments of pleasure can be derived from learning to use the Jump button and arrow key in tandem. WHO KNEW?!?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Taylors Tailoring:

It is really gratifying when you are able to pass on knowledge of something good and useful to your children. In this vein our daughter, Rachel, is a proverbial sponge for trying to soak up any hands on learning opportunity or reading about how to do something. I suppose we could have given her the nickname "Sponge Rachel", but it seriously doesn't flow, so, though a great idea, will just have to go in the circular file. Michael has an infinite amount of patience for teaching if he feels that whom ever it is wants to learn.

papers by Traci Murphy, Fringe from Joann's Fabric Store, Font: Guttenberg MF
Quote: “Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand." Author Unknown

papers by Traci Murphy, fringe from Joann's Fabric Store, Font: Marcishand

Text: Rachel asked her dad to teach her how to sew her own purse out of CapriSun bags. Michael had made a similar bag, as a Christmas gift, for Rachel's cousin, Haley Morgan. Michael taught her how to thread the bobbin and thread the sewing machine. He had her practice on a piece of denim, so that she could adjust her stitch length. Rachel was a quick study and an enthusiastic student!

Here is a link to make the pursesJuice Pouch Purses. We used Capri Sun pouches, but the site used Kool-Aid Jammer the same.


In other extremely exciting news: My BIL and SIL are officially adopting their 4 foster children today, so they now have 7 children. These kids have been apart of the family, in our hearts, since the first day they arrived. YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!

Another BIL and SIL are found out they are expecting a baby boy! I am EXTREMELY excited, but I am in an Aunt Quandry. What is an Aunt Quandry...don't check Wikipedia because the definition will not be there (I suppose I could add it though)? An Aunt Quandry is when one of your few talents as an aunt is making beaded socks for all the girls in the family. It is a fun and simple project: I simply use plastic tri-beads and crochet thread and bead around the edge of a bobby sock. This makes the girls very happy and makes me happy. I have only branched out with the beading once and that was as a joke for Christmas when I crocheted and beaded a golf cover for my BIL, Benjamin's, sand wedge. I figured he was one of the few male members of the family that might actually take it golfing. It was multi-colored (similar to Rachel's Capri Sun bag and had orange beads). So, what to make for this new little fellow, Spencer (they already picked out his name) has left me in my Aunt Quandry.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Thanksgiving in June?

I used Shabby Princess' "Shabby Fall Kit", Mo Jackson's "Cake" and "Dorothy's Kitchen 3". Font used: Pea Jane

Why a Thanksgiving layout in June you may query? Well, the easy answer is that I get around to things whenever I can, or the whimsy strikes me to scrap the photos. The other reason is that it is a picture of one of the many talents my husband possesses---Baking. Since Father's Day is drawing nigh I will be sprinkling in layouts that have to do with my husband. Father's Day is a celebration of the things that Father's do the rest of the 364 days, so I will be scrapping the photos that show some of the aspects of my husband's life. The fact is that I really like this guy. I enjoy discussing things and being his sounding board when he just wants to talk (this allow me to scrap at the same time, which is kinda duo-tasking...have I created a new word???). He is the assistant Scout Master in our son's troop and he and Aaron are gone for the week. The funny thing, to me, is that I took the time to sew and iron Rachel's Girl Scout patches on her vest. To some that is quite an ordinary task, but you need to realize I save up all patches for Michael because he sews and irons really well. I think I did a pretty spiffy job, so I may unburden him with Rachel's Girl Scout patches from now on and let him concentrate on cooking dinner...YES... he is a wonderful cook, too! It really is have him cook, or eat spaghetti most every night. I am willing to branch out on the whole cooking thing, but right now I'm jonesin' for a smoothie. I really like strawberries, blueberries, bananas, vanilla frozen yogurt and milk. Let me know if you have a kickin' smoothie recipe for me to try. Here is the Turkey Cake link from Family Fun Magazine, which has some awesome ideas: Turkey Cake Instructions.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

3 Sisters

April papers by Iron Orchid Designs, Stitches One by Mo Jackson, corner stitches by Sarah Batdorf in the Whimsy Kit and the flower pins from Sandra Boddington's Persimmons in Summer. Font: Mama Script

