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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Sentimental Hoarder Wanna Be

Michael and I took the front door off to sand it, re-stain, and replace the hardware. Noah wondered out to the garage (he must have been incredibly bored). He asked what we were doing and I explained it to him. He saw the old hardware sitting on the work table and asked if he could have the old knob and we told him no.
Fast forward to this morning. I was relating the story to Rachel. Noah heard his name and came into the living room. Rachel rolled her eyes at the story and she was not surprised. Noah stated boldly, "It was an awesome door knob, and we were all used to it!"

Be afraid...very afraid.


Michael Taylor said...

It was a broken door knob. Yes, we were all used to it. But waht exactly were we used to? Used to having to lock it from the inside and pull it closed because it would only unlock from outside. Used to having to throw a knee into the door after you turned it to make it release. just because we're used to soemthing being broken doesn mean we need to put up with it any longer. Jeesh...

Sue said...

Noah is a sentimental soul and I just love that about him.