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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

When Push Comes to Shove...

I'm having fun playing with some templates. Here are a couple of layouts of photos taken during Rachel's bridging ceremony:

::::::::::::News of the Mundane:::

My kids have found interesting things to argue about since school is out for summer. Noah and Eve argued about who would clean the bathroom sink. Noah won.
While I was cleaning my bathroom Noah came in looking for more work. He begged to mop the floor. I "gave in". He finished that then wanted to use the sponge that came with the Mr. Clean bottle.

He said my shower needed scrubbing and he wanted to do it. He asked me what I would be cleaning while he was scrubbing the shower? I told him I would clean the toilet. His response about made me bust a gut... "I'm glad you're cleaning the toilet because I'm fed up having to clean it. I'm always having to clean it. I mean I've cleaned it the last two times!"

Today the two of them argued about who would get to vacuum. They took turns.

I mowed the jungle of grass that has grown with the help of several inches of rain spread over many, consecutive days. Michael sprayed the poison ivy for me since I seem to attract the oil by just being in the vicinity.

:::::::::::::Brownie Points?

I won brownie points from eldest daughter, Rachel, for baking some twice the berry, blueberry muffins. I got to eat some, so their were extra perks involved.

:::::::::::::Mission Impossible:::::

I will be taking Rachel shoe shopping at start. She wears 4eeee. That translates to FREAKISHLY wide feet and large, splashy tears from my darling daughter. We lucked into some sandals at Target last year that she wore anytime she needed to slip on a pair of shoes quickly. Today they bit the dust. I really want to thank those responsible for making that pair of sandals that we found for Rachel. They were valiant...for a sparkly, pair of inanimate sandals.

::::::::::Dirty Dishes, Hark I hear them calling...
Nasty little things they are, too.

Take care! Smiles!

Monday, May 25, 2009

School Is Out For Summer

We just hung out today. Nothing exciting. Lots and lots of rain...all day.

Here is a layout for the Kindergarten book I'm working on for Evey:

Here are some layouts of Rachel's Bridging Ceremony:

I'm going to go read for a while. Smiles!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Happy Birthday, Noah!

We have been in and out of the house today. We celebrated Noah's 9th birthday. We made his favorite breakfast of French toast, then we ate the cookie cake we bought yesterday. He chose the design when I took him shoe shopping and to buy a present. I let him pick out an expensive Lego set in return for not having a party.

Then, we took the kids to Stone Mountain Park to do the Sky Hike. Eve didn't want to try it in October, but today she decided she would try. She was nervous at several spots, but completed all 3 tiers. We are so proud of her. It started to rain as we were finishing up, so we left. We were going to stop at the movie theatre, but the movie on the marquee isn't showing until tomorrow. So, we took the kids to Noah's favorite place to eat, Chick-Fil-A. Aaron had a headache, so afterwards we went home for a nap.

:::::::::::::Juniors to Cadets::::
After the nap we had Rachel's bridging ceremony. She went from being a Junior Girl Scout to a Cadet. The weather held out for occasion. Granny and Grampa Towhey came with hugs and their cameras.

Michael and Aaron had fun cutting up on the bridge, after the ceremony:

They also started a water bottle fight in the parking lot at Bruster's ice cream. Rachel, Noah and Eve got involved too. Everyone was laughing and damp.

::::::::::::::::::5th Grade Promotion::::::

On Tuesday night, Rachel had fun at her promotion ceremony. She received a certificate for Perfect Attendance and one for doing well on the CRCT.

Wednesday was the last day of school and the 5th graders had "Survivor Day". They got to have a water fight, play on inflated equipment, eat snow cones, sing karaoke and dance to music played by a D.J. They also got served pizza that was ordered in. I was at the school all day and got to see Noah and Eve dance and enjoy the last day, too.


Granny Alice is doing well. Grampa Jim goes into the doctor for a follow-up tomorrow, but says he isn't experiencing any pain. So good news on both fronts. Thanks for the kind words and prayers for their behalf.

I'm in desparate need of a shower. Y'all have a good night, or day.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What's Up

My love and hugs go out to my stepmother, Alice, who is in the hospital. I was able to speak with her and they aren't sure why her blood pressure is so low. I'm glad Katherine and Tracy are close by to check on her. Also, to my stepdad, Jim, with his tooth/jaw woes.:::::::Service Project

:::::::::::::More Strawberry Farm layouts::::

I've been reading books on critical thinking...Bologna (Baloney)Detectors, so to speak. I really enjoyed these books on the subject:

I like to think I'm getting a little farther along on the road to discerning the information I come in contact with each day.