This is a photo of my two sisters, Katherine and Tracy, and myself about 1973. My father built this fence and a few years later a drunk driver destroyed it completely. You will notice I'm not wearing shoes in this picture and my sister, Tracy, is shoeless and unhappy. I still go shoeless when I walk around outside (yes, for anyone chastising me out there, I do step on sharp pointy, things that make me mutter things, but I simply prefer to leave my shoes off). My sister, now much happier, goes around with her shoes on when she goes outside. Katherine is a shoe wearer too, so I don't know about my backwoods personality.
This is an aside, but I read on the internet (Bastion of all thought, as it is) that if you never wore shoes your feet would never stink. I digress in wondering if adults went around na*ed would we not need deoderant? This is merely a thought and I am seriously not advocating nu*ity. I do own a mirror---Please!

Jack's Glass Shop

One of the jobs my husband's maternal grandfather, Jack Moulton, held was that of a glazier. Here is a photo of him with his work truck. His son, Vaughn (legs only), daughter, Sydney and Kathleen in the back of the truck.
I used Mo Jackson's Construction Site Kit, Aunt Laura, and Dorothy's Kitchen, paint brush stroke is by Michelle Coleman, baseball from, old window by Katie Pertiet.

13 oz. Tupperware Cups and a 6 year-old:

Today I realized my son, Noah, is an optimist. Why, you may ask?!? I will give you the background of my epiphany: I loaded Noah and Eve in the Queen Victoria Family Truckster and headed to the Varsity (a historic fast food establishment in Atlanta) to meet my sister, Tracy, and pick up my other daughter, Rachel. Of course, I told the kids to go to the bathroom before we left. This time honored mantra exists because it's always the right advice and it is never taken. Anyhoo- so, we are sitting in the Varsity parking lot away from the drive-in guys, because I don't actually want to eat there, and Noah says I've got to p**.
Mom response: Are you sure you can't hold it for awhile?
Noah: No, can't we just go inside?
Mom: No, Eve is asleep in the hot car.
Noah: It won't take long. We could just run in.
Mom: No (I say as I fumble around my car of cra* and find the set of Disney Princess cups I forgot to give my mom after a Tupperware party we went to.) Perfect. Go in the back of the car and go p** in the cup.
Noah: Roll the windows up. Someone might see me.
Mom: No, it's hot. Go in the back and p**.
Noah: Here.
Mom: Thank you (Mind you I harbor a jealous streak here, because it would be mighty handy to be able to do this).

I proceed to pour the contents onto the parking lot.

Noah: What did you do with my p**?
Mom: I poured it outside of the car.
Noah: That is so cool! Now I get to make a cloud. You know it will evaporate and make a cloud.
Mom: (Laughing) That is cool. (I think to myself that I hope Eve stays asleep because even though I have another cup left I don't want to figure that deal out.)

So, when the world gives you an urgent need to go and you have to do so in the great outdoors just think...I'M MAKING A CLOUD! :)

Monday, June 05, 2006

When T.V. ads Pop into Your Head:

Credit card photo from Fonts used: Yggdrasil, Credit Cards, Minya Nouvelle

Measuring Up

This is a layout I did for a challenge at Scrapbook Bytes and I really like how it turned out! Eve was such a trooper even though there were several rides in the park she was to short to ride.

Text: Standing in front of Star Tours at MGM, Eve kept a brave face eventhough she came to another ride she was too short to get on with her siblings. We would do the "Parent Switch", so each of us could go on the ride with the other kids. The day was salvaged by hilarious street performers, watching the stage performance of Beauty and The Beast (now Eve is a Belle fan), and the other great shows like Muppet Vision 3D, Playhouse Disney, and Voyage of the Little Mermaid at Disney World kept her happy. Eve's cheerful attitude showed us that it was only her height that didn't MEASURE UP, in what was important she was a giant!

