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Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have been innoculating myself against the menace of HCOK (Halloween Candy Over Kill). I simply eat the fun sized candies in small portions throught the month to build up my resistance to the huge stash of candy the kids will bring home. I think it is working.

***Book Review***

This is like one protracted article written for The Onion. The story about a 3-legged deodorant inventor has some life out loud moments, but definitely leans to the more low brow humor end of the humor spectrum. It is an interesting exercise in writing books in a different way. There are hits and misses, but overall it was okay.

In tribute to the next book on my list, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
I really like the remake of the song "Zombie" done by Miser .
You may remember the original by The Cranberries.

***Field Day***
Here are a couple of photos of Eve on her favorite Field Day center:

Here is Noah:

Noah and his class were thrilled to maintain their teacher's undefeated status in the tug of war. WOOT! WOOT!

I'm off to read! Smiles:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jessica

My sister, Katherine, called me last week and asked if I would make a topsy turvy cake for her daughter, Jessica's, 21st birthday. I said sure, so she and my stepmom, Alice, drove up and we shopped for the ingredients. We purchased French Vanilla cake and Strawberry cake mixes. We also got pink petal dust and rose gel coloring to use with the fondant. I mixed up the buttercream frosting for the cakes on Saturday. I put seedless raspberry in the middle of the French Vanilla like I did for the last cake creation. It seems to be popular.
Rachel and Eve wanted to help so they got to apply the luster dust to some of the stars and all of the fondant ball border. I spent the time quite amiably by listening to Pride and Prejudice playing on the television. Rachel wanted to watch it and I love the Kiera Knightly/Matthew McFadden version. It was great reciting lines from the movie while rolling, cutting and applying fondant decorations.
This is Eve helping put petal dust on the dimensional stars:

This one is Rachel putting petal dust on the balled fondant border:

This one is me making the pink bow to go around the top tier:

Rachel requests a slice of cake:

Michael says that it tastes good:

Jessica, Rachel and My sister Tracy:

My funny and cute niece, Haley:

Did I mention funny?

A satisfying outcome and a lot of laughs with my sisters. BTW, Katherine refused to be allow her photograph on the blog. She is beautiful, too. Her story of the homeless man that stopped her in traffic got funnier with each telling. Life is truly an adventure and isn't it lovely that cake is a part of that!


Friday, October 23, 2009

More Book Reviews

More on Middlemarch can be found on Wikipedia.
The author has a keen insight into human nature. The characters are well developed and I found myself particularly drawn to the characters of Susan and Caleb Garth. The relationship of mutual respect was one I enjoyed reading about. One of the strongest messages I recieved while reading the book was that each life, no matter how it is valued by others, has an impact. Our intentions do matter and how we act upon those to better ourselves and the lives of others matters. I highly recommend this book. Well worth your time, indeed

***The Hunger Games

Katness Everdeen is a clever, world weary 16 year-old who loves her sister, Prim, so much that she scarifices herself to be a tribute to the Hunger Games. The Games are a punishment for past rebellion against the Capitol. The setting is North America in the future.
The book is a page turner because the author writes the characters well enough that you understand their motivations and perspectives. I felt rather anxious about what Katness and the other tributes were having to go through for the sake of this post-modern Roman games. The book did not end as I would have liked, but was reasonable for the situation. This is the first in a series of books, but I'm not sure if I want to find out what happens in this future world.

*******My current book:

This book by Mark Dunn reads like a really, really long article from The Onion. The quirky, and fun concept of the book is that the author's manuscript has been accidentally destroyed and all that is left is the footnotes. The footnotes, so far, have been nutty. The main character is has 3 legs and these footnotes are what are left of the research on his life. There is a bit of potty humor that has to do with converting an Oak tree to an outhouse backsplash that made me erupt in laughter. I look forward to finishing this one up and letting you know what I think about it all.

It's almost that time...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

For Informational Purposes Only

In my perusal of different internet sites I happened upon a treasure trove of totally cool ideas. Quick...lean in...I'll share!

I'm a Font Collector. I'm fond of the free ones, especially. If you want some great free ones check out: Fonts for Peas

I love the Fonts for Peas doodles, too!

Here is the link for their RSS feed so you can be updated on the new fonts: RSS FEED


Another great site for FABULOUS ideas and crafty links is IDIY


I was checking for coupon codes and found the site retailmenot that worked great. Just thought I would pass the information along.

Hope this helps somebody out. If not...I still had fun.

Friday, October 09, 2009

It's Always Something

Hey, just been busy doing other things, like everyone else. Michael and I did our own version of Food Network's Challenge. I was volunteered to make a surprise birthday cake for my stepdad's mother's 75th surprise party. The request was a topsy turvy cake covered in fondant. I didn't know how to use fondant, so Michael signed me up for the class at Cake Art. Michael also volunteered himself to help me. The theme idea for the cake came from the many trips that Nancy and Jim take to Tybee Island, Georgia. With Peggie's okay on the theme the many drawings and ideas were put to paper. Here is the finished product:

The lighthouse was created from Rice Krispie Treats (Michael did the whole thing). He also created all the sea stars, sand dollars and horseshoe crabs from fondant. I did the middle tier from Devil's Food cake, then covered the layers in Chocolate Ganache. I did the bottom layer in French Vanilla cake filled with seedless Raspberry's and iced with buttercream. To create the effect of waves we tinted and rolled out the fondant in blue, created ripples, then Michael took an offset spatula and used white royal icing to create the white caps.