::::::::::::::::The Movie Tavern---or Fun with my Mom::::

My mother took me out to the Movie Tavern in Tucker for my birthday. Neither of us had been there before. When you walk in you get in line and tell the cashier the movie and time, then order your meal. You are then given a number on a stand and go to your theatre and find a seat. Mom ordered chicken quesadillas and I got the turkey club wrap with side salad. The theatre was clean and the seats were comfy, but if you wear pantyhose and a skirt you may tend to feel like you are going to slide out onto the floor. At least, that is what my mom tells me. (I think pantyhose are products of Satan and his minions...this may run contrary to that whole critical thinking section preceding this review...but run with it.)
Right before the movie started we got our meal. We shared and agreed that both were delicious. So we give the Tavern's food and cleanliness high marks. The restroom was also clean and had those hand dryers that blow so hard that your skin ripples and dries your hands in 5 seconds. Those are the coolest!
Now to the movie. We chose to see "Wolverine". I'm glad the kids were not with us because it really isn't suitable for kids under 13. The chase scenes and explosions are expected, but some scenes are just too much for kids. Hugh Jackman is seen in his altogether (I would like to applaud Mr. Jackman for sticking to those rigourous workouts)but I don't think that is the best thing for kids to see. (The comparisons alone cover that). Kind folks are killed, so a big no for Rachel to see. She would be depressed the rest of the film. Overall, the film was what I expected. Not as cool as Star Trek, but still a cool action flick for the older crowd.

::::::::::::::::Court of Honor:::

I'm off to take Aaron to Court of Honor. He is going to help mow the grass in preparation for the evenings festivities. Then, we get to eat Mexican food. Michael, who is sick, will stay at home and make grilled cheese for the kids. Michael got sick from the nursery kids he watched for me when I went to In-gathering. He has finally passed it to Aaron and me, but Michael is much sicker. Well...I'm outta here.


Friday, May 08, 2009

Breakfast Conversation... the Taylor house is a little different. This morning Rachel was arguing with Noah (I know this part may not be too different from other kids in the morning). She asked him, "Hey Noah, do you always have to be right?"

Noah replied, "Well, I don't know String Theory."

I'm not sure how many 8 year-olds that use this in an argument, or show any concern that they don't understand a theory that know one else has a firm grasp on anyway.

:::::::::::::::::::Another Noah Story::::::::::

To preface this story you have to know that the basic Krystal hamburger is always made with diced onions, a dollop of plain yellow mustard (the best condiment ever, in my opinion) and a slice of pickle. Now to our story:

After picking strawberries on Tuesday the kids voted to stop at Krystal's (actually, everyone, but Noah who has lost ALL voting rights to places to stop for food since all he will order is chicken nuggets with ketchup). We ordered 12 Krystal burgers, 2 small plain pups, and two cheese pups. Everyone got Sprite to drink and before we had even said the blessing on the food, Noah had spilled his drink on the floor because he kept gesturing with his arms to explain a joke to Michael that Michael told him he already understood. Noah and I cleaned up the mess and he got a new soda, then I asked Aaron to say a blessing on the food.

Aaron: "Dear Heavenly Father thank you for this food...
Noah: "Hey, there is a pickle on my sandwich!"
Aaron: "...please bless it to nourish...
Noah: "Did you know they put onions on this thing?!"
Aaron finishes the prayer and we all stare at Noah and Michael says, "NOAH, Aaron was saying the prayer. Why did you keep asking about your hamburger?"

Aaron translated Noah's remarks, as follows: "What are you doing?! Are you trying to kill me?!!"

Noah gave his hamburger to Michael and set to eating his fries. About 5 minutes later he is fussing with Eve over the amount of fries she ate.
Noah, "She ate 60% of the fries!" Eve says, "No I didn't!"

Noah: "Well you ate 20% of the 40%." And we said that would make half of the fries. Making up fractions and calculations of all kinds is a Noah thing.

:::::::::::::Some Atlanta Zoo Layouts::::::

::::::::::::::::Strawberry Farm Layouts:::::::::::

Noah getting a noogie from Aaron:


Rachel and I had fun with her troop at In-gathering. I will make some layouts to post soon. Our troop won the "Drama Queen" award for our fantastic skit. It was fun to create and practice with the girls.
We also got to climb the Alpine Tower before the rains hit. I was so proud of Rachel for reaching the top and for the girls that were afraid who tried to go up. The girls also made fleece pillows for a service project that would go to the children's cancer center.
When I got home Michael had detailed my minivan and cleaned the kitchen. Good stuff!

I need to go finish some crocheted socks for one of Rachel's classmate's mother who had a baby girl.

Later, gators! :)