: Papers from Jen Wilson's Refreshing Lime
Program Used:
: Photoshop 6.0
Fonts Used:
: Walt Disney Script/Rockwell Extra Bold/Arial
: Jen Wilson's glitter flowers,staples from Shabby Princess


Book reading:
I finished reading Reverse of the Medal by Patrick O'brian. These books are in listed as historial fiction and O'brian's writing is fantastic. You quickly get a sense of the characters and their surrondings. As I have read each additional book in the series I really get attached to the main characters, Jack Aubrey and Dr. Stephen Maturin (who were very well cast in the movie "Master and Commander: Far Side of the World"). The next to the last chapter, in the book I just finished, had me in tears because I was so proud of how the seamen and Dr. Maturin stood up for Jack at a pillorying. I really love learning about history and reading historical fiction is a fun way to different aspects of history in periodic sections. I have yet to understand my fascination with the nautical film and book genre, but I really dig them. I really like submarine boat flicks like "Gray Lady Down" where Charleton Heston utters the phrase, "I feel like a one-legged man in an a**-kicking contest!" I also like "Hunt for Red October" where I got the phrase "He's pulling a Crazy Ivan", which is an extremely useful phrase to use in driving, places where a large number of people come to shop, or as a chaperone with a group of 2nd graders at the Atlanta Zoo. I also liked "U571" about the capture of the enigma machine from the Germans. I have yet to see "Das Boots", which I hear is supposed to be fabulous. So, that movie is on my to see list. So, if anyone has a psychological profile for a gal who loves boat flicks and books, but doesn't go sailing and has never joined the Navy, let me know! I would be fascinated at figuring me out!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Of Course, More Layouts:

Fonts: TKDoodle by Taran Conyers, Too Many Secrets and Book Antiqua

"The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives." Albert Einstein

Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Few More Layouts:

Text: Noah enjoyed our day at the Zoo in Washington, D.C.
In this photo he seemed to really be communicating with the gorilla statue!

Layout Credits: Monkey Doodle Doo by Robin Carlton and Christie Lyle
Fonts Used: Shabby Princess' A Day at the Zoo monogram/Amienne/Weathered SF

If you ever have a reason to come into a small fortune and get to go to Disney World I would recommend a visit to Animal Kingdom where they have the Lion King Performance. The singers are fun, the acrobats hilarious and the fire juggler is amazing!

Layout Credits: Monkey Doodle Doo by Robin Carlton and Christie Lyle, Round Stamp Brush from Emma's Sundress Kit by Michelle Coleman

Here is a layout of my Senior Prom photos. I have to say that I had a wonderful time at my prom with my friend Eric. He really liked to dance and he liked to joke around.

I used Mo Jackson's Primitive Scrapbooking, Crepe Paper Flowers

S'more Overlay Blog Gift (Freebie):

Since summer is here and folks are going camping I thought it would be fun to share and overlay I put together for an HP digital class last year:

S'more Overlay

I hope y'all find it useful in your S'more makin layouts!

*I layered a white background into the example so you can see the words, but the background is transparent.

Digital Printing Option:

In conversations with family and friends they wondered about how to print out their digital scrapbook pages and I came across this link in the forum at Scrapbook Bytes:
Scrap Books to Share.
This company offers an opportunity to see their three different paper printing options for free. It will also give you the ability to check out their color saturation and cropping. I don't see where you could go wrong trying out this printing option.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Sisters are Cracked!

My sisters were complete "cut" ups during Easter. My sister, Katherine, had the bright and colorful idea to buy confetti eggs and bust them on the heads of unsuspecting family members. The kids thought this was a great idea until a few of them tried the same stunt with "HARD"-boiled eggs! Ouch!...exclaimed Noah! "Hey, that hurt!"...yawled Granny Alice. "Do that again and I'll kill you!" yelled Aaron to Noah. I think we will do the confetti eggs again, but be a bit wiser.

I used Mo Jackson's Bookboard Alpha set, Stitches One and lace overlay from Dorothy's Kitchen, the egg is a freebie from Mary Fran's blog, the arrow (recolored) from Laura's Shabby Arrows, clip is called Spring Fling, but I can't remember the designer. Fonts: Pea Kate, Mailart Stamp, DymoFontInverse

Disney Layout- {Justin and the Nieces}

I used the Tibetan flag colors inside the paper tears. I thought that would work for the Everest Expedition section at Disney World.

papers by Jen Wilson from the Worn Comfort collection and L'amour Rouge, staple by Gina Miller from Oh, so fresh, grunge frame by Jessica Sprauge, chicks from, Mickey Mouse brads by JLR, circular torn paper by Traci Murphy, paper tear by Steph Krush, sun doodle freebie D_05, goofy hat from web. Fonts: Samarakin, komika bubbles and Pea Nancy