This is a layout of Michael breaking into song. It was quite late at night:

I finally create a couple of layouts of my final class project from Cake Art:

::::::::::Book Reviews::::::::::
I've been reading a lot for my book club and just for my own enjoyment. Here are a few reviews.

The State of Jones (This one just interested me)

A fascinating look at the lives of a group of Jones county Unionists who initially fight for the Confederacy due to conscription. The people had voted for remaining with the Union, but underpressure, their representative voted to seceed. The resentment of this fact and the belief that everyone is equal in the site of God kept Newton Knight fighting for the Union. Fighting from the woods and swamps, while trying to avoid the Rebel army and the dogs they used to hunt men down made for years of separation from family and friends. The separation wasn't complete, though. Newton fell in love with a slave who was owned by one of his family members who believed in slavery. He goes own to have childred with her and has both a white and black family. He ends up feeling more comfortable with his family with Rachel. She ends up converting to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because of their beliefs of families being together after this life. Newton doesn't convert, but doesn't stop Rachel either.

The history of the Civil War from the perspective of a Southerner who never wanted to secede and didn't believe in slavery is a compelling read. Mans inhumanity to each other is boundless. Newton Knight stood against those who would enslave others for their own enrichment and base desires. A sad, yet fascinating read


Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Book Club)

Flavia de Luce is a chemistry loving 11 year-old with a bit of macabre since of humor. She lives with an aloof, philatilest father, one vain sister and the other with who loves books. a cook who isn't a very good at it, and a the kindly, but shell shocked gardner named Dodger. The book has great tidbits about poisons and their antidotes, as well as, some history on the Penny Black stamp. The book was an interesting mystery and I look forward to the next in the series.

His next book is available for pre-order at Amazon. The title is: The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Hand

Lost Christianities (Another just because I wanted to read it books).

Another well researched work by Bart Ehrman. Fascinating book.

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Society (Book Club)

An enthusiastic thumbs up! I am fond of characters that you find in small villages. There is so much quirky, yet lovable goings on in such places. This book reminds me of the characters from one of my favorite television shows, "The Vicar of Dibley". You quite quickly come to care about the people in Guernsey along with the main character, Juliet. I also love history, so learning about what the Channel islanders had to deal with during the German occupation was of keen interest. I really like the literary device of using letters, so the authors' writing style worked for me, as well.


I've been working on the yearbook for the kids' elementary school again. The kids call me "Eve's mom!", "Hey, your Noah's mom", or "You're the Yearbook Lady!" I love having the SLR. I'm going with quantity of photos to get the diamonds in the rough. Kids move fast! It was fun to take pictures for "Crazy Hat Day" and the Wildlife Wonders show. The lunchroom ladies even smile at me now. I was able to strong arm the school's custodian to send me her photo for winning the county honors for her excellent work. She is a super lady, but hates to have her photo taken. I have been tinkering with the layouts and learning some of the new software offerings.

::::::::::::::Room Mom:::::::

I'm also one of the Room Moms for Evey's class. The other mom, Kathy B., is so cool. We will be working with Eve's class for the Fall fun centers. Kathy is doing a game like the one the used to play on The Bozo Show with the ping pong balls and the buckets. I will be working with the kids to put their handprints on some aprons with the date. Another mom will be helping the kids put together apple foam frames with photos that Kathy will be printing. We even have some things ready for the Christmas party. The theme is gingerbread. We will have the kids decorate gingerbread cookies and making foam gingerbread boy/girl ornaments with their photos.


Rain has come to Georgia in abundance. Many neighbors have moderate to severe damage from the rain. We live high enough and on a slab that we had no water damage. The Great Flood of 2009 was the title for what happened at the end of September. My mother and I were in Columbus, Ga. for my Great Uncle Dewey Posey's funeral during the worst of the rain. We were able to make it back safely. The kids will make up the 2 days they missed in February, I think.

:::::::::::::Chorus Performance:::::::

Rachel had her first choral performance for 6th grade. The shirt was wayyyyyyy to big and the shoes I found for her were too small. The poor girl has 4 quad e feet. I bought 5W shoes. I sat in the chair trying to force the shoe on her feet like the guy in Cinderella. We had 30 minutes to exchange the shoes. We ended up buying 6 1/2W. They were a bit too big. I gave her tissue paper to stuff in her heels. She waddled into school with a bit miffed. The performance went well. I carried her on my back to the steps that led to the parking lot. She said she would walk the rest of the way. one of her friends asked her to join her family at Steak and Shake. We asked a couple of more friends. Rachel ended up sitting with Lauren S., Julia B., Brenna M. and Julia's brother, Jack. I enjoyed a chocolate/banana malt. Rachel loves the chili cheese fries. Any excuse for Steak and Shake is a good one.

:::::::::::Halloween Prep.:::::

So far, the kids want to be:

Aaron- Samurai, Rachel- Rubik's Cube, Noah- a molecule, and Eve- a bioluminescent jellyfish.

Well, have a fabulous weekend!